First Look at EA Sports UFC Gameplay

Posted August 21st, 2013 at 10:45 am


For a game that won’t release until next April or May a significant amount of info on EA Sports UFC is already known and yesterday the first look at gameplay footage was presented at the EA Gamescom press conference. An upcoming UFC 165 fight between Jon Jones and¬†Alexander Gustafsson was used to showcase some of the features previously discussed. Singled out were the fighter likenesses, precision movement, full body deformation, and real-time exertion.¬†

  • FlyBoy

    man that sh!t real

  • Los Guttierrez


  • Korey Laurence

    im not even a ufc fan but this game looks really good

  • rob e


  • kenmid

    dam, I”m Impressive

  • Mike Query

    Looks and sounds good, and I will definitely by it when it comes out, but EA scares me with anything they do that doesnt have any competition, which is almost everything now a days.

  • endzone 16

    Brian ?Brizzo” Hayes. The same CLOWN that made a joke of the Fight Night games. I wouldn’t believe anything this clown says. I bet this game will be crap with him making it.

    • Greg

      I agree with you. He’s the one that made Fight Night an arcade game by refusing to listen to what real boxing fans wanted. I remember people on the EA FN site used to roast that guy. and he’d respond by whining like a little bitch. He even got mad and refused to come on the site anymore cause his little feelings were hurt, LOL! He also lied about some anaerobic feature that was supposed to be in the game and it wasn’t. Yeah that guy is gonna turn this UFC game into an acradey mess, just watch. He isn’t a fan of REALISM.

      • Keith.

        That’s the way EA rolls. I remember when Ian Cummings and his crew took their ball and went home after all the criticism started once their first game was released. Same thing on the Tiger Woods EA forum — before release, they were everywhere. Now, when people have been waiting 3 months for a second patch that’ll never happen, there’s not a developer to be found.

  • clintbeastwoods

    EA is the worst company in America. Everything they touch turns to shit! All of their games have nice graphics but I am positive that the gameplay will be stale and the filled with glitches as always!

  • I’m really hoping this game is badass.

  • deacon007

    @6:50 it looks like they’re screwing. lol