Demo for Madden NFL 25 Available Now

Posted August 13th, 2013 at 3:45 am


The Madden NFL 25 demo went live in the early AM hours for the Xbox 360 (queue it up for download here) and has since arrived for the PS3. It comes in at 1.99 GB.

The strong demo offering has full games with five minute quarters and adjustable difficulty and sliders featuring the Seahawks @ Packers and 49ers @ Ravens. The Skills Trainer is also included to help practice and fine tune some areas of play.

As always leave any thoughts or observations of time spent with the demo in the comments! Gameplay videos and potentially impressions will be posted in the coming days.

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  • Jared

    Any Good Pre Order DealsThis Year?

    • Uncle Bootz

      Jared, for me the best pre order deal is on amazon. 100 bucks and you also get the Sunday Ticket. For a non-dish guy and madden fan like myself, this works!

  • J.T. campbell

    all ready balling

  • BearDown85

    I can’t seem to find it on XBL. Has it been taken down?

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    Just played the demo, and I 100% do not see any difference game play wise from last years game. Even the graphics look identical. It literally looks like last years game with a different cover. I’m beyond upset, so much so that I am actually thinking about not even buying it until the ONE version release in November. Originally I was going to get the 360 copy and then do the Game Stop trade in offer credit, but it is really really bad In My Honest Opinion. I actually stopped playing it after I scored a touchdown because I felt like I was wasting time and that I already had done the same thing for the past 11 months in Madden 13. EA is really taking this too far, apparently all they focused on is the Owner mode and (I hope) making the Xbox ONE version great.

    • GoMadden

      Lol. It seems like every year someone says this exact same thing. According to these kind of comments, we’re still playing the same game from 2005.

      • MoneyMayweather

        If you played Madden 13 hardcore it’s gonna feel like the same game Sean is telling the truth.

        • GoMadden

          Actually, it’s the opposite. It’s casual players that are least likely to notice differences in Madden from season to season.

      • Keith.

        Maybe not the “exact” same game, but Robin Antonick (the original Madden designer from whom EA stole) has already proved to a jury that Madden ’90 through ’96 were “virtually identical” to the original version developed by Antonick in 1988.

        “[And] that’s ‘just the tip of the iceberg,’ said Leonard Aragon, a partner at Hagens Berman and one of the attorneys representing Antonick, in a phone interview with Polygon. In the next phase of the case, Antonick’s lawyers will attempt to prove that EA has continued to use his work in the Madden games since 1996.”

        Assuming Antonick is also going to win the next phase of his lawsuit, I’d say the original poster is not as far off as you’d like to think.

    • CSaint1994

      No difference in gameplay????? I’m sorry but your opinion sucks really bad….

    • Mike

      If you think this game plays the same you sir are either blind, stupid or both. Running is nothing like it has EVER been in madden and the OL play is far better than it has ever been as well. Stop drinking that haterade

      • Justin

        are you serious? the offensive line play is still the same old trash, I’m getting sacked 5-6 times a game and its a rare that I get a run for more than 3 yards.

        • The360King

          Wow. What skill level are you playing on and what team are you using? I was using Seattle and had decent time and was able to run fairly well.

        • Mike

          Well then Im sorry to say that you sir have 0 skill and should probably try playing another game.

    • Chiryder

      Welcome to the club, bub. You sound like the fans of Franchise Mode last year when Madden 13 came out, who complained that the traditional version was all but taken out.

      You can’t always get what you want. You want better graphics get the Next Gen version.

      But, chill out as a fan of the Franchise Mode/Owner Mode/Connected Franchise Career OWner blah blah blah Mode, who had to suffer a whole football season still playing Madden 12, sit back and deal with it. You’re not always gonna get what you want.

      I had to sit through these comments from people who only like the gameplay and be told to quit complaining, or if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Now it’s your turn. It’s painfully obvious you’re only going to get a complete game that caters to everyone’s likes every other year.

  • Jeast

    Played it for a while. Same old crap…

  • mspeytonmanning

    this announcement has completely turned me off of microsoft, i will not be buying this game for my 360 and will instead wait for ps4 and get the game for that, i buy madden every single year and thought i’d play this demo to see if i should wait for the xbox one version but it has made me decide with ps4 also. i played madden last night and on the dashboard was a huge madden 25 thing and saw that this demo was out so i go on my xbox and there is nothing at al of ANY madden not even the madden 13 i had just played. this is clearly done so i don’t get to see the demo. i have real friends and don’t game online so paying 60$ just for a fucking demo is rediculous to me. i thought demo were made to get you to buy games, not turn you away from not only a game but a company alltogether.
    Sony you have won yourselves a new supporter

  • BearDown85

    Never mind….F*cking Xbox….only giving it to Gold members. Looks like I’ll be playing on PS3 for the week.

    • Mike

      Get a gold membership and stop being cheap lol

      • AndyMP

        That Gold membership will cost even more on the Xbox One.

      • The Great Leon

        Gold to play a demo, you must be Mr. Money bags Mike.

  • Henry

    Gonna have to call my wife and have her download it for me while I’m stuck at work. This will be the last current gen madden I buy (wipes tears).

    • Chiryder

      wife = Mom

  • Geeznutz

    Camera angle is garbage gameplay is……. can’t wait to see what next gen madden will offer if any

    • mikemck09

      Better graphics… That’ll be the only upgrade to M25 on next gen… They were hyping up player AI for M25 next gen that already exists in NCAA 14… Seriously, do not get your hopes up for it…

      • rinodino

        Yep everyone is always hoping for EA to make a real solid quality football game….. as they say, if you don’t have hope, you have nothing, but I’d be happy with a little competition with NFL video games

  • Details

    Game is decent but I can’t shake the feeling that this is the game we should’ve got in 06. Seems like it finally has a solid foundation but it’s still lacking in areas. Seems like all players run the same way which will make the game get repetitive quick. Where are the SIGNATURE RUNNING STYLES? The game still feels twitchy at times. I’m still seeing a lot of the same tackles over & over which isn’t supposed to happen right EA? Why aren’t there any body catches? Every player always catches the ball with their hands smh. Atmosphere seems a little stale. Commentary is still bad. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE STANDARD CAM! Why does EA think that making the presnap camera so far back is a good thing. I understand those who want to see the whole field but damn I can barely see the players & I’m on a 55 inch screen smh! They might as well call it the blimp cam. I really hope Next Gen steps it up in these areas.

  • Derek Gaudreau

    downloading now

  • Tobin

    Anyone know Colin Kaepernicks Speed and Acc?
    Also how fast is Eric Reid?

  • Wally West

    After playing the demo this morning.. I was slightly angered that EA Sports seem to put so much effort into this game but none in NCAA 14.. However, my perspective my be bias because I have owned madden since moving to Xbox 360. Just the game play seems to flow so smooth and the graphics and replays flow better.

  • mr madden


  • Josh Stanley

    Damn ps3 with their late updates. Anyone know when they normally update the store on tuesdays?

    • PSNHitman17


    • BustyBuffet

      6 EST

  • Adam Lathrom

    Looking forward to this. Any ultimate team incentives?

    • Paul

      Pasta, when in the heck are the Player Ratings coming out? It’s late now, isn’t it?

      • Starting Thursday.

        • John

          Do you know how they are doing it? Team by team or Position like last year?

          • Not sure but Donny Moore tweeted that Thursday is the first of three releases. So it could be a set of teams or set of positions.

  • John

    Pasta any word on when more player ratings besides demo guys are going to be released? Thanks

  • FlyBoy

    this is the best madden by far…the hit stick works finally, the run game is better but the stiff arm is crazy, more cut screens and tha sideline reporter…..i gotta get this on xbox 1

  • Bakes

    The only positive I could find was when you look at stats, whether during or after the game and you press X to sort them out. The menu doesn’t take you straight back to the first item and then make you scroll back to the item you sorted. The pre-snap cam is terrible. Recycled lines. STILL no halftime show. I think they went overboard with all these “new” pre-snap options.

  • jaykuts

    ps3 demo ready for download

  • disqus_NULCrV5FtR

    ps3 is up now

  • mikemck09

    The camera view is absolutely horrible!!

  • Juan

    Anyone having issues downloading the demo on PS3? I tried to download and it says I don’t have enough system storage even though I have 7 GB free…

  • alkamist1

    I just got done playing this madden 13.5 game, looks like all they did was update the rosters, no left, stick, pretty much like an upgrade of madden 13, but i’ll tell you what its football season, and I have a league, I will be buying madden 25…

    • mikemck09

      lol… Bro, see why exclusive licenses suck! You want to play a football game which is totally understandable as Im in the same boat, but EA is the only company who makes one. Despite the garbage they put out there on a yearly basis, people will complain and yet still pad the wallets of the EA guys. Not buying the game has a HUGE impact compared to complaining on a forum and buying the game.

  • mikemck09

    Still no penalties… Played a couple of games with OPI/DPI set to 100 and 50, saw chances where it should have been called but to no avail, the penalties are still non existent after complaints on forums and to EA… But, this is the BEST Madden EVER… Give me a break, fanboys…

  • AndyMP

    Just wondering how many people trade in last years game when they buy the new version?

  • Shawtyred3


  • Shawtyred3

    Ok fear not. According to EA the demo camera angle is called “standard” but you can adjust it back to the “legacy” camera angle that we are all accustomed to. Should have gave us the option though.

    • Details

      Exactly! Why the hell didn’t EA give us the option to change the camera view in the demo like NCAa did? Typical EA shooting themselves in the foot & not giving us options smh. & why the hell don’t we have CUSTOM CAM back yet?

    • Joe

      Thank God. And thank you for finding this out.

  • joey

    view is like PS2, first gen
    gameplay is still awfull

  • joey

    still feels like your playing in mud

  • Steve Bailey

    Only played one game. So far, so good. Aaron Rogers broke his hand and I had to play as Graham Harrell (The sideline injury report for him was kind of cool). Eddie Lacy’s late score helped win the game (run blocking seems improved). Precision modifier seems okay, still testing it out. I like the skill trainer. And the commentary has some new lines at least (still will be old in a month).

  • Crispy Winters

    we need new gloves and cleats madden 25

  • Tha goat ftw

    Ratings suck, kaepernick has a better deep ball accuracy then Flacco which I think is BS, Flacco has one of the best deep balls in the league also, kap’s deep is better then rodgers, the dude has one good year then suddenly he gets so much rating love, some1 in the ratings department needs to actually watches some damn games.

  • Same Ol

    CAMERA VIEW SUCKS BALLS! I can’t even get into the game with this horrible presnap view. It makes the game way too easy smh. Why does every player carry the ball the same way? Not every player holds the ball close to their chest when running in the open field. What happened to signature running styles. Game just feels too generic.

  • Uncle Bootz

    I didn’t expect any updates, especially knowing the efforts will be going toward next gen. I mean the developers have been telling us for years that these systems are pushed to the limit. So if you expected this current gen game to be better than last years then that’s on you. What the SHOULD do though is lower the price of current gen games! How are current and next gen madden games the same price?

    • Keith.

      Maxing out the system? LoL Not when games like The Show and NBA2k show what these systems are capable of.

      Tiburon likes to say the systems are maxed. They also liked to say that online gaming with a 56k modem couldn’t work, and then 2k did it. Or that fully polygon players weren’t possible, until Gameday did it. The list goes on and on with these clowns.

      • whaaaaaaaaaaa

        Your a loser. If you love football you would be stoked that the option has been fully implemented in an NFL game. Used to be the only reason to play NCAA. That alone makes it worth buying. The throw trajectory seems way better. Go s### a d###. Loser

  • HeatFan123

    The commentary still sucks. I was up 35-14 on the Seahawks in the 4th and they scored a garbage time TD and Phil Simms said I blew a huge lead. Last time I checked, 2+ TD difference is a kill. I won the game 42-21.

  • The360King

    Slight upgrade, but not impressive. Line interaction seems better. Running game seems a bit better. Defense seems a bit more enjoyable. Atmosphere and presentation are STILL not there, though i’d give it a slight bump. Sideline reporter adds nothing. Aaron Rodgers seems to be able to find a way to get rid of the ball, on target, just as I’m getting him in the grasp.

    The game doesn’t suck and it seems to be a slight upgrade, but nothing impressive. It doesn’t live up to the hype. I’m hoping the finished product looks better and I’m really hoping that they put more time into Connected Careers.

  • MCJedi1

    Hope that camera view is an option come release it’s not easy on the eyes. After turning the sound down (commentary sucks…again) the game was more enjoyable. Graphics are not as good as NC14’s, but this is a demo, hopefully come Aug27 that will change, along with the camera view. After playing a game with your beloved Seahawks Pasta in all Madden. and losing 21-17, I have to admit, that I will be boycotting next gen! It took EA almost 10 years to this point with the current gen, I don’t think that the PS4 & X1 will impress either. This goes for the consoles as well. Until the NFL drop kicks that exclusive contract nonsense the game(s) and consoles are off my radar! I’m happy with my 360 & PS3