NBA 2K14 Euroleague Gameplay Videos

Posted August 21st, 2013 at 1:15 pm


The first look at directly captured gameplay for NBA 2K14 comes courtesy of Gamekult and features the Euroleague which is a new addition this year. 14 teams from the Turkish Airlines Euroleague are included but play no part in Association or MyCareer modes.

The most disappointing aspect of these videos has to be the Euroleague teams just being thrown into an NBA environment. The crowds and arena sounds are anything but authentic to the experience overseas. More importantly with the videos though is the opportunity to evaluate changes to general gameplay and presentation. Continue on to check out the videos and leave any observations in the comments! 

  • HustlinOwl

    TNT commentary just doesnt sound right with these teams

  • dougie

    Didn’t this game already come out? I think it is called NBA 2K1/2/3.

    • FlyBoy

      lol man im getting live fuk that

    • Jr

      Lmao yet people constantly bash the other company. WAKE UP PEOPLE. 2K IS NOT AS PERFECT AS YOU WITH THEY WERE

  • Ricky

    Yeah, the audio is very poor. Nice that they got some of the names but their generic “his team” “the team really” is very lacking. I’ve been to Euroleague and European Basketball games and since they are usually played in smaller arenas (10,000 seaters) you have a more intimate but also intimidating atmosphere. This is pretty cheesy. Also, that trailer they released where they try to make the Euroleague feel more urban than “continental” was also pretty comical.

    Hopefully, this is just year one of a long-term thing that gets better each year.

    Also, where’s the Gen 4 footage, 2K? We want to see this game on PS4/XBOne!

  • supremexb

    it would be cool if it were part of my career.

  • guest

    same old, same old.

  • spajk75

    Are the players made up guys are actual players in the Euroleague?

  • word_is_bond

    Looks like the same old stuff from 2k. Is EA making a bball game this year??? Tired of this 2k bull

  • Dubnation

    damn this looks similar to 2k13, no wonder they change up the controls every year so we think the game feels fresh and new. I did see some slight improvements but I get the feeling 2k could be getting complacent and lazy with all the success they’ve had in recent years.

  • FlyBoy

    this cant be next gen 2k14….this the same fucking game…fuck that shit im just buying live 14

    • hubkap

      sounds like a personal problem

      • FlyBoy

        sounds like you have a personal opinion

  • ackk

    2k is lazy. this shouldnt surprise anyone

    • FlyBoy

      man i hope both are good and im a live fan…i just like the fact of having 2 basketball games im not gonna shoot it down until i play it but i hope this is not 2k14

  • daley7199

    Let me put this way. If this video was put on you tube with no identifying remarks, you wouldn’t know what 2k game this was. So basically you are just playing another 2k13 game or 12 or 11. That is not necessarily a bad thing if you don’t mind paying for minimal improvements and a fresh roster update. At this point Live is the better option. What ever EA puts out, which is looking quite promising at the moment, it will be new and fresh and that my friends is always better then playing a stale franchise that continues to look and play the same year in and year out. Seriously, how you rant on Madden every year then in the same breath sing the praises of 2k. They are one in the same.

    • hubkap

      how can u say live is better, the last NBA game EA did was trash

  • Joe

    Think I’ll wait for the next gen version. This looks the same as 13.

  • Joe

    I just don’t get some of you guys! Of course it looks the same as last year’s because it’s still BASKETBALL! What do you guys want? 2K always makes the subtle changes that improve the gameplay and you sometimes don’t always notice until you play the game. A real Miami Heat game played on TV this season will look the same as them playing on TV last season right? I did notice a couple of things in these videos that shows improvement even though they’re subtle changes. I just don’t get what you guys are looking for.

    • Khadeem

      last years game was essentially a beta…jumpshots releases were broken…signature skills were broken…block shots were broken…online association and regular association were broken..the game had eurostep jumpshots…1-3-1 glitches…plays that were unstoppable…n all these complaints are of the top of my head…anyone that 2k13 was a good “simulation” basketball game is a fool or has 2ks u know what up their up know where

      • Greg

        So if everything was so “broken” why did it receive such high scores ratings wise? Why was it one of the top Sports games of the year? Maybe it’s your ability to play the game that’s “broken.”

        • Khadeem

          ratings are essentially bought now of days…be serious dude…n im pretty sure that ill shit on you in the game

          • Greg

            I doubt that. You’ll end up shitting on yourself bro. You obviously suck at the game then blame it on everything being “broken.” LOL!

          • Khadeem

            dude r u serious send me a message when u want to play..smh..gamertag wynterman91

    • Keith.

      There’s a lot of EA plants that post here, more so now that it appears EA may actually release a game this year. Some of the guys are easy to spot if you look at their post history.

    • Scott H.

      I agree, It’s 5 ON 5 BASKETBALL so of course it’s going to look similar but I too notice a few things that are different from last year’s game. and like you said, that’s always been how 2K does it. They really don’t make any mind blowing changes to the gameplay and why should they? It’s already solid and they do improve on it every year. Just go back and look at NBA 2K6 (the 1st year NBA 2K was one the XBOX and PS3 systems) up until now and tell me that they haven’t improved the gameplay every year. The gameplay will be even better on the PS4 and XBOX One because those systems will have much more power.

      And before anyone accuses me of being a 2K fanboy, I actually like NBA Live as well, and I’m glad that they are coming back this year with what looks to be a solid game so far from what I’ve seen. I’m a BASKETBALL fan so i’m rooting for BOTH games to be great because we, the gamers all win when you can have 2 great basketball games out there to choose from. I think that’s why Madden is suffering and becoming stale, because it has no competition, no one to push them to do better. Instead of all the bickering about which B-ball game is better, let’s celebrate the fact that we have TWO B-ball games coming out this year. It’s a win-win situation for us fans!

  • How is it that NBA 2k’s commentary continues to be so much better than the Madden commentary we have had for the last 25 years? Even announcing european teams like this – there is no comparison between the commentary of 2k’s games and EA’s.

    • Keith.

      Tiburon = no talent.

  • Greg

    This is 360 and Ps3 gameplay duh. They haven’t showed next gen gameplay yet

  • Mark Wilson

    This is just a fact of 2K scrambling to get as may licences as possible before EA can get them. Not a game breaker for me, but this is just shit, lazy shit.

  • I’m ready to give Live 14 a try… 2K is solid, but it’s just grown really stale. I’m usually done playing it by December.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Didnt expect it visually to look much different than 2K13. What Im dissapointed in, seeing gameplays vids, the Euroleague teams are clearly a gimmick they slapped on. As I said when it was first announced, inclusion of those teams would only be relevant if 2K captured the vast differences in European basketball play style and the atmosphere. From what I see here, they’ve done neither and just added what any fan could’ve, from the upload team share in 2K13..

  • Deeeeznuts

    LOL where the 2k fan boys at…same shit different cover….