Madden NFL 25 Demo Details

Posted August 6th, 2013 at 8:00 pm


EA Sports has confirmed the long rumored date of Tuesday, August 13 for the Madden NFL 25 demo and released details on what will be included. The demo will feature two matchups with the Seahawks at Packers and 49ers at Ravens. It will also include an opportunity to learn and refine abilities in the new Skills Trainer which proved effective in NCAA Football 14.

As far as quarter length or other options those have not been specified. Madden NFL 13’s demo also featured two pairings and impressively full games with five minute quarters. It however did not carry with it an extra mode like the Skills Trainer.

[UPDATE] Confirmed to be full games with five minute quarters.

Expect the rosters to be outdated enough that injuries to Michael Crabtree, Percy Harvin, Brian Bulaga, and Dennis Pitta won’t be reflected. They will probably be in the starting lineups.

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  • Ace McCloud®

    I’ve been looking at footage on YouTube and I haven’t really been impressed. Obviously I’ll DL the demo to give it a try myself but it’s looking like another down year for Madden.

    • daley7199

      and in other news NBA 2k14 looks freaking awesome and NFL2k5 is still better than MADDEN….. SMH :/

      • Michael

        Keep beating that dead horse that is NFL2k5, Gameplay was a joke but they had a ESPN show and tattoos…YIPPIE!!! LMAO

        • mikemck09

          lol… Madden and NCAA are basically the football version of NHL ’94! NO PENALTIES… And you’re saying 2K5 was a joke, lol… That game is still sitting on top till this day…

        • daley7199

          Michael learn to pick up on sarcasm. You clearly don’t have that skill set.

      • G-money

        Thanks for being truthful.

    • Details

      I agree. Dont get me wrong the game looks decent but nothing in Madden wows me. It just seems to lack overall excitement in the game. It lacks soul that games like NBA 2K has. I think the stale robotic commentary & dry presentation have a lot to do with it. Madden is improving but at a snails pace. I just love football so much that I can’t resist even though I’ll probably be bored of it in a couple months lol.

      • G-money

        Madden is the same crap every year. NBA 2K has the feel and atmosphere of a real NBA game. Madden lacks excitement and energy. Boring ass commentary and a dull presentation and atmosphere, just like NCAA Football. Fuck EA.

        • 49ersfan1

          fuck EA? yes madden and ncaa suck but FIFA and NHL are amazing bro.

    • Divine5

      Stop hating. 2k football is dead.

  • dinfamous7210

    Besides the running I agree. Ill just wait until Xbox one when I buy this game.

    • mikemck09

      Its the same game with better graphics and less features for the next gen consoles… Lets not all fall for the same okey doke now, thinking that a new system will bring new Madden talent… They took steps backwards with the move from PS2/XBOX to the PS3/360!

  • MoneyMayweather

    now the long hard road and see if EA doesn’t dick me over and not let the DEMO, Early release, Retail release not work on my xbox 360. you’re loss ea. lol

  • Michael

    I can’t wait to get this game I loved 13 but 25 is going to be better cant wait 🙂

  • Iown You

    49ers helmets still aren’t gold. You’d think them getting to the Super Bowl and all would’ve made the Art department give them more attention.

    • Chiryder

      That’s not Gold?
      am I missing something then?

      • Iown You

        Yes you are and so is Arrow76:

        See the gold tone in this helmet?*368/colin+kaepernick.jpg

        See the LACK of gold tone in this helmet in Madden 14?

        Notice how in in Madden’s prior to Madden 12 and 13 they got it right?
        I’m not making this up. The pictures prove it.
        In fact, the silver/silver-ish tone is missing from the Lions, Panthers, Patriots, and Cowboys helmets.

        • Chiryder

          Are you familiar with lighting?

          and the difference between night and day?

          Notice the missing “gold tone” during the day:

          Find me a night game screenshot. Then we can talk.

          • Iown You

            “Are you familiar with lighting?”

            Yes, but you don’t appear to be. The gold tone in that photo you posted is not “missing” at all. It’s *obviously* there and perfectly visible, it’s simply darker due to lack of shine as a result of the obvious overcast sky condition in that game photo you posted. So you might want to either adjust your monitor or perhaps look into some new eyewear.

            As far as a night picture, let me ask you something: Why didn’t you consider researching that before you challenged me? Don’t you realize that I’m going to do that and bring back proof? No? Well, guess what (see picture):


            The end of story bottom line is that the 49ers helmets in Madden have a washed out beigey color and it does NOT match the real-life counterpart of the 49ers gold tone at all. Lighting has nothing to do with that, and I’m really tired of people using lighting as an excuse for Tiburon screwing up on color tones of things when clearly lighting has nothing to do with it. Again, compare the tone of the 49ers helmets in past Madden’s 11 and earlier to the Madden’s after 11. They got it right prior to Madden 12 but they’ve been screwing it up ever since, plus the Cowboys, Panthers, Lions, Raiders, and Patriots silver tones too.
            There is no excuse for getting these wrong.

        • Details

          Do you realize you posted a picture of Jerry Rice in throwback Unis which are a different gold tone than current unis??? LMAO way to go SF fan hahaha

          • Iown You

            Your name is “Details” right? DETAILS…

            Well, joke’s on you for 2 detail fails:

            Fail #1. I’m not an SF fan.

            Fail #2. The gold tone in the 49ers 80’s helmet is different, true, but your point attempt is still wrong since the helmet Rice is wearing has the EXACT same tone as the current 49ers helmets in Madden.

            Fail #3. That’s not a throwback uni, and if it is then somebody in Tiburon’s Art Department is hitting a lethal mix of crack and meth. Notice the words “49ers” underneath Rice’s collar? Notice the NFL shield under it, too? Notice the NEW NIKE COLLAR ON HIS JERSEY? Do you recall throwback jerseys EVER having those things? You do? Wow.

            Now, THAT makes *me* LMAO!

            Thanks for playing. Buh-bye 🙂

          • james

            I can care less about a helmet the thing i need to see is the next gen gameplay

          • Iown You

            You mean, you *couldn’t* care less. If you could care less, that would mean you care.

            And the whole “all I care about is gameplay” thing is an overused line straight from the pits of Operation Sports hell and one of the reasons I quit posting there a long time ago. Yes, we all care about gameplay, that’s painfully obvious, but a game is made up of many parts, and visual authenticity is a big one that would be ridiculous to discount.

        • john decor

          I completely agree with you. I can’t understand how people don’t notice the difference. There’s a big difference between a metallic gold and silver helmet, and a flat tan and gray helmet. Metallic objects have a shiny luster, not a flat non reflective look. I’m a patriots fan and I can tell you how bad they messed up the pats helmets in madden 13, with that flat gray look.

    • smsixx

      Totally agree about the helmets.
      At OS they have a thread discussing the “bland helmets” in the game (not just the Niners).
      Im a fan of the Lions (yes…I know laugh it up). They have a silver helmet that just has that “pop” to it…In Madden it always looks like a dull grey (Same goes for the Cowboys as well).

  • EAHater

    honestly from all the videos I’ve seen it looks like the same game as last year.

    • 49ersfan1

      i agree. the only difference is those features they put in franchise mode or whatever its called. those exact same features were in Madden 08.

  • inkytalent

    The game will be decent, but im sure they put effort into the next gen madden 25. At 60fps it should look and feel ten times better except for the control layout

  • FatRat

    will the demo be available in Canada? Or do we fucked over again like with the ncaa demo? Small tribal african villages get the demo, but not the winter wonderland that is canada. SMH

    • Details

      No offense bro but nobody cares about Canada lol

  • Divine5

    This will be the best madden ever

  • Sean Anderson

    5 min quarters, with adjustable difficulty and gameplay sliders.

  • Jesus

    Lmao adds? They took it out almost all of it and added it again.

  • RavensChamps

    Bout time My Ravens get respect.

  • lonzell99

    Madden needs depth to keep the CCM fans playing. You run into a wall, it all feels the same….
    Commentary must follow each team through the years. A team wins the Super Bowl, they should be referred to as “The Super Bowl Champs” the following year in commentary.
    AI needs to deal with their depth charts better in Pre-Season. Starters should not be playing in 2nd half of those games.
    In my Madden 13 CCM, this past off-season WSH just let a “90” overall rated RGIII walk via Free Agency. Red Flag! This is year 5………..

  • Christopher Phillip Tucker

    Cant wait

  • NotanEAdickrider

    You guys on here bitch every single year about madden. This year, Its bland, no soul, too robotic commentary. Yet you all love 2k5 and it’s extremely outdated robotic commentary. I know people lose faith over the years but, from what i’ve played on NCAA 14, i’m impressed at the strides they’ve taken. Madden has it all this year they added a ton of new things into career yet im sure someone will scream, “bring tony bruno back!” I didn’t buy madden 12 or 13 the last few years so i’m excited to get back into football.

    • DaStrongSKRAWN

      But, they really do have the EXACT SAME commentary from Madden 13 on Madden 25. That’s the only thing that really bugs the hell out of me. Everything else looks good.

    • Details

      2K has robotic commentary? Lmao! I stopped reading after that lol. U just lost all credibility. Everybody knows 2K Sports has the best commentary & presentation out there. U can argue about gameplay but there’s no arguing their commentary. C’mon son. I’m not a huge fan of 2K5 for the record so don’t assume that just because someone criticizes Madden they automatically love 2k. That said the presentation in 2k5 is still light years beyond Madden & arguably the best ever in a sports game.

  • omar

    I play NCAA 14 can consistently beat teams on heisman. You need to be able to make adjustments. the ballhawk feature works well. played a season will Alabama. shutout plently of teams in the SEC. line and coverage assignment changes plays a big role this year. especially on the harder difficulties.

  • Details

    That’s because features don’t mean anything if the gameplay isn’t up to par. Maddens gameplay is getting there but not fast enough. Madden 25 is what Madden 06 should’ve been. EA wasted this whole generation of video game football while 2K already has a solid gameplay foundation where they can just add to it. Madden is just now getting a solid foundation this year smh! That’s the difference my friend.

  • Chiryder


  • Guest

    Why do so many people come to this site for madden news and then only comment on how bad the game is? Posts about any other game or movie pasta makes barely gets any buzz, but then there is a madden post and it gets 50+ comments… You guys are idiots