Standalone Home Run Derby Mode from MLB 13: The Show Available on PlayStation Store

Posted July 3rd, 2013 at 1:00 pm


With the All-Star festivities coming up later this month SCEA today released a separate digital download offering which features the Home Run Derby mode from MLB 13: The Show. For $6 the Home Run Derby is exactly that of the one included in MLB 13 but available to those who don’t want the full game but would be interested in the mode on its own.

A full roster of the players available has not been provided but over 30 are being included to choose from in the download. The mode can be purchased though the website or directly from the PlayStation Store.

  • Zach

    Let’s Go Mets All Star 2013

  • Wilson

    MLB 13 should give this away as a free download, I think it would be a good chance for anyone who hasn’t played MLB the Show before or non baseball fans a chance to play the game, I don’t really see many buying this for $6 it kind of seems like a high price just for Home Run Derby.

    • rinodino

      Would be a good move, baseball in general needs it

  • Keith.

    Saw this on PSN and was wondering if it’s any different than the full game version.

    Played Challenge of the Week (Cuddyer v. Greinke) for an hour or so this morning and even though the leader’s at only 2 million or so this week, I couldn’t crack 300,000. Gonna play some more and see if I can get anywhere near the top of the leaderboard this week. Fun stuff.

  • Richmond

    Can you play online in this mode?

  • fwvb

    This Home Run Derby is playable on the ps3 demo console at my local Target store.