Release of Madden NFL 25 Player Ratings Begins With Offense

Posted August 16th, 2013 at 9:45 am


This year EA Sports waited until only a little over a week remained before the release of Madden NFL 25 (through Season Ticket) to start revealing player ratings. The four teams in the demo have all their ratings available to peruse through but the company began trickling out numbers and now a spreadsheet can be viewed for all players on offense.

Aaron Rodgers (98)
Tom Brady (97)
Peyton Manning (97)
Drew Brees (96)
Matt Ryan (94)

Running Back
Adrian Peterson (99)
Marshawn Lynch (96)
Arian Foster (95)
Ray Rice (94)
Jamaal Charles (94)

Receivers/Tight Ends
Calvin Johnson (99)
Rob Gronkowski (98)
Andre Johnson (97)
Jason Witten (96)
Jimmy Graham (96)

Offensive Lineman
Evan Mathis (98)
Joe Thomas (97)
Marshal Yanda (96)
Josh Sitton (96)
Joe Staley (96)

♦Highest Speed Rating: Chris Johnson (99), Devin Hester (98)
♦Highest Elusiveness Rating: C.J. Spiller (99)
♦Route Runners: Brandon Marshall (98), Reggie Wayne (97), Roddy White (97), Andre Johnson (97), Stevie Johnson (95)
♦Jump Rating: Calvin Johnson (98), Larry Fitzgerald (98), Dez Bryant (98), Jerome Simpson (98)
♦Release Rating: Calvin Johnson (99), Brandon Marshall (99), Marques Colston (99)
♦Fastest QBs: Robert Griffin III (92), Michael Vick (92), Terrelle Pryor (90)
♦Top Fullback: Marcel Reece (95)
♦A.J. Green: 90 SPD, 95 AGI, 96 CATCH, 97 JMP
♦LeSean McCoy: 98 JUKE, 98 ELUS, 98 AGI, 98 ACC
♦Calvin Johnson: 95 SPD, 97 CATCH, 99 SPEC CTH, 98 JMP

[Update] Spreadsheets with all the player ratings for everyone on offense.

  • Burger

    Chris Johnson is not faster than Jamaal Charles.

    • reish

      cj smoked j charles in ncaa indoor track at 60 meters

      • Burger

        FF to 2:06 mark. National 60m final no CJ in the field

        • Tristan Dying-Breed Draper

          Track speed and football speed is completely different. That’s saying Usain bolt can beat cj in the 40 won’t happen.

          • Hello I’m DEV

            you DO know that bolt got time in 40 in under 4 seconds right? he CAN beat CJ in the

          • Tristan Dying-Breed Draper

            Actually known fact he has a slow take off because of his height. So desean Jackson and cj and jamal charles have a great chance in a 40 than a 60m dash. Known fact. Bolt is not at full speed for at least 10 to 20 yards. Most nfl speedsters are at full speed in one to three steps.

          • Hello I’m DEV

            as a former all american in college track and field and a walk on football player…not true nobody is at full speed in one to 3 steps..maybe 2-3 seconds btw thats quickness not speed..ive seen the boy CJ kill my redskins live two weeks ago and that dude is HELLUVA FAST i dont think he’s the fastest guy in the nfl anymore…there are probably BUM recievers that will give him a RUN for his money but madden pretty much gives ratings based on popularity..example garcon is not faster than aldrick robinson in fact robinson might be the fastest player on the team period..but he’s a 93 and garcon is a 95..if you are popular and fast then your rating is gonna be higher than someone who is less productive less popular but faster…brandon banks beat CJ in college AND an actual NFL race when he was a rookie they are friends clinton PORTIS beat santana and laron landry in a footrace at camp but he was rated lower in speed cause laron was on the come up portis on the downhill side..

          • Tristan Dying-Breed Draper

            Actually the fastest guy on the nfl is teddy Williams cb on the colts Usain bolt beat his record to be the world’s fastest man. I hear your argument, but as a exercise science graduate, there’s evidence you can reach top speed in in steps rather than seconds. If you where to have said maintain top speed. I like your argument.

    • Fitcherman

      Jamaal Charles combine 40-time = 4.38
      Chris Johnson combine 40-time = 4.24
      I’m not saying that makes it fact, but those numbers are fairly straight forward.

      • Burger

        Really 5 years ago…

        • izzy

          thats what matters. who ever has the fastest 40. stop being a sore loser. we know jamaal charles is really fast. but hes not CJ2k fast.

          • Burger

            You sound dumb what am I losing at?? Also Hester ran a 4.4 at the draft but some how he has 98 speed lol right!!

        • The Great Leon

          You think they do a 40 every training camp? haha

        • AJB11

          yeah…five years ago…and since Charles tore his ACL.

      • Hello I’m DEV

        brandon banks ran his is a 4.25 at pro day but he wasn’t a 99 speed.why not?

    • CJ

      He isn’t a better running back, but faster in a straight line? Definitely.

  • SimplyCJ

    The fact that Wes Welker isn’t in the top 5 Route Runners is laughable. Not to mention the fact that Brandon Marshall is the #1. Route Running is by no means his strong suite.

    • CSaint1994

      Wes Welker is trash, he is only looked at as a good WR because of Tom Brady and soon to be Peyton. Look back at his days with the dolphins, put him on any team without a good QB and he will do nothing.

      • TheDTSB

        I’ve been saying this all off season. Everybody acts as if Tom Brady is going to fade away without Welker. Nope, insert new receiver and watch him work.

      • AJB11

        he was only in the NFL two years before New England…his rookie year he didn’t play…and his second year he was targeted 99 times…still pretty dang good. He also is one of the most effective catchers in the NFL. As in catching one of the highest percentages of catchable balls. I guess next you are going to say Jerry Rice was only good because Montana and Young?

        • SnowOnThaBluff

          Yeah “one of the most effective catchers” then drops a clinching super bowl pass…

        • CSaint1994

          All im saying is put him on the rams, he wouldn’t do half as much amendola did.

    • BruceVain

      ^^^ THIS SO HARD. I have never agreed with anything so much in my life. LOL.

    • LOL

      and spelling isn’t your strong suit.

  • cush2push

    Im okay with these though Stevie should of gotten a 98-99 route running i wonder what his release will be

  • Jhony Molina

    We’re better off waiting to see the ratings on early release or till the actual game. Releasing ratings by tweet? Sounds like a big fail. Good thing we have @pastapadre to read up every one of Donny Moore’s tweet.

    Surely there has to be a more efficient way to get these ratings out.

  • Bob

    This is about the dumbest way they have EVER released ratings, just put up a video then a spread sheet jesus

    • Brian

      That comment is so much better not being grammatically correct.

  • Henry

    Pasta, I asked a while back but it may have gotten lost in other comments. Since there is roster sharing in this year’s game, will you be doing roster updates for Madden.

    • I’m not sure there’s a demand for that. I’d recommend checking out Operation Sports roster forum. There will surely be guys there who put spins on different roster sets.

  • Keith.

    Like ratings for offensive linemen ever mattered in Madden.

    Any word as to whether punters and kickers can hold their own on the line again this year?

  • Matt

    Lol Andre Johnson better than Brandon Marshall. I remember 2010 too.

  • Dylan Williams

    These don’t really matter. With Roster Share, players can edit rosters to more realistic ratings and then share them.

  • Evan

    mike wallace deserves at least a 98 if not a 99 speed

  • Tired of crap

    The game plays like shit, the rarings r one douche-bags opinion, and the same old players dominate year after year. If this was 5 years old it would read the same, and y not? The game plays the same

  • upset bengsls fan

    aj green catches more deep balls than anyone but in madden he still to slow to get open deep and what’s funny is the guys aj smokes like Joe Hayden have had their speed boosted above greens. Not fair.

  • cowboys or headbuttsteakknife

    wow you dont have Dez at a 96 or above. hahaha. madden roster creator always coming out with that BS, good thing you can edit rosters

    • Izzy

      Hopefully Dez is ATLEAST 94. No less than 93. But he should be 95.

  • Just a guy

    Why is Jason Witten a 96 overall? Why is Andre Johnson a 97? Why is Tom Brady rated higher than Drew Brees? These ratings are horrendous.

    • Izzy

      When you break the season receiving record for TEs u deserve a rating bump. Drew Brees led the league with INTs last year while Tom Brady made it to the AFC Championship game. Andre Johnson was Top 3 WR last season. You’re horrendous.

    • Trey Warner

      umm because as an eagles fan i can admit the Jason Witten had a great year last year despite having a TORN SPLEEN among other injures…also he’s good at blocking not just receiving…and when healthy andre johnson is no doubt the 2nd or 3rd best WR but he gets hurt a lot

    • CSaint1994

      Lets see Jason Witten is one of the best TEs in the league, Andre Johnson had what 1,400 yards receiving last year? Tom Brady is arguably the best QB in the NFL???????? Are you stupid?

      • Just a guy

        They’re all OLD. I doubt OJ Simpson would be rated a 97 if he came back this year. Plus, they’re all injury prone outside of Brady. Brees should be above Brady, and Jimmy Graham should be above Witten. Plus about 5 WRs should be above Andre Johnson.

        • princepointe26

          what are you talking about? it’s doesn’t matter how “old” they are. these guys are still playing at the top of their games? Witten is 31. Andre Johnson is 32. it’s been reported players hit their peak in their late 20’s and early 30’s. They then see a drop in their mid 30’s. STATS don’t lie. The average career is a bit over ten years for WR’s and TE’s. Guess how long these two have been playing?

  • Trey Warner

    hey pasta why does the early version of madden 25(the one ea gives to reviewers and youtubers) look less glitchy than the demo??is it possible that the demo is an earlier build of the game?

    • It’s surely an older build but I wouldn’t expect significant difference. It could even be as simple as videos being from a different camera angle than the one many hated was locked to in the demo.

      • Trey Warner


  • Yaboi Reem

    Cj and ap leading rusher this season

  • kplayaja

    OMG the Dolphins suck!

  • EJTwice

    The Patriots system carries Tom Brady and Welker…>Matt Cassell went 11-5 with the Patriots. Brady overrated along with Welker and along with their offensive linemen. Bill Belicheck is the key.

  • Dubnation

    I wonder if jerome simpson would still have a 98 jump rating if he hadnt of front flipped over that dude a couple of years ago

  • lonzell99

    Big Deal! EA needs to release info on what has been added as to adding depth to CCF. What’s the word on M25 Next Gen?
    What direction are they going here? Because IF the depth of CCF has not been touched or made to all work together, than this mode has no direction. Throwing in Owners mode when we have NO Full coaching staffs, scouting staffs, 8 man practice squads, wear and tear injury system, Weak audio presentation that does not follow year(s) to year(s), Past stats, Past transactions, Past info on how your team was built from drafts, signings, re-signings, trades etc. etc.
    They have missed a TON of stuff that would enhance this game……………….

  • Meek Harris

    cj spiller is not more ellusive than mccoy,,,even though its only a 1 point difference

    • Nate

      CJ is more elusive than anybody else in the NFL, what did mccoy even do last year?

      • Burger

        You must not watch much football if you’re asking “what did McCoy even do last year”? He’s top 5 running back in the league

  • lonzell99

    Tim Tebow has a Pass Accuracy rating of 71? Sorry, but his passing rating is THE reason why these rating are a joke.
    1Comp. out of 7Att. last night

  • lonzell99

    Jaguars RB, Denard Robinson has a Pass Accuracy of 63! That’s a joke! This guys accuracy is as good as Tebow’s. Needs to be lowered.

    • Mason Drews

      Are you trolling? Robinson played QB at Michigan… Maybe you missed him on the cover of NCAA 14?


      • lonzell99

        Wth is trolling?
        I am a Michigan fan and WATCHED EVERY game D-Rob played in at Michigan. Robinson IS A RB who played at the QB position in college. He should have been moved to RB and played some slot WR and returned kicks.
        Michigan would have been a more explosive team with QB, Devin Gardner at QB, as we found out in the last 5 games of the season last year.
        Robinson accuracy is horrible, as is Tebow.
        Get out of here with that NCAA 14 cover b.s. Are you kidding me? Do you watch Football? SMH……

      • lonzell99

        this post is about player ratings and is in line with the topic.

  • Hello I’m DEV

    hate to say this but aldrick robinson is the fastest guy on the redskins..period..not the best..but def the dawson, and rookie running back thompson all faster than garcon..but to say aldrick is a 93 is crazy..kid ran a 4.3 40 out of college..

    • princepointe26

      straight line speed and “NFL” speed aren’t the same. They have to rate these guys in full pads and gametime. Not saying I totally disagree with you but we can’t just go by 40 times because some guys that smoked the 40 aren’t the fastest on the field.

      • Hello I’m DEV

        he’s faster in FOOTBALL speed too…probably the fastest player on the team

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    I don’t think Aaron Rodgers should be above Brady and Manning

  • J.T. campbell

    so kapernick isnt one of the fastest qb get the F&@k outta here!

  • Clerksrule

    Leseab McCoy should by far have the highest elusive rating in the game. Can’t believe they gave it to CJ Spiller

    • Nate

      They gave it to Spiller cuz he deserves it. He averaged 6 yards a carry last year, what did mccoy do?

  • AmazinsCowboys

    I think Matt Ryan’s pretty overrated. He’s obviously very good but not 94 overall and top-5 QB good if you ask me.


    Why is Alfonzo Dennard so slow 87 speed really he didn’t look that slow on that A. luck pick six, and why is Aarron Dobson speed at an 87 while demarius Thomas speed a 96 Dobson 40 yrdt4.43, Thomas 40yrdt4.52 also amendola is faster than welker danny speed shud be 87 how r the players speed rated? WTFFFF

  • keni senuser

    Michael Vick is faster than rg3 in this game by a little and will have a great season if he can stay healthy