Demo for NHL 14 Now Available

Posted August 20th, 2013 at 6:45 am


The demo for NHL 14 has arrived on the Xbox 360 (can be queued up for download here) and will make it to the PS3 when the store updates this afternoon.

Featured in the demo are three modes to play. A standard game with a Stanley Cup rematch limited to the third period, NHL 94 mode with the same two teams, and Hockey Ultimate Team.

A bonus HUT pack will be provided in the retail version for those who complete a game and win the HUT tournament against the four teams (Halifax Mooseheads, Grand Rapids Griffins, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks) included within the demo.

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  • I hate EA

    I admit I but Madden, Fifa, and NHL every year. The NHL demo is the biggest piece of garbage. Literally it is NHL 13. Absolutely nothing new about it, nothing plays new in gameplay, I will not be buying this. Thanks EA for ruining my favorite game…

    • lp81

      Before the demo, was considering buying NHL ’14 for the ’94 throwback version, but it did not impress. Will definitely be passing on this now.

  • The_Gaming_Messiah

    Patch for PS3 on NCAA has dropped . Facemasks are fixed.

  • Dave3979

    Really enjoying the demo. Many improvements over 13. Fighting engine is nice and makes for more realistic fighting. Collisions are good, skating is much smoother. Day one must buy for me!

  • Keith.

    I haven’t had a chance to fire up the demo yet but have read on OS and the EA forum that presentation didn’t receive any upgrade at all, which if true is very disappointing.

    • Ricky

      I don’t know what people were really expecting at the end of the console cycle. It makes no sense adding new audio and visual presentations on the final year of a generation. I expect NHL 15 on PS4, XBOne will see the presentation improvements people are craving.

      • Keith.

        Game still costs $59.99, doesn’t it? If they released it at $29 or $39 I’d probably cut them a break, but I mean c’mon, they’ve introduced 1 new gameplay camera angle in the past 6 years and the overall presentation has lagged behind games like The Show and NBA2k for just as long.

        This “what did you expect at the end of the console cycle” nonsense that EA’s been trying to feed us is just that, nonsense. They’ve had a LONG time to improve NHL’s presentation package and bottom line is they really haven’t.

      • daley7199

        The day EA makes the stupid move to get rid of Gary Thorne is the day I stop playing NHL, unless of course Gary just doesn’t want to do it any longer. Gary Thorne = Best

  • Ricky

    Pasta, any plan on posting your own impressions? You might not be super familiar with the series but it would be interesting to hear from a newcomer (or at least someone who isn’t seasoned with the franchise),

    • I’m not going to have any time to play this week. Possibly next week, either as an article or on the podcast.

  • daley7199

    All for the whopping price of……………NOTHING. STFU CLOWN AND QUIT YOUR GRIPING. You know you are getting the game so you don’t need a demo. Ingrates like you don’t even know about the days when there were no demos and you actually had to buy the game in order to know what it was about.