Madden NFL 25 Complete Initial Impressions

Posted August 23rd, 2013 at 9:59 am


Madden NFL 25 is one of the most difficult to evaluate sports games in recent memory. It carries with it considerable value thanks to a deep feature set, distinct improvements to gameplay, and appreciable fun factor. For every positive though there seems to be something dragging it down from potential excellence. Features aren’t completely fleshed out, gameplay looks and feels chaotic, and legacy issues remain unaddressed.

Make sure to check out the detailed walkthrough of Connected Franchise with Owner mode in focus also posted today. Look for the final Hits and Misses review late next week. Continue on for thoughts on Madden NFL 25’s gameplay, presentation, and modes.


Skills Trainer
Similar to NCAA Football 14 the Skills Trainer provides an opportunity to learn, improve, and refine play in very specific areas. It does a good job of teaching things like the option as well as aspects like hot routes and audibles which novices may need explanations on. There are also Ultimate Team bonuses given for getting “Gold” in each of the individual drills.

On the flip side it has the same faults as NCAA. Things that are out of the control of the user can screw up success. It gets frustrating going for the “Gold” and missing out because a receiver drops a pass or a defender sacks a QB when you needed to get an interception.

The Skills Trainer was personally approached with the hope of learning the new “Precision Modifier”. Getting to test out the timing and various functions is the valuable thing here. What the Trainer didn’t do was explain what “in range” actually means or go beyond just a handful of moves when there are 30 something combos possible.

Madden Share
Madden Share is something that will become valuable as users get the game and start uploading their own personal content. During the evaluation period there were some files there to download but they may have just been tests from other users so it didn’t make sense to spend time pulling any down not knowing whether they would make for quality useful content.


Files that can be uploaded/downloaded through Madden Share are rosters, playbooks, and slider sets. Video highlights can also be uploaded to the EA website.

Any roster set can be used to start a Connected Franchise including the user-edited ones obtained through Madden Share. Custom Playbooks can also be taken into CF.

Connected Franchise
This is obviously the big one – especially with the return of Owner mode – so make sure to read through the extensive write-up from today on it. One thing to note is that since EA did not announce franchises being transferable from 360/PS3 to Xbox One/PS4 it’s extremely unlikely that will come to fruition. They would have used it as a marketing bullet by now.

Ultimate Team and Online Play
Without many users to face online it would be inappropriate to judge Ultimate Team (which brings in the fun Seasons concept) or online play performance in general. Look for separate impressions articles on these areas in the coming days and summaries in the Hits and Misses review.


Many of the enhancements apparent in Madden NFL 25 were first introduced in NCAA Football 14. The two series share a gameplay development team which means Infinity Engine 2.0, work done to the offensive line, enhanced player control, and much more are found in both. It might be the more wide-open gameplay or the lesser talent on the field but NCAA 14 plays a much cleaner game than Madden 25.

Sloppy is the best way to describe Madden’s gameplay this year. It feels that way when playing it and it looks that way when watching it. There are glimpses of good things – there’s no doubt about that and it can still be fun to play – but overall it’s hard not to walk away and say it’s a mess despite that.

The Infinity Engine seems to have been downgraded not enhanced. There is a distinct lack of tackles appearing organic (or any impact between players or gang tackles) and instead you get an overload of frantic collisions and guys knocking into and off one another plus bizarre looking pileups. Everything is much stiffer than last year and even what was played back at E3.


CPU QB’s are competent if not unrealistically so. Other than one or two boneheaded throws each game – even the highest rated QBs will do that – they march their teams up and down the field fairly consistently. Completion percentages in the demo were ridiculously high. They haven’t been as bad in the final version of the game. Lower rated QBs might even struggle at times though that usually isn’t for the entire game. The one time that happened was holding Brandon Weeden to under 50%. Most other games are around 70% or higher even from guys like Mark Sanchez.

There are a few reasons this seems to be the case. Few throws will hit the ground. They’ll more likely be jarred loose in a hit or intercepted. QBs are generally accurate and they find receivers in big space pretty often. Whether poor zone or man coverage is to blame is difficult to determine.

The pass rush is also inconsistent. Most sacks aren’t due to immediate pressure but end up as coverage sacks. In my franchise I had some success controlling Cameron Wake and forcing off-target throws. The user shouldn’t be forced to play the D-line (and not everyone has a Wake) in order to get pressure on the QB.

CPU running backs can threaten and they tore me up a few times in my franchise season, but that becomes an afterthought to trying to find a way to stop the QB. Heavy blitzing may be needed to push the CPU into third and long situations where their success level dramatically drops. Third and short or mid they probably convert over 75% of the time when the actual NFL average on third downs is around 39%. CPU punters are still idiots and kick it into the end zone at every opportunity. The CPU kickers only missed one field goal against me the entire season (short and off the bar rather than wide).


The “Precision Modifier” is going to have its share of supporters and detractors. On one side it adds more dynamic and exciting events. On the other it doesn’t balance out well in terms of risk and in some cases, with the right players and the right timing, can almost be unstoppable. I’m personally not a fan of it in concept or execution.

It’s interesting EA made this an option because there is very little reason not to just hold down the left trigger at all times when running forward. In my franchise season there were two fumbles noted while using the modifier with a back or receiver out of 14 total on the season. Of course there were more instances where contact took place without the modifier activated than with it, but that still goes to show there is very little or no correlation to turnovers and using the modifier.

Going up against a shifty player in open space controlled by someone who has the modifier down will undoubtedly be frustrating. Even power guys, when they stiff arm, end up dragging the defender sometimes 10 yards down the field in that animation. There was also an instance where Darren Sproles stiff-armed a linebacker to the ground.

The CPU will use some modifier moves though somewhat infrequently. The over and over spinning seen in the demo definitely wasn’t present in any of the games played with the final version. What they will do is awkwardly throw out stiff-arms when no one is even in range.

The read-option is a lot of fun to utilize and is represented well in Madden. While some thought it was too easy in NCAA Football this year there is more balance found in Madden considering the talent of the defenders, the rate of fumbles being higher, and the always looming risk of injury. A fragile quarterback is not going to be able to take hits during a game and survive it. There were also instances where the QB would make the right read and still get crushed by a defender who identified it. The CPU only used it a few times with Cam Newton and Geno Smith running it sparsely in my franchise season.

The one play I may start removing from my playbook: HB Draws. It seems as though the offensive line frequently gets pushed so far back that the runner has no where to go once the ball is handed off. The one I’ll be using more frequently: WR Screens. Against a soft defense getting the ball in open space to a quick and agile target can result in big plays.

As was the case with the demo there are issues with catch attempts at the sidelines. Quite often a receiver won’t make a concerted effort to get their feet down when they seemingly have plenty of space to do so. Even top rated receivers don’t always complete the catch in bounds.

Deep shots downfield can also be troublesome. This is where most of the INTs came off the CPU and in pass breakups by the CPU. In one-on-one coverage on a leading-lob pass the ball rarely gets over the top. User picks are easy to make on those attempts. Even with a step on the defender the ball usually ends up short and incomplete or picked off.


Those looking for more penalties will still not be satisfied. My team committed 12 over the 17 games played in the season. A few of them were self-inflicted (defensive offsides, false starts, late hits on QB) and the others were some for clipping, a few personal fouls for late hits on the sideline, one facemask, and one offensive pass interference that was called on my left guard.

The Hit Stick finally has some use again as big hits do force some fumbles. Holding the stick down also activates “Heat Seeker Tackling” which acts somewhat as a magnet when in range but if out of range results in a big whiff.

I went into injuries at length in the franchise write-up. There are lots of them, which doesn’t make it unrealistic, but the same players seem to get hit with them over and over and its usually key contributors.

In fourth and short situations coming out in goal line the CPU does not match unless near the goal line. That makes sneaks essentially automatic. The only thing to worry about would be the QB getting injured.

The booth will automatically review a close touchdown as they should, but never review close turnovers and the user isn’t even given the option of manually challenging them. This was something mentioned last year as an issue that apparently didn’t make it onto the radar to get fixed. This omission upsets me.

There are five camera angles including “Legacy” which is the standard one from recent years. Considering how many expressed hatred towards the new standard camera angle that was locked in for the demo it’s important to note that.


Like everything else in Madden NFL 25 presentation has its ups and downs. There are only a few different game openings, personalized celebrations look alright but they’re done within awkward cut scenes, the halftime show isn’t a halftime show, the lack of ties during games to league events dampen interest in Franchise mode, and commentary hasn’t taken a big jump. The intro videos for primetime or playoff games in Franchise mode though are pretty cool.

Commentary is steady but it’s surprising how little has been added or old lines thinned out. If I have to hear Phil Simms criticize a QB for checking down again, the one where he says it’s just the QB worried about stats, my head might explode. In general for year two in the booth there is still too much left unspecified in their calls. “What a win for that one team” is literally something that was said after a game.

Danielle Bellini is the new sideline reporter and fits in well but most of what she has to report is very generic and often leaves out identifying the team or player names. Where she’s most valuable is reporting on injuries at different points in the game. Unfortunately even with those she’s stuck saying something about how the team wouldn’t tell her what was wrong with the player. “The team wouldn’t say.” So then what’s the point?


The touchdown and sack celebrations look good upon first viewing. The more they’re seen though the more looks wrong with them. Players will show up out of no where to celebrate, it’ll happen in spots where the play hadn’t ended, the camera view may be blocked by other players, or it’s noticed that there are no other people actually on the field. What’s worse though is how players just stop and stand there after crossing the goal line or catching a pass for a score before a celebration or replay kicks in.

Auto-replays also have issues with individuals being lingered on from a single camera for too long. In some cases players run towards the camera and end up out of frame as they approach it. The graphics, while still largely excellent, seem far more muddied and flat (the lighting in particular) than recent years.

Rain and snow thin the crowd out to about 60% of capacity. Even in franchise for the Super Bowl fans apparently won’t show up due to bad weather. Outside of a few team specific crowd chants or PA sounds the atmosphere in games is uniform from stadium to stadium. Hopefully with the “Living Worlds” part of the next-gen Ignite Engine they’ll get some definition to the unique experiences that each fan base and stadium delivers. It should also be noted that the crowd still reacts improperly to the results of challenges. They’ll boo a favorable result.

The post-game “Never Say Never Moment of the Game” is almost always a let down. Generally the play of the game is identified as a field goal that didn’t actually determine the outcome. Or even worse an extra point.


♦The wind indicator is reversed. How this seems to happen year after year is beyond me. It can even be seen in how the rain or snow is being pushed one direction and the indicator pointing the opposite way. Keep that in mind with any kicks and adjust accordingly.

♦Another release that doesn’t include surprise onside kicks.

♦Game results can be shared on Facebook but the share to Twitter functionality is gone.

♦There is still no screenshot feature included. The next-gen systems will have that built in.

♦If a team is running out the clock when kneeling and the opponent has no timeouts can we get a chew clock option for that in the future please?



Madden NFL 25 feels like a 10 week bridge to next-gen rather than hitting a pinnacle in the way the series did late in the PS2/Xbox generation. It may satisfy many – there certainly are improvements over last year both on the field and off despite the gripes that will be had – but there will sadly be no Madden reaching “classic” status during the 360 and PS3 generation.

  • Stanimal032

    “For every positive though there seems to be something dragging it down from potential excellence.”

    Sounds like a mess and sounds just like NCAA 14. The EA football games are so unpolished it’s ridiculous. For every good thing, there’s 10 bad things. Sounds like this will be a bargain bin purchase for me.

    • Ben

      Sounds like every madden interaction of this generation

  • Scott

    I’m disappointed with Madden every year, yet I continue to buy it every year……ugh…. I wish EA had some competition in making an NFL game again, so they would actually TRY to make a fantastic game.

    • Iown You

      They try, they just suck at it.

  • Scott H.

    Madden has been stale for the last 4 or 5 years. When there is no competition to push you, this is what happens. I’ll pass on it again like I do every year.

    • Keith.

      The gaming media and Game Changers should also get some blame. 9 years and nobody ever called them out on basic things that are fundamental to football, like realistic penalties, ball physics, QB off-line throws, in-game saves, custom camera angles, disappearing players, etc., just so they could continue sucking on EA’s tit.

      • Squirtle Squad LEADER

        What good would Gamechangers calling them out on those issues do when the majority of the customer base generally doesn’t care?
        For example, there’s a reason penalties in sports games in general are toned down – casual players REALLY don’t want to see them. I played my cousin in 2k13 recently and pitched the idea of playing with more realistic settings/sliders, including fouls. He agreed, but after a while of the typical reaching/shot fouls you’d see in a real game, he basically got annoyed, saying something along the lines of “Yeah, it’s more realistic, but I’m just trying to play the game”.
        I think the Gamechangers would have better success pitching a true simulation slider set in ADDITION to getting penalties to actually work (to clarify, I don’t disagree).
        I also agree with the ball stuff, especially passing. Part of the reason passes aren’t overthrown is because the QBs are too similar accuracy-wise; it would be better if ball placement was determined by a radius of where the ball could go (if that makes sense). For example, while Brady and Manning would have really small radiuses (basically the ball is right on the money) on shorter throws, a guy like Tim Tebow would have a MUCH wider radius, where you wouldn’t know where it would go, be it in the dirt, sailed over the WRs head, and anywhere in between.
        And as far as I know, EA had already announced that the first patch would fix the disappearing players issue.

  • Tazdevil20

    To be honest, the 3 reviews I’ve read out there (not including Pasta’s impressions) have basically questioned the talent of the development team. I guess no matter how buddy, buddy you get with the press, when your game has been this bad for so long, you can’t totally escape finally being called out. Maybe this will be a wake up call for executives. So many fans have given up on football that I would expect this year’s sales to be WAY down – especially given the fact that next gen is right around the corner. It’s not a terrible game, but it’s nothing close to what the other sports have. I even played the NHL 14 demo and couldn’t believe how much more polished it is than Madden. They even have several game settings like casual, simulation and hardcore simulation. How is it that Madden doesn’t have this? It’s truly amazing how lacking it really is. 🙁

    • Keith.

      Peter Moore admitted pre-sales were down during EA’s last investor conference call, but of course he went on to blame it on the console transition (notwithstanding NBA2k’s sales going up last year) rather than point the finger squarely where it belongs, at the talent-less hacks at Tiburon.

    • Brian

      Madden may have been the first with different modes. I forgot when the last year was, but I remember an arcade mode giving players crazy jumping abilities and what not. Then there was casual and sim. Anybody remember that??? Arcade has crazy rubberband logic so no one was ever really out of it.

  • Keith.

    Guess it probably goes without saying, but still no in-game saves again? 9 stupid years and they never could figure it out. SMH

    I’ll also never know how they’ve convinced a lot of people that “physics” were were ever added to this series. I’ve played the demo and seen enough retail release videos to know that any talk of real physics is complete BS.

    • At least we’ll essentially get that for all games thanks to the PS4 suspend mode. Hopefully Xbox One has something similar.

      • T.j. Leach

        The problem then is that if I turned on my system and wanted to play a different game I’d lose that progress. MLB: The Show has had in-game saves for years.

    • Guest

      Honestly Keith. I was playing NCAA and the speed back from FSU, Freeman, trucked Stephon Tuitt from Notre Dame. You know 6’6 322 pound, likely top ten pick in next year’s draft, Stephon Tuitt. How can a physics based engine think this little scat back can truck this physical freak of nature?

  • mikemck09

    lol… Why wasn’t my comment approved? Or did I do something to delete it? Whatever…

  • Yeah, shifting “visions” and executives making decisions that weren’t in the best interest of the series but rather what they thought would sell more.

    • Iown You

      Yeah, when you see the marketing director in the promo videos you know you’ve got a problem. I know he hasn’t been in them for a few seasons now, but his presence in 09, 10, and 11 lends a lot of credence to the accusation that marketing basically runs the direction of the whole place.

      Football can’t be heavily influenced by marketing or you’ll get a “whoa, cool dude!” mentality seeping into the game rather than a sim mentality, because marketing is all about trying to find angles to maximize sales & sales potential. Remove everything else and just look at the ridiculous close-up replays in EA’s Football games; trying to create a wow factor is the only reason you’d do something so goofy. Ironically, having replays that actually look authentic would be worth a “wow!” considering how far removed their games are from that.

      I just hate how one of my most favorite past times has been destroyed. Well, at least there’s still hot chicks and good pizza.

      • Rick

        I hear you… Its a shame because my ps2 days were spent playing madden every day after HS baseball practice and even into college.. i remember getting excited for the following years versions.. now looking back on things i can’t believe how far madden has digressed given the power of the 360 and ps3 i would’ve sowre this gen would have been a total hit…. now with the new wave of consoles i suppose we are going to get further away from the glory days… although my old roommate did make a point, the ps2 / XB days weren’t as realistic as they are now, they just played with in realm of simple updates to a good foundation.. i mean i just played madden 09.. which i believe has McNab on the cover.. and it played quite well it was perfect for its time..

  • Ryan

    So is there hope that some of these issues aren’t in the next gen games?

  • Jeast

    Thanks for the honest review Pasta! This is going to be a tough year for me. I won’t pick up Madden for the first time since many years… It is enough.

  • GKage

    “The booth will automatically review a close touchdown as they should,
    but never review close turnovers and the user isn’t even given the
    option of manually challenging them.”

    Wow you still cant challenge what you want to challenge? Come on now. The challenge system in 2k5 was almost perfect with the amount of things you could challenge. Why havent they just copied that :/

    • Well in the NFL a coach can’t challenge a TD or turnover because they are automatically reviewed in the booth. So the real problem there is that they aren’t be auto-reviewed frequently enough or at all. However if that’s not going to work they should at least let people choose to challenge.

  • Brinden McGowan

    was it just me or in the demo when you do the read option the DE always stays home ( never commits to the running back). i hand it off each time for at least ten yards.

    • In my time playing I saw the DE go with the RB far more than the QB.

    • Henry

      The DE always takes the running back out with me. Sometimes he will go after the QB but most of the time its the RB

  • Brinden McGowan

    is connected franchise the same as the old franchise mode where i can control a team and not just one player like last yr.

  • Fr8TrainShane

    My question is do you really believe the next gen game will be put together well? M25 was designed for current gen consoles, I doubt they had an entirely different development team. It would be a huge waste of assets, to develop a game for a system noone has yet, especially after you just released the game to the majority of the consumers 2 months prior.

    imo, i think the M25 for PS4 is going to be a square put into a round hold. Kind of like taking a normal moving and converting it to 3D…sure it has some features, but its buggy a more of a let down.

    Next year’s next gen game though… out.

    • jz

      There has not been one good Madden game on 360 and ps3 but look out for next gen lol.

    • The Great Leon

      Look out for more crap. Don’t get your hopes up for next year. EA will never get it as long as they are the only ones that can make NFL games. They know people will buy regardless of the bugs and lack of effort.

  • The Great Leon

    I have not bought or played Madden since the Hillis cover. Shame since it use to be my favorite game. I do want to see how the PS4 one is, but I want to see reviews on it 1st. If it is the same as this and the past ones I will pass on it. I just don’t want to give money to a company not trying.

  • Jeremy

    Madden 06 in my opinion seems to have been the best Madden. PS2 at least. I think the best Madden on next gen, probably is 08. I loved the Radio announcer and the intros were just so much better. In many cases, better over all graphics too.

    • DamageDealer

      I agree with the PS2/XBOX generation pick for Madden 06 being the best. The most complete Madden to me was 2000. Stats mattered and so did the chess match of what players were on your team. The computer actually offered trades and good teams generally gave you a challenge to stop and beat them. Parity is good but NO QB should be able to get 300 yards on just a few completions.

  • Jeremy

    Of course though, just so happens that when Madden 08 came out, my starting qb was being arrested for dog fighting, so I don’t get to fully enjoy it. That said, maybe 07 was the best… lol just joking, it was too raw.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Interesting enough Pasta kicks Madden 25 in the face but will probably buy Madden 25 on PS4/Xbox one. And the Vicious cycle continues just like everyone nice going there champ but put your money where your mouth is and not buy or play Madden if you hate it so much. I take the game for what it is a EA sport NFL game and the games are way better than they were beginning this generation. They are playable. but I’m putting my money where my mouth is and not buying a PS4 or Xbox one at launch oh no MS or Sony isn’t tricking me this time.

    • Jesus

      Uh doesn’t he kind have to buy it? How can he give a review if he doesnt buy it?

      • I was going to say…it’d be difficult to cover games properly if I didn’t buy them!

  • KhalidX

    I actually like the game and think it has potential. The interceptions are a bit high. I think its not a bad game

  • AndyMP

    There are so many issues with the Madden series, I don’t know where to start. Most of the have been said by most of us anyway last year, the year before, etc. which is one of the problems. The fact that stuff just gets missed year after year – no in-game saves, no photos in replay mode like NCAA, no HOF game, problems with pre-season games that Pastapadre eluded to in his review, no half-time show, no variety in presentation, stat overlays are severely limited, etc.

    What about the stuff that was added last year that didn’t get touched again – another common and recurring theme with Madden. The presentation of the Connected Careers mode for example. There’s the Twitter stuff and that’s it… they have an ESPN deal but there’s nothing there to make you feel like ESPN is reporting on your franchise. There’s an NFL deal there but no NFL Network representation. In short it does nothing to immerse you and becomes boring very fast.

    What about the stuff that was added and then removed for no explicit reason. The pre-game intros of the players being a perfect example.

    And that’s before I even touch gameplay.

    I liked what I saw in the demo. I haven’t played NCAA for 2 years now but I did play some of Madden 13 and enjoyed it somewhat before getting bored with it again. That said, after enjoying the demo I’ve now read reviews that suggest the same problems are still there and it’s made me fundamentally re-think whether I want to purchase it on current-gen.

  • Henry

    Is there any word on the injury bug. I have to play with injuries turned off just to keep all my stars from getting hurt before halftime

  • AnotherCarsalesmen

    Take the same old car, burnin oil, leakin fluid, give it a cheap paint job, put some STP in the oil, wash the wheeles, and watch some fool pay to much for a good lookin junker. Yea, it runs, slow, with a shakey suspension , but it sold…

  • Warren20

    I’m thinking this year is going to be a skip for me. I bought last year’s version after a long layoff from the series..and based on reports such as this I see no reason for purchasing this version.

  • Huejac

    Posta I think you have lost your independence due to the pressure to be negative. The fact is a lot of these guys will not be happy until they get 2 to 3 special team touch downs per game, play action that works every time even without a run game & quarter blitz that stops every offense.
    This the best Madden ever because every high level play is more about the neck up instead of the wrist down. I love the fact that this year that you can no longer be offensive juger knot just by starting mega tron at tight end. If the Lions coach were to ever do that in real life Ford would fire him on the field after one snap. Madden is looking more and more like real football & think that is good thing.
    I also questioned your knowledge about football in general base on some of your comments in the past. For example not being able to hold any CPU QB under 90 percent completion. I played the demo with Hawks 10 times & the early release 5 times and no QB CPU or person has been above 70 percent. I to think you are not changing your coverages at all. Football played at its highest level is about strategy and adjustments. You cant just call one play on offense & defense and dominate, that is tecmo bowl not madden 25

    • BC Wendel

      I agree with your comments about Pasta. There is so much negativity about everything these days, and sometimes it feels like he’s pandering to the complainers or just giving in to the pressure. This place is no fun any more, just a wall of endless complaints.

  • Ron

    ***Wont buy it on current gen this yr…GTA V will keep my attention till next gen comes out..and if that sucks…wont buy that either. We all know madden makes copies of the previous yrs game, then markets it by adding feature they took out 2 games ago calling it a new feature…or removing something that actually worked…the game will never be complete because if they made a complete could they really improve the next yr….but you all will keep buying..cant blameEA for taking advantage of the sheep……I would!!

  • DamageDealer

    Why after all this time does this game STILL seem so generic?! I am tired of the “Madden formula” being more important than putting out a completely enjoyable Football sim. I understand big business wants to profit but wouldn’t quality bring you more dollars or simply because there is no competition do they just say “why try, they will buy…”

    This game will not be garbage but, I will not WASTE anymore money for something I will play and later realize it has too much about it that annoys me due to lack of honesty, authenticity and art truly mimicking life. Bad stuff happens in the NFL, negative things are said during broadcasts and each Sunday each game is completely organic, branching and entertaining. It does not take long for Madden to be a videogame and nothing more. It is sad, Simulation Football has the potential to fill SOOOO many videogame needs and cross so many boundaries but year after year EA covets money more than releasing a quality product despite its large fanbase and great loyalty.

    As always Pasta thank you for the forum, the solid insights and all the great info. Keep up the quality you and the crew are awesome!

  • whatsuppasta!

    again ill stick with the old school nfl blitz fifa nba 2k wayne gretzky hockey super smash.

  • Dan

    This is the first year where NCAA really kills Madden. The gameplay and player movement in NCAA are significantly better. Madden just feels too much like a video game, if that makes sense.

  • Stu

    What happened to franchise? The menus are garbage they take forever to navigate…this seams minimal but it really isn’t I love franchise mode but can’t stand that I seem to spend more time navigating menus then I do actually signing free agents trading players…. Etc, also who decided to make it so that I can only simulate one game at a time, it’s garbage I want to be able to simulate a whole season and build my team it’s franchise for a reason. It wouldn’t even be that hard to do they had the option to simulate multiple games for years and then they just scrapped it. Also I do not care who my 4th string running back is so why won’t the computer do it for me it’s justo so disappointing.. If I could update the rosters every year I would play The one with ray Lewis on the cover every year 05 I believe

  • matt

    i paid 65 dollars to get kicked out of every game i play. Thanks EA.

  • jason

    bust. it just gets more and more complicated to play too many options to do and fast harder to pass the mut is horrible they just want more money isnt it expensive enough

  • Steelman77

    actually as weird as it is, I have found with Kinnect on Xbox 360 hooked up you can yell challenge and it will, but no manual way to do without the Kinnect hooked up.

  • Steelman77

    actually as weird as it is, I have found with Kinnect on Xbox 360 hooked up you can yell challenge and it will, but no manual way to do without the Kinnect hooked up.

  • Bronco Mania 24 7

    Tired of the glitches. Just played a game online and Julio Jones caught the ball 5 yards from the sideline and somehow hopped on one foot out of bounds. 5 yards is 15 feet. Come on. There is no way he wouldn’t have set his foot down inbounds in that distance. This is the 3rd time I have had something like this happen. It really changed the game too.

    I’m also pissed that you don’t get as many coins in UT when your opponent quits. It’s BS that the winner gets penalized for some douche quitting. All your players still get deducted a game but the payout is minimal. I’m 21-6 but 9 guys have quit.

  • lpw

    What disgusts me about Madden, and I so wish EA would fix this, is the defensive adjustments. Playing against a player who does the same plays over and over, running no huddle and not having time to make adjustments when you already know what the player is going to do. I should be able to shade my corners outside without tapping 16 buttons. I should be able to tell my line backers to play run left, without my entire secondary running that way, given safety’s and corners should play pass first. Also, play action shouldn’t draw my defense up when the offense isn’t effective running the ball. Good players should behave like they do on the field and act with intelligence. I still do like the game though, but I’m frustrated with how predictable simply individuals can run one or two plays a game and pile on wins because of these things.