Sony Announces PS4 Release Date

Posted August 20th, 2013 at 11:30 am


Sony today officially announced the release date for the PlayStation 4 at their Gamescom press conference. The new console will release on Friday, November 15. 

Sports games available on launch day for the PS4 and Xbox One are Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, and NBA 2K14.

Those who purchase the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4 will get digital PS4 copies for significantly discounted price. Gamestop and Amazon have rolled out programs to make the total price for buying both versions of as many as eight games $70 for those going from 360 to Xbox One. Unless Sony or retailers do the same for the PS3 to PS4 it appears sports games are being left out which could entice some towards the One or get those who will have both to pick up the third party games there instead of the PS4.

There is some thought that the games mentioned at the conference were not all that will be included in the program and the sports games could end up being part of it. While it would be somewhat odd if there are others that they weren’t singled out it’s possible that the EA deal with Microsoft made that a no-go on stage today.

Support for the PS4 from consumers has been very strong and that extends to the sports gaming community as shown in the recent polling results. The Xbox One is also expected to release in November though Microsoft has yet to reveal the concrete date.

  • The gaming Messiah

    Question is, when will I receive my amazon pre order purchase of the PS4?

    • Well, if you have release day delivery, on Friday Nov 15

      • Rick

        How do you think it’ll work for those of us who pre-ordered at ourt local best buy / EB games? My pre-order was a day 1 version for ps4, but i have a feeling things arent going to go as planned.. i remember i was suppose to have a day one 360 and that didn’t turn out too well. Wound up getting it some time in January..

        • smsixx

          Back then the retailers took unlimited orders before the news arrived that a limited number of consoles would be shipped…The same thing happened to me with 360…But I got mine a week before Christmas.
          Fortunately the industry has improved since then…Gamestop/ Best Buy/ Amazon and a few others already had a number limit on the pre-orders to ensure that anyone who pre-ordered a console gets one on launch day…We may even see a few on the shelves…but not for long.

          • Rick

            Thanks… I was nervous … I had no issues when the ps2 launched as i pre-ordered mine expecting it to arrive father x-mass.. By MS burned me hard on my 360, so I was hesitant but wound up preordering at my local best buy the following day the ps4 was shown at E3…. I’m very excited for both systems and haven’t felt like this since my ps2 / origianl Xbox days

  • At least it’s a Friday lol. Any word on GTA 5 getting a release on PS4?

  • Rick

    Sony had a nice conference, now I’m wondering how they will supply all those pre-orders? 1 Million is pretty good IMO..

  • Brickwall

    I got a feeling MS is going to run away with this deal this week… Too much money to fail..IMO

  • Rangersscc94

    The discounted games didn’t mention anything about retailers. Must be digital downloads only.

  • Mike Query

    Will I be able to play my ps3 version of the show on ps4?

    • Jackson


    • turkey86

      Not the disk. If i understand it, you’d have to buy it again like PS2 games on the PS3.

  • Henry

    Can’t wait. Pre ordered mine as soon as they were available on amazon

  • LenInFlux

    Wow, that’s great news. I planned on waiting a while before I made the upgrade but the PS4’s reduced price and the fact that the games are not (at least for now) going up in price is real tempting.

    Does anyone know if EA plans to have any of their sports titles out when the consoles are released?

    • Jackson

      Yes, the next-gen versions of NBA LIVE, FIFA, and Madden all should be released the same day as the consoles.

  • Keith.

    Bummer that they didn’t show anything today for The Show. Knew it was a long shot going in but that’s the game that’s going to get me to open my wallet for a PS4.

  • daley7199

    Any truth to the rumors of a possible PS4 / PS Vita bundle being sold ? If the price point were 500, equal to that of an XBONE then that would be fantastic.

    • Jesus

      I would definitely get that. I just can’t wait for November 15th.

    • Keith.

      Really looking forward to using Remote Play with the Vita for NBA2k and The Show. Between that and the 3DS XL, I may not ever have to worry about gaming on the big screen again and my wife can watch whatever she wants all the time. Hope Remote Play works as described.


    Can they announce the price of video games now.

  • The Great Leon

    Going to be a good November.