Levi’s Stadium Appears in Madden NFL 25

Posted August 22nd, 2013 at 3:00 pm


The surprise opening of Levi’s Stadium for the San Francisco 49ers is made upon reaching year two in Madden NFL 25’s Connected Franchise mode. 

There had been no mention of the stadium being included and no anticipation that it would be considering the 49ers won’t move into it until next season. The stadium is only found in Connected Franchise starting with the 2014 season. It isn’t available to use in Play Now games offline or online or any other mode.

It appears no other future stadiums made it in however. Mention is made of the Vikings moving out of Mall of America Field in the in-game Twitter feed but they continue to play there at least through the 2016 season and are prompted for renovations or relocation.

Of course building new stadiums and relocating teams is a big part of the new Owner mode in Madden NFL 25. Look for a huge write-up on Connected Franchise Friday morning.

  • joshtt

    wow never wouldve guessed ea would do this. pretty cool

  • Chiryder

    What about the new Falcons monstrosity?!

  • MCjedi1

    Pasta, is early release available for the PS3 yet

    • I believe it goes live at 1PM ET/10AM PT tomorrow.

      • MCjedi1

        I thought it was 3 days before release?

        • Henry

          It starts on friday. Always has. That is 3 days before release.

          • MCJedi1

            You’re right, I’m in work week mode, Monday through Friday, didn’t count the weekend!

        • bellro

          Game releases Tuesday. So actually you get more like 4 days by it coming out Friday morning

  • Henry

    Falcons fan here so screw the 49ers first and foremost lol. But I must admit, this is a shocker. Cool

    • AJ

      There isn’t a rivalry between the 49ers and Falcons. I guess you’re just sore about losing to the 49ers, which you really need to get over.

      • Tim Bliss

        I guess you don’t remember that they used to play in the same division and have played some really good games over the years.

      • Henry

        Check your history buddy. And assuming that I’m sore over a loss after I clearly typed lol indicating that I was joking is pretty ignorant on your behalf.

  • Ray D

    Very happy to have Levi’s Stadium in this year’s Madden. Gonna be fun to play in.

  • whatsuppasta!

    it looks like were the browns play…i prefer something massive like were the redskins play but still cool looking

    • AJ

      The stadium is so early in production, that you can’t really see what the stadium will look like. I don’t think this is close to what it’ll look like. You’ll feel that way too if you see the diagram of what it’s supposed to look like. When it’s completely built, it’ll be the best stadium in the NFL, just like AT&T Park is the best stadium in MLB.

      • Tim Bliss

        The stadium doesn’t look as cool as the other new stadiums that have been built. It actually looks pretty basic looking at the diagrams of it.

        • fantasyboi

          SF doesnt need to wow their fans with how the outside of the stadium looks to bring them in….SF has the best fans their r….obviously Minnesota and these other teams gotta blow up their stadiums to bring in fans….SF is just CLASSY….

      • AmazinsCowboys

        guessing you’re a SF fan?

  • fantasyboi

    this is def gonna make my decision on who to be a lot tougher, but glad this is in here considering this might be the last madden i ever own with the death of NCAA/College football

  • Keith.

    I’ve always hated how players in Madden all stand around in 1 or 2 different stances pre-snap like they’re robots or something. After 25 years making the game, you’d think somebody down in Orlando would say, “how about we give these guys some individuality out there.”

    • lp81

      I’ve always hated how people come into a Madden thread and jack it all to hell, going on about crap that isn’t even related to the article. After months of bashing the game, you’d think you could just say, “you know, maybe the game isn’t great, but here’s at least something positive they’re trying to do.”

      I’m mean, seriously man, we get it, you hate Madden and you hate EA, but for crying out loud, here’s at least something new and interesting they’ve added to the game, and all you can do is come in here and bitch about something that’s not even related to the article.

      • Keith.

        “Isn’t related to the article”?

        Did you miss the screen shot that’s posted with the article? How about the video? Both show the players snapped into the exact same pre-play stance that’s appeared in Madden for years.

        Just because you like to accept less from Tiburon doesn’t mean the rest of us should.

        • fantasyboi

          hey John Kruk…stick to baseball

    • Casor_Greener

      Is that John Kruk as your avi?

      • Keith.

        No, but I’ve heard that before. I met him once back in the 90s when he was playing with the Phils, and we both did a double-take.

  • bcbbc2202

    I’m skipping madden this year. Could anybody tell me if the roster update for madden 13 is coming out and when? Is it tuesday?

  • Lachy

    I’d love to see them put the new Vikings’ stadium in after the first few seasons

    • likejRod29

      Can someone please please tell me in owner mode will they allows the CPU vs CPU to play each other just in case I don’t feel playing all tha game. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT?

      • FryBreadisGood


        -Dean Ambrose