NCAA Football 14 Named Rosters Now Available to Download

Posted July 10th, 2013 at 3:45 pm


The first sets of named rosters for NCAA Football 14 are now available to grab through the Roster Share feature. These are fully named with no other edits made so they should work for online play. There will be some inaccuracies but this roster is likely sufficient for most who want to get a jump on Dynasty now rather than waiting for more enhanced sets. When those come around though I’ll switch the file hosted under my gamertag on the 360 and point to another on the PS3.

♦Xbox 360: Pastapadre
♦PlayStation 3: JeffDLowe

In order to grab the rosters go to Team Management from the main menu, then Roster Share, Download Roster, hit Download Roster which is first in the list, and enter the gamertag there.

  • Sean

    Thanks Pasta! These will work for the time being!

  • MoneyMayweather

    Thanks so much pasta these are a god send.

  • Nerdsmasher69

    Well you’re just awesome.

  • Seahawker

    Thanks, as always! Go Hawks!

  • Wally West


  • Tony

    Thanks so much !!!

  • jake

    “download roster” does not appear, only my friends gamertags…..any help?

    • MAtt

      I have the same problem! Were you able to fix it??

      • Chad Gill

        I have the same problem, were you guys able to figure it out?

    • Check again.. I missed it too at first. It should be the first option.. I think the way they alternate the highlighting of the options plays a trick with the mind/eyes.

      For what it’s worth, I scrolled all the way down and then went back up (or looped around, i forget) and then I saw the “Download Rosters” option.

      • macon_volfan

        but once you get to download roster, it only has the gamer tags of people you are friends with. Where would I type in pastapadre?

  • Pwrh0use

    Why did you people remove players from the roster?

    • IndianNatural

      Because it’s realistic?

  • Brandon Alexander

    Yeah thank you, your rosters are awesome and when will the advanced rosters be done?

  • Wingman

    Pasta, just a heads up these are NOT good for online play. There were changes made to the default roster, so these will not work. These are good for offline/dynasty use though.

    • florida state WR 99 speed

      do u know why this is? I downloaded and noticed a WR missing from Florida State he had 99 speed he is gone now lol. So if i go online to play i will revert to my old one with the player on it?

      • Wally West

        He was kicked off the team this summer

        • bigturboweenie

          He’s referring to #4 player 99 speed. That’s not dent who was kicked off team, but bracy the freshman that quit team to pursue an Olympic career in track (fastest times in the country). Ur player dent was #15.

      • King

        He went pro n track

  • Florida State WR 99 Speed

    hey anyone else notice Florida States 99 speed WR is gone when u download the rosters or am i crazy??? There was a 99 speed WR when i bought the game, downloaded and saved the PSN roster and now he is gone! i need him for my bubble screens! lolll

    • bigturboweenie

      Because marvin bracy quit the team in may to pursue track. Stupid EA didnt make the changes.

    • Wingman

      Because he is off the team in real life and these rosters took him off. That is why these will not work online, because changes were made.

  • msc123123

    Does anyone else have a problem with the cards you get for the skill challenges. The Cam Newton card is a Freshman Auburn card and the one for Russell Wilson is a Freshman Wisconsin Card. As a Freshman Cam was in Junior College and Russell Wilson played for NC State. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was a couple of lesser received cards but practically everyone has these cards.

    • Stat Boy

      Cam was in junior college as a freshman? Try again, he was at Florida for two seasons, then Blinn for a season, then Auburn.

  • rockchisler

    Clowney Blew out his ankle in that photo above…Out for the season..

  • Josh Fowler

    Thanks Pasta! You come through for us every year

  • guest

    these rosters are far from perfect FSU reciever us missing ECU running back ways 308 with 92 speed!! and there are more problems with it just to name a few

    • bigturboweenie

      Again, marvin bracy (fastest player on FSU) quit the team. This guy updated the rosters based on whats current.

  • The Great Leon

    Thanks Pasta for letting us know. These should be good hold overs until OS ones.

  • Davis

    I think Clowney has a broken foot…

  • Jay

    Not gonna lie, I tried OS crew for rosters last year and waited forever and then tried to give them another chance but they refuse to update the progress. and don’t ever question them cuz the power tripper moderator is so quick to ban somebody. Not that I got banned. But I see people getting the hook left and right for asking about a eta. Said that to say this. Pasta, you always update us and ur not a dick about it and this guy appreciates it!

  • Jexula

    I just got the game going to download the roster now thanks dude! My question is did you manually put the correct names in that must have taken forever!Thanks a lot

  • Ryan

    Hey Pasta, I have downloaded your rosters for a few years now and love them. I recently moved for work and because of the move currently do not have internet at home and am wondering if you would be willing to post, or send me the roster so I can save it to a USB and play with named rosters.


  • Veezy

    The FSU receiver that’s missing was kicked off the team a few weeks ago for a sexual assault charge. It’s Greg Dent.

    • bigturboweenie

      Its marvin bracy …. He said the 99 speed receiver. Thats not dent.

  • Tyler Celuck

    anyone else not able to get to online dynasty??

    • anthony

      i cant validate rosters for omline dynasty

      • Make sure the OD is set to private. You can’t do a public one with edited rosters.

  • Veezy

    For ps3 users, download Authentic973 roster. Besides accessories (hair, etc) his are legit.

  • BIG C

    Thank you sooooo much!!! I am in the military overseas and really appreciate it! ROLL TIDE!!!


    You’re the man! Huge Florida fan here. (DE Dante Fowler is listed as Dante Dowler on your latest upload) Nevertheless, WELL DONE!!!!

  • anthony

    has anyone else not been able to start an online dynasty using real rosters

  • AtomicWedgie

    I don’t have the option to enter a gamertag. It seems to be missing. Any ideas why? Do I need to be a gold member on xbox live?



  • the reverend

    You were sent from the heavens. Thanks Padre!

  • Chase

    Receiver #11 for Tulsa is Derek Patterson, not Derek Atkinson lol

    • lindro88

      Well forget this whole thing then.

  • SirHappyValley

    hey thank u for the rosters just wanted to point out that the senior safety Malcolm Willis at PSU isn’t on here I have read up on him and he is not in any trouble in fact he is gonna have to step up and be a true leader this year if the Lions are gonna have a good D but thanks again

  • TheOtherJeffreyLebowski

    I wouldn’t buy this game if it weren’t for you uploaders. You made my off season 🙂

  • matt

    Your Ole Miss roster is very wrong.

    • Dennis

      where do I obtain the rosters from, I cant find

  • Matt

    Only my Xbox live friends show up when I hit download roster anyone know how to fix this?

  • Brandon


  • A sammis

    I know this is really not important whatsoever but QB Trevor knight from OU and WR Austin Hays are from San Antonio idk if you really care that much but

  • A sammis

    But great roster

  • Paul Lundgren

    How are you suppose to enter gamertag?

  • keithelgin

    Thanks for making this!!! Any reason it will not work on Dynasty?

    • Michael Campanella

      works on my dynasty, even online

  • mark

    Roster names are little immature. Noticed a guy named Ha Ha Clint Dix

    • thealphaturtle

      that’s the guys name… It’s HaSean Clinton-Dix but he goes by Ha-Ha

  • andy

    thanks for the rosters

  • alan

    thank you so much 🙂

  • SAM

    Does anyone have 4 years of draft classes for madden saved yet? (ps3 Versions)

    • Michael Campanella


  • kenny brown

    when will the new rosters come out??

    • Possibly today. I’d expect it for season ticket release tomorrow.

  • Michael Campanella

    #NCAA14 updates: UNC DL – HURST+, UT ST QB Chuckie++, SCAR RB Davis+, Clowney Stam- OL+, UNLV K—-, Vandy QB+, WR+

  • archie robison

    hey pasta do you have any currents rosters as of today 8/30/13