Sales for NCAA Football Down From Last Year

Posted July 25th, 2013 at 9:30 am


Concern over the future of the college football series from EA Sports has not only stemmed from the likeness lawsuit or recent loss of NCAA licensing but also sales that have for the most part stagnated over the course of the generation rather than show growth as the install bases expanded. Then NCAA Football 13 opened down about 12% compared to NCAA 12. In this week’s call with investors COO Peter Moore was asked about how well NCAA Football 14 has been doing since its release earlier this month. 

“As we said a couple of times now on the call we anticipated a little bit of a slowdown in current gen. It’s a current gen only title. It’s tracking below where we were with last year’s title and nothing that we didn’t anticipate. A long way to go yet obviously in selling this title through, but we’re down versus where we were last year.”

The good news for Electronic Arts is that NCAA Football 14 has been received much better than the previous two iterations and that momentum could help as College Football 15 launches on the Xbox One and PS4 next year. Sales numbers on yearly-released titles are heavily affected by whether the most recent purchases for a series lived up to expectations and post-release word of mouth. Both NCAA 12 and NCAA 13 came away as the Most Disappointing Sports Game of the Year in the community awards voting and when perception shifts in that direction hits are going to be taken sales wise. It could need another release or two in order to build back the consumer confidence that was lost and see the results reflected in the sales.

Additionally EA has now established a digital revenue stream through the introduction of Ultimate Team mode. Numbers have not yet come in to gauge how well it is doing but early indications are it has been a worthwhile addition.

Also noted in the call is that EA expects sales to be down for the current generation releases of Madden NFL 25 and NHL 14 yet anticipate FIFA 14 rising from the record-breaking numbers of FIFA 13. In the case of Madden and FIFA they’ll pick up more sales to compensate for any earlier losses when next-gen arrives but NHL dropping from numbers established during last year’s lockout would be a very discouraging development.

  • Drake

    It’s probably because of the bad reviews given from people who truly have no right to review sports games

    • ipaxton

      No because they deserve the bad review.

  • Tazdevil20

    Good article. It shows you that quality is what sells. FIFA is an amazing game, and I don’t even follow soccer. Unfortunately, past mistakes have really screwed Tiburon football. The consumers are pissed and it shows. That being said, NCAA 14 is a good game on the field. Still needs work obviously, but it’s MUCH better than past games. That’s what is baffling about the low review scores it received. How could past year’s games get better reviews? They were all horrendous.

    • Iown You

      Agreed. A lot of reviewers are not sim gamers, so they tend to focus on everything BUT what’s happening on the field. Some of these reviews crying about things that have zero to do with gameplay or how the game is presented are reviews I don’t pay much attention to.

      Many of the NCAA’s of the past were just horrid. NCAA 08 and NCAA 10 both come to mind, yet I don’t recall reviewers exploding on those games the same way. If the argument is that what’s in NCAA 14 is too little too late, I can accept that because it’s true, it took way to long to get many of those things right. But if these reviewers are going to try and convince me that prior versions were better, they’ll be trying until hell has a snowstorm.

  • rinodino

    I’m not buying that it’s down because of the new systems. Heck most people next year at this time will still be on the old systems, most people don’t have that type of money for the new systems, so I call false on his excuse.
    If you have a good game, word of mouth will help sales, and from what I’ve been hearing, it’s a good game…. I’m not getting it, because I can wait a year when they have the new playoff system in the game, this 14 college football game will be basically obselete next year because of the new changes in college football.

  • Details

    EA football is like the boy who cried wolf. We’ve been burned for so many years by EA football that when they finally do put out a decent game (ironically the last Ncaa game this gen smh), it gets overlooked. I blame the past 7 years of mediocrity for the decline in sales. EA can only pull the wool over eyes for so long before the masses catch on to their bs. That said I’m enjoying the game this year but Ncaa 14 is what Ncaa 07 should’ve been.

  • Tired of it

    As a football fan boy
    This may be a example of to little to late, my interest has been waning for years now, getting back all in my be tough if not impossible

  • Cory

    ”“As we said a couple of times now on the call we anticipated a little
    bit of a slowdown in current gen. It’s a current gen only title”

    Question Bryan: How well did NCAA 06, Madden 06 or any of the current gen titles of Summer/Fall 2005 sell with the Xbox 360 looming?

    This sounds like a rather weak rationale for poor sales, to me personally .

  • MoneyMayweather

    I can’t even play the damn game in my 360. I tried renting it and it kept crashing they lost my buy because I was deadset on buying it but I can’t even play it and EA refuses to help me I’ve sent them countless emails I bought the season pass so they did get some revenue from me but I couldn’t even play the early releases I will be pissed if my xbox can’t play madden 25 on early releases and demo.

    • KeithisKing

      that sounds more like a 360 issue and not an EA problem. If you rented a disc, it could have been scratched. Or, like most 360s, you’re experiencing problems with it.

  • Dalibor

    I think this is a little mis-leading. NCAA was released in a different quarter, so the real numbers regarding sales should be unknown. I think Moore was basing is comment on Pre-Order numbers. What should really be interesting is where NCAA lands on the NPD chart for the month. Why didn’t anyone ask about Tiger Wood’s poor performance during that same time. It was the only sports title that was released by EA SPORTS during that quarter?

  • Tazdevil20

    Of all of the problems and backlash EA has faced with their football titles, one of the biggest sits right at the top of their company. Peter Moore is like cancer. He infects, then destroys everything around him to the point where the body can no longer function. He is the biggest lying sack of shit in all of video games and he’s doing zero good for EA. He is the king of excuses and his mindset and attitude have trickled down into Tiburon over the last 9 years.

    • bigturboweenie

      NCAA sucked before Peter Moore even got to his position so I don’t understand how he’s responsible. If anything, the only damn face I keep seeing as the spokesperson for NCAA is hamburger eating Ben haumiller who I seriously think should step down to allow somebody with new ideas to lead this.

  • gunner

    First time in about 4-5 years I didn’t buy NCAA this year. I am going next gen at launch, however that had nothing to do with my skipping this title Mr. Moore. I paid the $25 EA Pass fee (I know I’m a sucker) and didn’t even bother DLing it early to try it out. Thats how uninterested I was in this title this year. To me it came down to another boring EA sports title. I’ve grown tired of hearing year after year “we revamped the blocking”, or “we really fixed up the presentation”.

    • bigturboweenie

      the irony is that the year u actually shouldve felt this way was for 12 and 13, because I haven’t played an NCAA football game as much as this years since the ps2 days. Lol i on the other hand skipped on buying last years version after playing the demo and glad i did. Sucks to be u I guess.

  • LenInFlux

    In the end this is not over anticipation of the next generation console…..just because EA says they fully intend to release a college football game next year doesn’t mean that they will with the pending litigation and all that (I’m assuming they will, but nothing is guaranteed…..especially if a bunch of teams don’t want to be involved).

    That aside, you can’t put out mediocre games for a few years, not fix glaring bugs and ongoing glitches and expect a wellspring of goodwill from people who have been loyal to this series for so many years. This is not about the next gen consoles or a decreased interest in a college football game….this is all on EA.

    It’s also worth noting that two major sellers (Amazon and Toys R Us) were pre-selling last year’s game for $44.99 so I would imagine that ’13 saw a bump in early sales based on that.

  • PPerfect_CJ

    They don’t give us a REASON to buy. Seems like they think that just changing the number after the title should equal sales. Not happening. Improve your product or lose sales. It’s really that simple.

  • hungryandrew

    That’s a shocker.

  • bigturboweenie

    Get rid of Ben haumiller…. Bring in new ideas. How long as that hamburger eating lead developer been IN CHARGE of NCAA? New next gen consoles coming out. Sorry Ben, let someone with better ideas take over.

  • Sean

    Fair to say. I had the game for two weeks…traded it in. Another disappointing version. The series peaked at NCAA 11.

  • mikemck09

    I don’t know why anyone would think just because they added “physics” to this title, that this is the BEST NCAA game to date! Really!? Still no penalties, 99% of the time your whole team goes for interceptions but due to auto balancing the deflections to pick ratio, they drop the ball, I have seen 1 legit bat down from my DB’s since I bought this damn game. I had hopes from guys over at OS with the sliders and edited rosters but wow, its the same old bull from EA. I am glad they lost their rights to make this game. There is way too many things wrong that totally outweigh any “good” in the game. Its been going on for way too long, it finally needed to be put down. I am indeed ranting, mostly pissed off that I thought this year would be different. TB hasn’t been touched, RTG hasn’t been touched, instead they add an RPG element into the Coaching side of things lol… If I wanted an RPG, I would buy an RPG. You get that fix by playing Road to Glory! The non existing penalties just crush me, playing 10 min quarters, game after game to only see Clipping (always on a big kick return) Facemask, and False Start. Thats if you tweak the sliders, Im just annoyed that I gave those thieves my money after I said I wouldn’t. Thats what happens when there is only 1 company making a football game! Greed is going to destroy everything… Later fellas… Sorry about the rant, Pasta! lol