Dynamic Living Rosters Debut With NBA 2K14

Posted September 2nd, 2013 at 1:45 pm


Post-release support as a whole has been a weakness of the NBA 2K series – so much so that EA Sports made roster updates coming out within an hour after every game ends one of the first features announced for NBA Live 14. 2K’s updates have been released inconsistently, offered limited ratings changes, and gone with many players missing completely from the game for extended periods of time. The lack of effort put into updates has been one of the most discussed areas of disappointment relating to the series.

With Dynamic Living Rosters talked about for the first time today NBA 2K14 hopes to remedy the situation by providing more frequent updates and by incorporating hot and cold streaks. The continued partnership with Stats Inc. will also play a part in the process of rating the players. No real details were given though on the feature such as how often the updates will go out or whether it will address the other issues of matching the real life rosters by adding new players and reflecting transactions made and injury status in more timely fashion.

  • Huffit

    More BS from 2k about roster updates. They promise it’ll be better every year and never is. They only announced this as a feature cause of NBA Live’s.

    • rinodino

      Which is a good thing, competition makes for a better product. The King has to stay alert, so thank goodness for NBA live

    • disqus_islOvOUUMj

      Something alot of you 2k haters dont understand is marketing because clearly 2k has outsmarted alot of you, you seem to forget tht there is a NEXTGEN game coming out as well, and if you notice nearly every article pasta has been posting about has been about the CURRENTGEN platform. Which if you look at it makes since make little to no changes to the currentgen then spend all your time working on NEXTGEN and make the nextgen great so people can get tired of the currentgen and go buy the new and improved nextgen, and everyone wants to compare what nba live is doing on NEXTGEN to what 2k is doing on currentgen like thats a fair comparison NO ONE has even heard or seen anything about nextgen 2k since the trailer at E3 so alot of those complaints really make no since

      • misterniceguy

        I know. It just doesn’t make since.


    Why can’t they address their lack of false advertising the past 2 years when they announced player model updates throughout the season?

    • CSaint1994

      Ikr Chandler Parsons looks nothing like himself same players model from 2 years ago, if they didnt change him this year thats a huge ass fail

  • Fed38

    this really doesnt sound like its anything to get excited about. i bet you roster updates suck again. theyre not even making promises about how itll be better and theyre kings of overhyping stuff that doesnt even matter.

  • jz

    Can’t trust a company who had a 2k insider do rosters for years and the 2k insider was probably fake. A company so shady they keep the roster update guy secret. NBA 2k is a great game with garbage rosters.

    I doubt the roster will change for the better.

  • Live Rules

    You don’t have to settle for empty promises 2k fanbots. There is an alternative.

  • Live Rules

    If its going to feature Hot and Cold streaks then you can bet it wont be on a daily basis. The term “streak” implies multiple games. You don’t go on a hot or cold streak after one game. Sorry 2k but you fail again, but not to worry, your lemming fan base will love you anyways but I am sure you already know this and are laughing about this just like you do when you promise better online gameplay……..LOL

  • xsong

    You guys are ridiculous, just because you don’t like their improvements over the years doesn’t mean they’re lieing or putting out false advertisement.

  • Henry

    Should have been in the game. This is what competition forces you to do. KEEP UP. Now whenever the nfl license is up, ea can do the same

  • Jackson

    This sounds like a good thing. I actually do think they will fallow through with it because why else would they pay Stats Inc. to provide them with stats if they weren’t actually going to use them to update the rosters consistently and accurately?

    • Destly

      They’ve been paying Stats Inc for data for years now. Mostly to do hot and cold spots. I doubt the stats info will do much of anything for roster updates other then that.

      • Jackson

        I didn’t realize that. They made it sound like it was a new partnership in their press conference today. Hopefully they will use it to update rosters this year and actually have all the players!

  • The Great Leon

    I sure hope they have big plans for next years game. The news so far for this has been lackluster.

  • Billy Gunn

    2k has been preaching the same song about rosters for years now. NBA live will reign supreme wn it comes to fresh updates and player accesories.

  • MoneyMayweather

    too lil too late. If NBA live 14 releases on time and is not cancelled I’m going with them Next gen.

  • tothelivechumps

    For all these people talking NBA Live nonsense…please wait until EA can put the game out before saying there’s an alternative….because EA hasn’t even put the game out the past few years because it’s pure garbage and even they were embarrassed of it.

    I’ll admit that 2k hasn’t held up on their end of some of the things that they say they’re going to…but NBA2K is still the best damn bball game out there…even when Live was around.

  • karolinakush

    the tables are slowly turning lol…#TheReturn

    • K

      …until we see actual gameplay from Live and realize we’ve seen this movie before.

      • karolinakush

        idk man its not looking good for 2k …gameplay for both on next gen should be coming in oct hopefully