Online Seasons Coming to EASHL in NHL 14

Posted August 2nd, 2013 at 3:30 pm


In a blog post this week EA Sports revealed online improvements being made for NHL 14. New will be the Online Seasons mode that has been successful in other titles and will be integrated here in EA Sports Hockey League.

Just like the real NHL, teams will get points for playing through each game. At the end of a Seasons game, the Seasons Progress Report screen shows goals needed for the club to reach the next level. The ultimate goal is to work up through the divisions, winning Playoff Cups, earning Division Titles and finally claiming the coveted League Title Trophy.

There will also be the ability to make ranked challenges if teams are within two divisions, changes to the Hockey Shop, attribute caps, and a streamlined process to select positions.

  • Hockey

    Why just EASHL? FIFA does this for standard online H2H matchups and it’s great. It also lets the game last a lot longer, giving motivation to continue playing throughout the year. Hopefully it carries over to all online modes.

    • I was wondering this myself. Going to see if I can find out an answer.

    • zz

      NHL needed this badly going to play alot more with my club. Also like what they did with boosts this year with the caps and how you go about unlocking them.

      I think the H2H ranking system works for NHL but I have never played FIFA. I played it more when they had an achievement for leveling up but now they have a bunch of Achievements for HUT.

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    The best news is that you pick position in team select screen so no more quitters

  • poday

    Really hoping the seasons are in ranked online play now too. I love nhl but sometimes would return to fifa just because climbing the division ladder is so great they need that in nhl!

  • poday

    According to developer in nhl forums seasons are not in head to head mode. Really disappointing.

    • Bob

      awful. really hoping it was like fifa