Live The Life Brings Character to Career Mode in NHL 14

Posted August 7th, 2013 at 12:30 pm


Be a Pro mode is evolving into Live the Life for NHL 14. Where EA Sports’ career modes have faltered most in recent years has been failing to represent a player’s dealings away from the ice or field. That will be changing with NHL 14 as now interviews, events, endorsements, and likeability will all factor into a career. 

The new Live the Life developer blog goes through all the areas of interest. Interviews will influence draft stock and likeability levels, events will have a positive or negative effect, and endorsements provide cash. Likeability will determine endorsement potential, whether opposing crowds boo the player, event invites, chemistry on the ice, attributes, demotions and promotions.

  • PPerfect_CJ

    It’s all text? Well, that kinda sucks.

    • Keith.

      That was my thought also. Looks like a half-ass copy job of what NBA2k did last year.

      • Skopin

        Um, NBA 2k’s off-court activity is still half-assed, even 4 years in. You can’t tell whether or not there will be cut scenes or whatever based on this trailer. Even if it is only text, it’s not really any worse than 2k’s generic press conferences.

    • breff

      No this is fine. The sit down interview stuff in nba 2k my player is embarrassingly bad.

      • PPerfect_CJ

        The voice and saying things like “ya feel me” to an NBA EXECUTIVE was the embarrassing part. Lol!

  • Bammer

    Can I meet some ladies and crush ass?

  • Ian John

    It seems like the same as when Madden had it. 3 bonehead answers and one obvious choice. Plus a -20 hit to stats for one night out? That better be temporary or else we better able to advance faster than before.

  • I try to provide context in news posts, rarely inject personal opinion in them. Want people to make their own determinations on what the news means. Express that more in other pieces or on the podcast/hangout.

  • mikemck09

    The NHL series has been stellar! I can’t stand EA’s football division but they have hockey on point. It’s not pathetic to implement a successful feature from another company into your game, its a total different sport for that matter. I hear what you’re saying though bro, EA is filled with pure greed!

  • mikemck09

    NHL has been the only title from EA that has had an attractive Be a Pro mode. Madden’s is a joke, NCAA’s RTG has gone untouched for a couple of years now, and FIFA’s is just too bland. I don’t think this game should be thrown in with the others due to the fact that they have tried to improve the mode instead of totally abandoning it and focusing purely on UT for additional mula! NHL has improved year after year, ranging from game engines to new features. I don’t get how the NHL division is getting ripped for “copying” 2K’s My Player… If Madden would “copy” NFL 2K5 halftime show and Sportscenter, everyone would be all googly eyed and praise the heck out of the game. Give respect where its due.

    • Skopin

      I think NHL’s career mode is more successful because you are more involved in each game. in NCAA and Madden, you only play half the game, and your position limits how much action you actually see. With NHL and NBA, you are constantly moving and involved in each trip up and down the ice/court.

  • Keith.

    I’m thinking more like Zork, which was around 1982. EA’s really going old school with this feature, baby!