WWE 2K14 Collector’s Edition Set Honors Undertaker

Posted August 1st, 2013 at 7:30 am


Details have now rolled out on what will make up the special edition of WWE 2K14. Known as Undertaker: Phenom Edition the set will include unique coffin packaging, copy of WWE 2K14, “The Streak” DVD, controller skin, autographed art card, and exclusive DLC code for the “American Badass” entrance and gear.

This is almost identical to what THQ offered for WWE 13 only with Stone Cold as the featured personality and is lesser than the package 2K has offered for the special edition of NBA 2K. WWE 13’s went for $80 and NBA 2K13’s for $100.

The price has now been confirmed as $100. Amazon has the set available for pre-order.


  • GuyWhoPosts


  • O_men

    $100 for this? LMAO

  • Keith.

    Since this is a 2K story, any thoughts Pasta on 2K stating they’ve shipped 6 million copies of NBA2k13, a new record for the series? Doesn’t that make NBA2K the new best selling annual sports game here in the US?

    I know if Madden 13 shipped 6 million copies we would’ve seen an EA press release about that, and since we haven’t, it seems as though NBA2k is the new sales leader, which I never thought we’d see given the huge disparity in popularity between the NFL and the NBA. If my memory serves, the last public statement EA’s made is that M13 shipped 5 million. NBA2k’s success these past few years is really rather remarkable.

  • rob e

    $60 : WWE 14
    $20 : DVD
    $10 : DLC
    $5 : Controller skin
    $5 : Digital autograph

    $100 total for the items above………..There is a sucker born every day.

  • rob e


  • rob e

    $60 WWE 14 , $20 DVD , $10 DLC , $5 Controller skin , $5 Digital autograph

    Lol, who wants that?

  • Bobby Ferguson

    Do want.

    Also WWE is saying that it is a real autograph, not a digital one.

  • TIMtationX

    I just want a game that doesn’t freeze and completely lock up my console. Is that too much to ask?

  • Thepro318

    @pastapadre why u haven’t posted the roster reveal on this game