Your Thoughts on the Madden NFL 25 Demo

Posted August 17th, 2013 at 12:45 pm


With sufficient time to evaluate the Madden NFL 25 demo since releasing last Tuesday here again is a chance to get a feel for reaction towards the game and whether the opportunity to play it has influenced any purchase decisions. Recently NCAA Football 14 got some really positive momentum following its demo and it’ll be interesting to see how things compare with Madden.

Hampered by a single camera angle that can’t be changed in the demo (four others are available in the full game) ample opportunity is present to judge the gameplay thanks to the full four quarters at five minutes a piece and the ability to adjust sliders. The Skills Trainer also provides a chance to get a feel for how new mechanics and particular play types work.

Vote in the poll below and leave any additional thoughts in the comments!

  • Hello I’m DEV

    haha thats why the shit aint never gonna change cause everyone(including me ) picked NO CHANGE LIKELY TO BUY…lol..we are all suckers

    • whatsuppasta!

      lol your the sucker, im still playin nfl blitz on n 64 with friends….so awesome because its an arcade game and there are 0 expectations. also after 10 games we are still not bored of playing it, and i have found myself bored of madden after one game in the past.

      • Jesse

        This poor muffucka

        • Jesus

          I don’t knowman. That means he has saved hundreds of dollars over the years. I actually applaud him.

      • daley7199

        Your sorry and obviously “BROKE” ass is still playing an N64…..LOL, You should just crawl into the fetal position now and just cry about how pathetic your life is.

  • Rfwill13

    I really liked the new feel to the running. It makes me think more when running.

  • Aaron Johnson

    The main thing I dislike about it is the running moves. I did all the training stuff in the demo and although the runners look more smooth in and out of cuts, the new “combos” were stupid. Flat out stupid. I was also hoping they would add the feature where you can lock onto a defensive player like NCAA has. I bought the Anniversary edition though (mainly for sunday ticket) so we’ll see how good it is before i buy it on PS4

    • Some People

      Lock on Player really? lol…How about just dont hit the switch player button, problem solved lmao

      • Iown You

        He may have been referring to Player Lock from NCAA where you can see the offense from a defensive perspective.

  • J.R

    I can see and feel the changes in the game but there’s still a lot little things in the game of football that’s missing. For instance players should be allowed to use the entire route tree when changing routes, disguising coverages could be better, defensive fronts aren’t true over or under fronts as far as gap alignments. I look forward to the day when players have to play real conceptual football without all the cheese. Football is suppose to be a Chess match, since its the only available game this will do.

    • Huejac2

      Most of the route tree is available.

  • Iown You

    I’m still in disbelief that they allowed the demo to come out public with that awful zoomed out camera. I mean, that choice seemed too dumb even for them.

    I’m also angry, but not surprised, that this game is barely an upgrade of Madden 13. So many little quality issues still remain from Madden 10 which I find unreal considering how many dev cycles ago that was.

    This franchise really seemed like it was poised to make up for squandered time when you saw how much they’d put into Madden 10. I’m not even making a commentary on whether Madden 10 was a good game or not, I’m just looking at the amount of things that were added in one dev cycle between 09 and 10. But since then, that amount of effort hasn’t been there. If it had, you wouldn’t still have the players not being able to get out of each other’s way during post-play, pathetic emotionless cutscenes (why are NCAA 14’s so much better?), and God awful replays with bizarre angles that ruin the replay, plus a pass rush that a Pop Warner coach would be embarrassed to show tape of.

    I liked NCAA 14, not enough to buy it, but I found it fun to play and it had that level of energy you’d expect from football. Madden 25 on the other hand is just a boring, sloppy, mixed bag of disappointment. This is it, this is the last meaningful Madden game of the 360/PS3 era, and we can now say with absolute certainty that Madden team completely blew an entire generation, innovated NOTHING, tarnished the Madden name beyond recognition, and killed one of the most stable gaming sub-genres we had. Think about it; there was a time (think 90’s) that even when every overhyped game of every other genre came out and disappointed you, you could still go grab a great football game and be satisfied without pining for a football game from the past that you knew was better. You can’t do that today!

    • guest

      I’m not reading all that.

  • whew

    maybe ive been playin Madden to long, but this just feels tired, dated, and uninteresting

  • Anthony Suriano

    Actually none of those choice. I’m discouraged, but will buy because I’m a big NFL fan.

  • whatsuppasta!

    honestly if madden added player voices and trash talking and made the game more teen it would be legit.

  • DamageDealer

    I did enjoy the “new and improved” blocking mechanics but overall will stay away. I have pumped enough money into Madden and cannot justify buying another semi upgrade of last years game. I am done. Would LOVE to see competition come back to the football simulation sports universe. Madden I am sure will not be horrible, just underwhelming as it always turns out to be. As long as game has been unchallenged it should be near perfect every iteration but proves to be more infuriating due to what is incomplete. If I score a free copy okay, but I will NOT purchase it or any other EA football.

  • Details

    Pasta when you get the game can you please post a vid using the Zoom cam? It’s going to determine if I get the game or not. It’s unplayable for me with the standard cam. It would be much appreciated because I have yet to see any vids using any other camera view smh.

    • Keith.

      Or Broadcast cam. In the past, I haven’t liked the Broadcast cam that Ian and his buddy put in during their spare time, because it jerked out (for lack of a better description) on pass plays. Doubt they’ve done anything different but I’d be interested in knowing if they’ve made any changes.

  • hellothere923

    It is a very strange mixed bag this year of a few positives I really like and a lot of little things that concern me:

    Positives: The commentary, some refined presentation elements (replays, wire cam), the audible system (love the hurry-up – nice middle ground between what NCAA does formation/playbook wise and what Madden used to be. It encourages hurry up, but not the point where it’s wise to do so all of the time), the option system, and the new hot routes. Refined physics (less wonky stuff).

    Negatives: The intro to the game, some of the music/audio (the crowd sounds much worse for some reason, maybe it’s just the demo?), the CPU QB’s ridiculously high completion percentage, the graphics (for me the colors look worse than last year, but they do look more like NCAA which a lot of people like), the default camera takes getting used to.

    • Huejac2

      I have been sacking & picking off the CPU QB. What, are you just calling one defense no matter what the situation?

  • mikemck09

    That poll just goes to show that the “consumer” will never be able to make a statement due to the desperation of a football game and the people who could care less whether the game is broken or not as long as they can spam there way through online tourneys! Friggin’ shame!

  • jz

    Not buying.I like NCAA Football 14 but I’m not playing because there’s no fumbles or injury. Ruins the game for me. Why buy a game you cant play for 3 months before a patch comes.

    Ill just wait for nba 2k14 on ps4.

    • Iown You

      No fumbles or injuries in NCAA 14? That’s strange, because I’ve seen both while playing the demo a number of times.

  • This guy

    What’s the deal with the camera angle??

  • Drew Walker

    I really do like the changes. The game feels a lot smoother. I expected a little bit more but I feel the big changes are coming with the new system and new madden. And I agree what’s the deal with the new camera angle?

  • BreastonPlants

    Nope! After how many years they still haven’t even put in “Assisted tackles”? That tells a thing or two about how they feel about their customers.

    No wonder they took out that stupid motto “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game”. Because we all know that shit aint true.

    • LMAO

      Assisted Tackles LMAO…If that stops you from buying a game thats AMAZING!!! LMAO LMAO

      • Jesus

        LMAO, LMAO, yeah amazingly subpar.

      • BreastonPlants

        It’s the principles. I don’t care if it caters to your arcadey style of football. Assisted tackles is part of the game and they can’t get it right. Why even have it on there as the stats?

        Shows the incompetency and carelessness of EA/Tiburon.

  • ajay

    Overall, the demo is good, not great. The running game is noticeably better. Cuts are really smooth and pretty exciting to pull off. I’m noticing nicer tackle animation and guys falling in the direction of their momentum and rolling after being brought down. I feel like I cannot get enough air under the ball on deeper passes which is something that never bothered me in the past…could just be in my head. The hit stick is much improved…more impactful than it was last year but you cannot just go flinging the stick all the time because it causes players to dive out of position. My biggest let down is with the defensive line. There were supposed to be upgrades to their moves and how they played, but once again it feels like you have no control over what happens along the defensive line and players randomly get blocked perfectly or swim past a linemen. That was a pretty big let down for me, as I was excited to finally be able to throw some moves and get past blockers…instead it seems random and I cannot tell the difference between a top flight pass rusher and any old DE.

  • Keith.

    I’ve been going back and forth between the Madden demo and The Show this weekend and, aside from the invisible players glitch, Madden’s not a horrible game. But it’s pretty clear there’s not a single thing that Madden does better than The Show.

    Realistic ball physics (The Show)
    Realistic TV-style Camera Angles, Replays and Camera Cuts (The Show)
    Real Time Presentation (The Show) — Madden’s heavy use of cut scenes in 2013 is just embarrassing
    The “little things” — The Show has fans falling over the railing for foul balls, catchers backing up the 1st basemen on throws over from short or third, Pitchers throwing 8 warm up pitches before facing their first hitter, etc., the list of great “little things” just goes on and on and on when playing The Show.

    I really hope we get an NFL game that’s the same caliber quality-wise as The Show during my lifetime. After the last 9 years, though, I just don’t have any faith whatsoever that Tiburon has the talent or the know-how to get the job done.

    • K-State

      Keith said “Madden’s not a horrible game”. First time I’ve EVER heard anything remotely positive about the franchise from Keith. Tip my hat to you for that.
      Further, I agree with everything you said. all of “little things” truly add up to one big thing…a great thing, if done right. The Show looks, plays, feels, incredibly realistic, for a vid game.
      Still, I can’t bash nfl or ncaa because I grew up on games like ms. pacman, duckhunt, and excitebike for NES. For sure, we expect and demand more, but it is leaps and bounds beyond the shit I grew up on as a kid.

    • Iown You

      That’s it right there. Everything about Madden 25 is just 2nd rate. It’s not the most terrible game ever, it’s not even one of the worst Madden’s ever, it’s just so damned far behind the rest of the sports gaming industry, and so far behind where it should be at this point that you just can’t give them a pass. The lack of proper emotion and the sloppy presentation is enough to make you angry right there when you look over at other sports games (even those made by EA) that aren’t having these problems.

      I could deal with the cutscenes in Madden if they were done well, but they’re so lame it’s depressing. Like I’ve mentioned many times in the past, how come NCAA 14’s cutscenes are so full of energy and are so serious, while Madden’s are so boring/lifeless and corny? Compare the TD and sack celebration scenes in Madden (garbage and hokey) with NCAA 14’s (energetic and realistic). How did this happen?

      Even DukeThaKilla said he doesn’t like Madden 25 and that guy is one of the biggest Madden supporters on planet earth, he basically eats because of Madden, so when he says he doesn’t like Madden you KNOW something isn’t right.

      Madden 25 is like a 25th Anniversary where your spouse pumps you up for months telling you how great the anniversary is going to be. Then when the day arrives your spouse tells you in front of the entire family that he/she is leaving you for a traveling carnival clown.

    • Alex

      Madden beats The Show in online mode and that is all that counts for me since all I do is play ranked matches. Online servers for The Show are horrendous compared to madden.

    • Jr

      How does The Show compare to MLB 2k, you know it’s real competition

  • Just Blaze!

    I bought this game just for the NFL Sunday ticket deal. Probably gonna sell this shit the next day

  • Baller537271

    I’ve seen a few things I like..guys actually diving for a loose fumble and the hit stick is a little harder to get the big hit but when you do it pays off more with injuries or fumbles.

    I think EA has done the opposite from when the 360 launched…they are leaving the older console with small upgrades but the new version on the one and ps4 are going to be much improved….which is really the way to go. We know graphically it will be better…but I’m hoping with the increased power it’s really going to make a difference in how the game plays….will have to wait and see…but to me…very little has changed in the madden I’m seeing in the demo. I like that the defense is a little harder to play…mostly the field feels more open..and let’s face it…the league today is more of a passer’s hard for secondary to cover guys…even the crappy qbs can complete passes. The good thing is…it seems those with good stick skills can still play solid d…and I like it.

  • vastreammonster

    Long time Madden vet here. It was a really clean demo (tackle animations were clean, momentum was mostly accurate, etc.) But it’s really the same game as the past 3 years. So I don’t see that I would pay full sticker for it.

  • daley7199

    As always with Madden, they refuse to give special teams any Love. Its the same BS year after year. They haven’t made any changes to the kicking game in this game for over a decade I think. On a secondary note, WTF is the deal with the coaches looking like Tony Atlas on the sidelines. Seriously, Pete Carrol is a meager little man not some dude with massive shoulders and chest.

    • gamer537271

      i’d love to see sp teams get updated…the kicking game sucks. I haven’t missed a field goal with any kicker from 52yards and in since madden 05…lol…you know if someone gets in range…its over…if it comes down to it…I’ve had to debate if I should take a go ahead field goal or just go for the TD because I don’t want to be in that situation. At one point…they made a change or two..and the camera used to get down to field level and they had the ice the kicker thing where it put the blue over the meter…and it would go slow motion…that was the best they had it…but I guess people missed kicks and cried about it so they took it out…??? dunno…but it hasn’t been changed or updated in years.

  • IceChief27

    Really excited about the game coming out after playing the demo. There were only a few problems I noticed. First off the guy with the football runs out of sprint about three times as fast as anyone else. I’ve noticed that it is impossible to break long runs with how fast the sprint meter depletes as it is now. You run out of meter after 20 yards and you get run down, even when the guys chasing you aren’t as fast. I broke a kickoff return with Ricardo Lockette and I got run down at the fifty because I was out of sprint. I didn’t do any dancing or cutting across the field either. Also the transition from defender to returner on interceptions is really slow and awkward. it is also hard to tell who caught the ball sometimes. My last problem stems for outside breaking routes from the slot or TE position getting way too much separation. There wasn’t a defender even close on a ten yard out route by the slot receiver in straight man. Other than that I thought the game played really well. the game play is very good. However, the players standing on the sidelines still look terrible.

  • Kevin Mitchell

    anyone else notice how slow the safeties are? you see your receiver getting beat so you switch to the safety, but to no avail. their hips seem to be made of lead or something that prevents them from actually playing like a real safety. and this was with earl thomas, who isn’t slow at all. i could understand if it was Ronde Barber or something. Nevertheless, i am going to be playing a cover zero and blitzing 6 or 7 because of this.