New Madden NFL 25 Videos Show More From Owner Mode and Extended Gameplay

Posted August 5th, 2013 at 2:30 pm


Additional videos have come out of the earlier event held for Madden NFL 25 that produced a wide variety of them last week. One focuses on Owner mode by showing aspects such as owner selection, popularity levels, building of new stadiums, and media questions. It also has a chunk of gameplay footage with the Colts at Panthers in a new stadium. The other video is an entire head-to-head game (four minute quarters) with the Packers at 49ers.

  • Dan

    How come your videos stopped working on iOS devices?

    • Do Youtube videos work on iOS? I don’t have an iPhone or iPad so I don’t know – just remember they don’t use flash so that could be why.

    • Henry

      Didn’t work on my iPad either. Had to look at it on my S4

  • Keith.

    Just saw that one of the Madden developers said that the next gen version of Madden is still only going to have a total of 3 camera angles to choose from — what a joke.

    With NBA2k and even FIFA offering a ton of camera angles to choose from, including the TV Broadcast camera angles that a lot of us find important, the Madden devs never fail to disappoint. Unbelievable.

    “We have three different cameras to chose from. We have the camera from last year, one that is a bit more zoomed out and the one we have been using in the demo that we call the zoom cam run.”

    • Casor_Greener

      Keith stop the hating!

      • Keith.

        Just because you’re happy with next to no choices when it comes to gameplay cameras, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be happy with it, too. Tiburon’s camera team has bent us over long enough.

    • AndyMP

      I have to agree, the news that Madden 25 still won’t have the ability to capture photos from a replay (NCAA has had this for literally years) adds to the argument that simply not enough progress is made from one Madden to the next in comparison to other sports games, some of which are EA Sports titles.

  • Brian Mann

    They still have the play calling screen blocking the replays? Replays are terrible yet again anyways. Wow.

    • Keith.

      Wish I could up vote this post 1,000 times, and post it on the front door at Tiburon. Or better yet, tape it to one of the Game Changers’ foreheads before they go back to Orlando next time.

    • Iown You

      The one replay around 4:10 where Kapernick goes for a run just says it all. The replays in Madden are a complete disaster. They’re TOO CLOSE UP!

      I’ve sent messages to the Art Director a number of times over the years, and nothing ever changes. They don’t give a damn. They must think this looks good. I hate these guys.

  • joey

    Looks like a minor polish on 13

  • smsixx

    @ 5:55 in gameplay video…
    Rodgers escapes pocket…runs downfield…Ahmad Brooks stands there and gives him a left shoulder and Rodgers fumbles the ball…
    Two things here…
    1. The physics of this whole play are laughable…Rodgers is running full steam…even if he ran straight in to a linebacker at the rate he was running a “stone shoulder” would not have made him fall to the ground and fumble…after YEARS these pricks still can not understand physics.
    2. Why is this THE ONLY ANIMATION IN MADDEN THAT CAUSES FUMBLES??? Has anyone ever seen a runningback get the ball punched out from behind by a safety or corner? has anyone ever seen the qb get stripped while his arm was back to throw??? No??? All you ever see is the ballcarrier get popped with a shoulder and they lose the ball.

    • Keith.

      Why is this the only animation in Madden that causes fumbles?

      If I had to guess, I’d say it probably was part of Robin Antonick’s original design, like so many other parts of this antiquated excuse of a football game. Maybe we’ll find out for sure through the next phase of his lawsuit.

    • Anon

      Actually the qb does get stripped while throwing, it’s not as common as that animation but it happens.

  • mikemck09

    Having a spammy 1v1 game to represent your product isn’t the best look in my opinion. Constant audibles and hot routes on every single play and manipulating the AI is not attractive at all. I wish they would have had a sim type of gamer demo the gameplay instead of these guys. Also, another year without penalties… I don’t get how a game that is supposed to replicate the sport of football to a tee, chooses not to fix one of the biggest issues that have been present for about 5 years now just boggles my mind. Great coverage, Pasta! I just can’t get over the fact that they try and add new features each year, or better yet recycle features that were present in older versions but do not fix the issues that have been in the game for a while now. As a sim gamer, I need to see penalties in a game. Its like playing a baseball game without foul balls or errors, a basketball game without fouls and free throws. It kills WR/DB interactions, game calling tactics etc. All in all, its been a long and empty run with Madden throughout its life cycle on the current gen. Wishful thinking that all the extra disc space on the Next Gen consoles, all these “misses” will become “hits”. I really would love to have a stellar NFL game to play without wasting half a year trying to fix it with sliders.

    • Keith.

      The guys playing in these videos are Game Changers, which makes it all even more laughable. Knowing these clowns have a direct line to Tiburon, really says a lot about where this game stands. Think it’s pretty safe to say we can forget about things like realistic penalties on next gen, too.

      • vend8or

        Some of the Game Changers went to 2Ks thing that is actually worse. At least EA lets them play the whole game and give feedback that they listen to and we can just ignore their opinions. 2K just basically gifts them a trip so that theyll promote the game for them on Youtube. Getting used as cheap marketers. Those guys shouldnt be so dumb to accept for a free trip.

        • Keith.

          Who are the EA Game Changers that have gone to 2K?

          Until I hear the names you’ve got, I’ll make a blanket statement and say I’ve got no problem whatsoever with the guys who’ve gone to SCEA for The Show or to 2K for NBA — there’s a big difference between those games and the Tiburon football game that the EA Game Changers are pimping.

  • DennethX

    If you ever wondered if you can trust what a game changer says here is one of them. You have your answer.

    • Keith.

      I saw where they just made the guy from Machinima a Game Changer — how is that not a conflict of interest?

      Now there’s a press row podcast story I’d like to hear, how the rampant corruption of sports game media has helped contribute to the ruination of video game football these past 9 years.

      • WolfGang Ruck

        Wouldn’t at any length call Machinima media, let alone sports game media.

      • CSaint1994

        If game changers are the people that get invited to test the game then guess what 2k has a ton of machinima people.

        Shakedown. The list goes on

      • Iown You

        They’ve infiltrated pretty much every single venue where candid criticism would come from and made vocal people in those places GameChangers to pacify them. The football gaming “community” is too dumb to realize what EA has been doing to them. EA has infiltrated the Youtube communities, the message board communities, editorial sites, blogs. The result is that criticism of the game from those voices has all but died out.

        Over the years, the only two people who were involved in Community Days that spoke the REAL unedited truth when they didn’t like something are TheWatcher and Canadian Dave. I remember TheWatcher went nuts on them for how bad Madden 11 was, man his blowups were classic, and you see they never brought him or Dave out there again (though I doubt either guy gives a shit). But Adembroski never spoke the truth until after he stopped being paid by EA. Adem was a complete shill for EA to get a job there, then once he got the job and realized the place sucked only then did he start exploding.

        Pasta, whatever you do, please don’t become a GameChanger. That title destroys every online community it touches.

        • I have no interest in being involved in programs such as those. Have turned down many opportunities, so its not something to be concerned over.

        • AndyMP

          There are a few more people than those two you named who were involved in community days, especially early on, who were candid with their opinions and honest with their feedback. I don’t think they attend these events any longer though. 😉

    • Thomas Fleming

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha who tries to be cool wearing EA Sports apparel hahahahaha

  • Henry

    Finally. You’re able to keep your original uniform when you create a new stadium. I hated having to create a generic jersey.

    One question for pasta. Since they are allowing roster sharing in Madden this year, will you be doing roster updates

    • Tim Bliss

      Yeah that was stupid that they made you change your logo and uniform.

  • vidi kantone

    hey pasta, if u draft a player from ncaa 14 rated at a 99, what will his rating be when he gets into madden?

    • Michael

      Read that no player will come in at the same rating. Varies and random each time you import

  • CD


  • Tim Bliss

    Not a big fan of any of those precreated stadiums and said that there was 10 of them but it looked like only 5 with each one listed twice.

    But so glad owner mode is back. Also don’t understand why you can’t have a player, coach and owner all on the same team. That’s a real disappointment.

  • Sonny

    Figured I’d get 3 months out of this, at least till next gen, I figured wrong.

  • Andrew

    So I’m guessing no EA Trax? Bummer….

  • PPerfect_CJ

    Looks great…until he starts playing an actual game. Smh. Same old Madden.

  • vidi kantone

    hey pasta, can u buy XP packs this year?

  • kdarnell233

    One question, when relocating a team, do you have to create a new uniform and logo, or do you get to keep the ones you already have? I love that you can upgrade your stadium, now I can get the Falcons out of the Dome without changing the entire team!

    • Thomas Fleming

      no, not this year

    • Shawn

      You can just upgrade/rebuild the stadium like in video 1 if i’m not mistaken. That’s a new panthers stadium with the same logo and team.

  • Sage

    When are we getting footage of next gen?

    • Iown You

      I think by watching Madden 25 current gen we’re already seeing what Next Gen is going to offer… more disappointment.

  • Hello I’m DEV

    all im saying madden is nfl 2k5 had the tattoos on the…whussup

    • Michael

      OMG No Tattoos???!!! What ever shall we do, On a list of 1000 things I want in Madden I dont think tattoos would even be on there…Who the F care

  • Mcjedi1

    Any word on the demo?

  • Dave

    I’m actually hype for this game. All I wanted back was the control of franchise mode so this is awesome in my eyes. I know some other parts of the game will be disappointing but I can’t wait!

  • AndyMP

    I could get into a full scale rant about this but I gave up caring about Madden a few years ago. You can only say the same thing over and over and over for so many years before it just gets tiresome. The sad thing is that the next-gen will be much of the same. And the new console gives them every opportunity to turn the clock right back again to bare bones and give them another 8 years of incremental updates.

  • KBrooks831

    Can you spectate every game while playing connected Franchise and/or Owner mode? Last years Madden only allowed you to spectate in ‘Play Now.’ I’m hoping this feature is in Owner mode but I haven’t seen any vids of it yet. Could you confirm this?

  • Jeremy Aldrich

    Can anyone clue me in to the big differences between owner mode and coach mode? I get that you get to manage the stadium and team finances but you also get to play the games. So what can you do in coach mode that you can’t do in owner mode?

  • Sean Conners

    Question: when a team relocates from a city, does that city then become eligible for another team to relocate there? for example, if someone relocated the rams,,, does st louis then become an eligible city for someone else?