Top Rated Players in FIFA 14

Posted September 4th, 2013 at 1:15 pm


EA Sports today released a listing of the top 50 rated players in FIFA 14 which encompasses those rated 85 and higher. Leading the way to no one’s surprise is cover athlete Lionel Messi at 94 overall. Following closely behind are Cristiano Ronaldo (92), Franck Ribéry (90), Falcao (90), and four tied at 89. Check out the full blog which includes the image breakdowns of some specific attribute ratings for all 50 players and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • FightingNYGIrish

    A view glaring mistakes that should be obvious

    For example: Hazard was 85 last season largely unproven playing in France but had the accolades, skills, and potential to do big things. He is named to the PL’s Team of the year… and stays at an 85?

    But for the most part they are definitely accurate overall wise. Individual skill ratings shall be another discussion upon release.

    • brian

      While during the first half of the season was magical for Hazard, his performance later on was almost pedestrian.

      • FightingNYGIrish

        You literally have that completely backwards. I’m assuming you don’t watch Chelsea all that much.

  • Los Guttierrez

    Neymar isn’t even top 50?! Unreal!

    • brian

      Yes, he has enormous potential but, he still isnt elite. The only time he has been good against real competition was during g the confed cup. And it is to hard to tell if that was the way Brazil used him or it was his legitimate skill.

      • mikemck09

        Don’t know why you received a negative vote for your comment lol… It is the truth, Neymar needs to prove himself by playing against elite defenders in La Liga… He hasn’t seen any sort of competition in the Brazilian League compared to what he will see now… If he dominates, then he will surely get a huge rating increase…

    • HV

      From 36 to 50 they’re all 85, probably there are more with the same overall below the top 50. Last year Neymar was in the PES cover with CR7, maybe they don’t want to promote him.

  • HV

    Messi should be 98, Ronaldo 96 and the third best player would stay at 90. Ribéry was in a team that made a great season, but when you look at the individual performances of the past four or five years, there is a huge difference between the first two and everybody else. If LeBron is a 99, Messi is around the same level in soccer, being discussed as one of the best ever. And Cristiano Ronaldo is the only one who enters that discussion with him.

  • Pedro M. Lima

    Wow no Balotelli? No Neymar?