Crew Mode Confirmed But Only Coming To Current Generation Versions of NBA 2K14

Posted August 14th, 2013 at 1:30 pm


As many suspected over recent days Crew mode is back with NBA 2K14. The news first came through discovery of the achievements for 2K14 – the list is almost identical to 2K13 except for one relating to Crew and two for the Path to Greatness mode – and 2K Sports has since confirmed its return. 

Without informing consumers beforehand Crew, which involves teaming up online with created players on custom designed teams, was removed with the release of NBA 2K12 and the company avoided addressing the topic at all until a month later. An overhaul being conducted to improve online performance was cited as the reason it was taken out and that it would not be back until the mode could be offered with solid online performance and minus some well-publicized exploits.

A graphic released by 2K explicitly states that Crew will only be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and not the Xbox One and PS4. If there was a chance Crew would be in the next-gen versions they would have simply left things ambiguous for a later announcement. At least this time the company is telling people beforehand not to expect it in their upcoming product. Crew games can be either 5-on-5 (full court) or 3-on-3 (half court). It is currently unclear whether they will be played only on blacktop or in regular arenas as well.

While it was an important move for 2K to re-introduce Crew a niche mode that doesn’t involve current day NBA players or those from the past isn’t going to sell the game. Going without it for next-gen gives NBA Live 14 a potential advantage if they debut with the EA Sports Basketball Association mode as was planned a few years ago. What bringing Crew back (even if just for current-gen) does temporarily is eliminate a thorn that has been in the company’s side for two years and gets that vocal group of consumers back on their side.

  • 49ersfan1

    yes thank god!

  • Gee

    Good and Bad thoughts; It’s great the Crew is back; but for just current-gen?? That’s telling me that 2K couldn’t totally fix the hacking and online exploits that had occurred in 2K11; so we should see some of the cheese return in 2K14.
    Unless 2K comes out with another mode that does the same thing as Crew (renamed it), for the next-gen consoles! Why would I buy the next-gen version? For the graphical facelift????? decisions, decisions!!!

    • 2k Skeptic

      Good points

    • Jesse

      Hopefully 2k can manage the cheese by letting players choose the type of lobby they want to join, un-ranked, and ranked and have a level cap for ranked games for each position or something similar.

  • Beff

    2K takes out blocking dunks. Announces it as a new feature.
    2K takes out crew. Announces it as a new feature.

    • Jesse

      sounds a lot like what Madden has done over the last 10 years.

      • CSaint1994

        Difference is when 2k does it y’all fanboys jizz y’all pants.
        When madden does it y’all cry.

        • Jesse

          Im not crying, just stating the facts. I love 2K. According to my raptr app, I have over 600 hours into 2k13 this year. Madden? Only 10 hours.

          • word_is_bond

            Sounds like you need a life.

          • Jesse

            Oh I know, you’re right, being as how I gave up my mobility fighting for my country. Maybe you can give me yours since it appears you take it for granted.

          • Jesse

            I’m a disabled vet, so I have plenty of time on my hands. Please in the future consider what you might be saying to someone before you say it to them. Someone might take offense to it.

    • J S

      I don’t recall 2k calling Crew a new feature. They said it’s back.

  • Debrickashaw

    Is it just me or is 2K’s Basketball outfit becoming too much like EA’s Madden team? They’ve gotten real lazy with their marketing and language. Previous games had so much more coverage leading to launch, now we’re getting minor announcements that don’t really appeal to anyone outside the core audience.

    Also, the trailer they released for the “return of the crew” was horrible…glad that Pasta didn’t post it here.

    • srous99

      lol with all the youtube guys who got a free trip to see the game shilling for it? so sad. sell outs.

    • Jay (The Truth)

      Or the crappy demos they put out every year (Last year’s was prob the worst and most arrogant showing, a single quarter (But hey, its online). They’ve gotten real comfortable these last few years without competition

  • MoneyMayweather

    NBA live 14 is looking more promising by the day. 2k is just building there own grave now.

    • therapiist

      I wouldn’t say “building their own grave” ea had 2 yrs to rebuild nba live. So take two didn’t really had too worry about nba live. Nba live does look promising, but how would the controller would feel? Would it feel smooth and ect. Only time would tell. Hopefully, they would release a demo. As for nba 2k, if live does good this year, then I can see them making the next 2k game too be really good

  • irrsh

    This isnt even crew mode. Its 5v5 blacktop. SMH 2k

  • MARZ76

    crew mode only on blacktop wouldnt be good i rather play crewmode on regular nba courts. hopefully blacktop an regular courts are two different modes in crew up. please 2k dont muff up crewmode make it the same way its always been just fix the servers

  • mbrink12

    If I remember correctly, there will be some features and things on the next gen that aren’t on the current gen. I could be wrong though, so I’m not getting too disappointed about the lack of Crew on next gen as it hasn’t been confirmed or denied.

  • GOAT

    You guys are really this stupid. This was done to make SURE that people would purchase on both consoles. Some people like myself were gonna wait but now I’m gonna buy for the 360 just to play crew. Very smart by 2K whether you agree or not.

  • odog

    its as simple as this. If crew isn’t on next gen, and live has a 5on5 crew type mode on next gen. Im getting live. simple as that. Aint no way im paying $60 for a version of the game that doesn’t have the same features of current gen.

  • edddie

    one and only

  • edddie

    man this is sick why 2k the people of 2k nation need too no and i think we all no your not bringing the crew back you have drag it on for 3 years now about this and we even voted on it just too get our money its not right the fans of 2k alot are no getting the game because of the lies we have been told over and over again you put new things in the game all the time 3 years too fix this and still you try too get us too buy why because nba live is back come on get real you are loseing the respect of your fans