What the NFL Deal With Microsoft Will Mean for the 360 and Xbox One

Posted September 3rd, 2013 at 11:45 am


One of the selling points made at the original Xbox One reveal was the massive (around $400 million over five years) deal struck between Microsoft and the NFL. Little was discussed outside of Surface tablets being used on the sidelines of games, advertising elsewhere in stadiums, and Fantasy Football integration to be available on the One and 360. Today further details were revealed on what to expect going forward. 

NFL Sunday Ticket won’t be available on any console this year so that isn’t in play here. The content being provided instead will come directly from the NFL Network and NFL RedZone feeds and NFL.com for scores, stats, and highlights. Of course, like the WatchESPN app, in order to access NFL Network and NFL RedZone subscriptions to them already through cable providers will be required. Xbox Live Gold is required to access any NFL or ESPN content.

So at least initially the NFL deal really won’t mean much in selling the Xbox One even to sports fans. What is being offered is fairly inconsequential – NFL Network and RedZone must be had already in order to watch them through the console. NFL.com Fantasy is far behind Yahoo and ESPN in users, seasons will be nearing the playoffs by the time the console releases, and people are completely comfortable using phones, tablets, and PCs for everything fantasy related. The fantasy app is available now on the Xbox 360, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.

The NFL on Xbox One. Only Xbox One delivers the best of the NFL personalized for you, in a way that will completely reimagine your football experience. It will bring live games and your fantasy team together on the best screen in the house – your TV.

♦A personalized destination. Tailor your experience for your team from the best content the NFL has to offer, including NFL.com, NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

♦NFL.com Fantasy Football. Xbox is the best place to track your NFL.com Fantasy Football team, and Xbox One delivers an integrated experience so you are up to date on all the analysis, highlights, news, stats, scores and standings.

♦A new way to experience live TV. Xbox One reimagines the way you experience live TV. With the Snap feature, you can watch live games and track your fantasy team, or the latest scores and stats, at the same time.

♦Connected. Sports are best when fan-to-fan heckling can commence. The NFL on Xbox One will connect fans through Skype, curated Twitter feeds and NFL.com Fantasy Football, ensuring that no win or loss is left unmentioned.

ESPN on Xbox One. ESPN on Xbox One curates the best ESPN content just for you.

♦Favorites. Deeper personalization with your ESPN.com account means you can customize your ESPN experience to the teams and sports you care about most.

♦Scores. Personalized scores and stats work with Snap or full-screen mode.

NFL.com Fantasy Football on Xbox 360. When the NFL season kicks off on Sept. 5, Xbox 360 will be there to offer a new way to track your NFL.com Fantasy Football team and league – on your TV. A destination awaits that is easy to access, is personalized with the fantasy scores and updates you need, and brings the best of the NFL’s fantasy analysis and highlights right to the best screen in your house.

♦Your fantasy highlights. We know your NFL.com Fantasy Football team is serious business, and to perform your best the analysis and news has to be intuitive and easy to find. Xbox 360 brings together the highlights and analysis for your NFL.com Fantasy Football team into one, easy-to-access place – your TV – to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

♦Fantasy league tracking. The Xbox 360 app provides real-time fantasy stats, scores, matchup updates and league standings for up to six of your NFL.com fantasy leagues.

  • Francesco Cugusi

    will all of those feautres be available in Italy / europe?

  • denny

    lol at the people who acted like the nfl stuff was going to matter. not missing out on anything by going ps4.

    • kenmid

      it matter to me being a sports guy and having multiple fantasy league.

      • smsixx

        Don’t have a fantasy sport app on your smartphone?
        Do you really need to set your lineups on your 50 inch TV? give me a break.

        • Kenneth Garmon

          I don’t need to setup my lines, but if i’m watching football already it nice have all my players pop-up on the screen with up to date stats.

  • KC maltono

    So basically I can play fantasy football on the Xbox? No thanks.

  • MCjedi1

    “Sunday Ticket won’t be available on any console this year so that isn’t in play here” Does this include the playstation network to?

  • Keith.

    Kotaku’s also got an article up about this today, and from what I can tell, it doesn’t sound like anything special at all.


  • The Coked Frog

    All of this is inconsequential fluff. Wake me up when Sunday Ticket is available in HD for the Xbox One.

  • Check84

    Again…something that the PS4 fans are saying “Doesn’t Matter” – But yet again, it’s something PS4 doesn’t have…All these features that “don’t matter” are still nice to have in certain instances. I’d rather be able to access them if and when I want, than not be able to access them at all. *Shrug* – Just my opinion.

    • king

      you do know you can do all that on your phone.i was so happy they had a deal with nfl. no sunday ticket even ps3 had that

    • smsixx

      That’s because Playstation prides itself on BEING A VIDEO GAME CONSOLE FIRST…before all the other fluff.
      At the end of the day…these are both video game consoles. I have multiple devices such as my cable box, computer, smart phone, etc…That already give me everything XBOX is offering here.
      At the end of the day its about the gaming…Xbox does not seem to confident in marketing gaming against Playstation…rather you see them offer all of this unrelated crap which is already available to any Joe with a halfway decent job and a roof over his head.

      • Kenneth Garmon

        And Xbox One has the best games so far.. And it does all the extra stuff too that’s why its better value.

  • Philosophy

    Sony produces the best consoles, if I want Microsoft and its features I use a PC. Simple as that.

  • king

    so they spent 400 million on something i can do on my phone and tv?

  • jmo

    I think this is pretty cool, I don’t have cable but can use a friends logins and watch football on my tv if im hungover on a sunday and not have to venture out into the big bad world. I’m probably in the minority, so I don’t see what they actually paid for besides advertising, but def cool for me.

  • clubsteve


  • MeanonSunday

    So, basically they just cock-blocked Sony on Sunday Ticket but couldn’t even be bothered to get it working for this season.

    • No, actually DirecTV no longer kept the deal with Sony to have Sunday Ticket on there. Doesnt’ have anything to do with Microsoft. The Sunday Ticket agreement between DTV and NFL is expiring after this season. Google is rumored to be looking at picking it up.

  • Jordan

    Will redzone be available on 360? Or just One?

    • The 360 only gets the fantasy football app.

      • Jordan

        But I did find redzone on my Time Warner app!!! Thanks papi

  • Adam Lathrom

    I think it sucks that it’s limited to NFL.com fantasy leagues.