NBA Live 14 Gets Release Date; Will Miss PS4 Launch By Four Days

Posted September 16th, 2013 at 1:45 pm


EA Sports today announced that NBA Live 14 will release for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 19. That means it will be out in advance of the One but four days late for the PS4.

Missing the PS4 launch by four days is actually a bigger deal than it might seem on the surface. With NBA 2K14 out there on day one, EA will unquestionably miss out on some potential sales from those looking to grab games along with the console. There no longer will be the decision to be made between the two basketball games which will be present for Xbox One buyers.

While the partnership between Microsoft and EA affects some exclusive content (like the legends in FIFA’s Ultimate Team) it did not alter the release schedule for Madden and FIFA. Those two titlesĀ release on November 12 for PS4.

It’s to EA’s benefit to push consumer dollars next-gen so heavy promotion of the game in these two weeks leading up to the current-gen release of NBA 2K14 should be expected. A trailer is said to be coming later this week.

  • Sandy

    Where did you get this info? Did they announce it on their Twitter Feed, Facebook, Press Release? Was there any other information given? I’d love to see if they announced anything else. Please source so we know where you got this information,


      You know there are other sites other than pasta that you can get NBA Live news from………Like EA Sports.Com.

  • Crax

    PS4 buyer here. Was going to give Live a chance but now Ill just pick up 2k14 instead. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    • Live Rules

      Of course you are because waiting 4 days is just unbearable SMH. Why don’t you just admit that you are going to buy NBA2k for current gen and then spend the 10bucks to upgrade. Don’t give me no BS that you aren’t buying the current gen b/c that would make you look like an ass. You can wait 2 months for next gen but you can’t wait 4 more days. Clown.

  • lo99

    lol four years and ea still cant get a game out on release day.

    • KMillsZ19o

      Who cares dude the main thing is its coming out two days after 2k14 and 4 days after ps4 launch date ppl can’t wait a few days its not that big a deal honestly

      • 2Degreesand6FIGUREPAY

        Amen this country is so damn impatient about every damn thing

      • jack

        because knowing the history of nba live its really worth waiting for when a game everyone knows will be good is out first. come on man use some common sense.

        • KMillsZ19o

          And explain to me how you know 2K14 next gen is automatically going to be good right off the bat as you’ve just claimed? Plz I’m really eager to hear this one why because they’ve shown absolutely 0 gameplay footage of 2K next gen just like live has shown 0 gameplay footage as well (and no that e3 crap they showed doesn’t count) showing James dunking & stealing the ball doesn’t constitute as actual gameplay in my eyes there was no contact or anything what so ever so plz explain yourself ty

          • jack

            They have 7+ years of releasing quality games. Thats the whole point. We dont know if it will be great. But people will buy what they are comfortable with. Its the Madden of basketball. People are going to buy it out of habit and because of reputation rather then risk money on something they arent sure of.

          • KMillsZ19o

            See now why couldn’t you’ve just said that when you replied that I understand & know ppl are going to buy what they are most comfortable with & yes 2k has had better material over the past few years I wouldn’t go that far saying they’ve been making the best game or product for the past 7 years because the series has become very repetitive & stale overall & a lil competition won’t hurt I loved live 2010 & have been playing 2k since 2k3 so as u can see I like both games I’m just looking for options at the end of the day

          • Live Rules

            So what is your definition of quality? Broken online play, Broken Association mode, poor patch support, Identical gameplay year in and year out. Stripping down game modes that customers like (Crew Mode). That’s my definition of quality…………NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rod37


    • Twan

      4 days is not a big deal

  • pimmel

    Well. Screen looks good. But daz it. I’m not impressed at all. I mean it just doesn’t look as next as i thought it would… still has that typical cartoon look. And comparing it to 2k14 next gen lebron trailer which was not pre rendered, this screen right here doesn’t impress me at all. Details like shoes look nice though…

  • Thrash13

    If people don’t have enough self-control to wait four days to get NBA Live, they probably weren’t going to get it anyway. I probably won’t even get a next-gen system until Christmas or after, but as long as Live isn’t a train wreck, I’ll be giving it a chance. I always preferred the Live series, and I’m happy they made a comeback finally. I’m excited to see how it ends up playing!

    It’s pretty funny how people were already writing them off though, and come to find out, the release was only pushed back a few days.

  • Henry

    Lmao at every single soul that proclaimed the game dead on arrival. 4 days is not that big a deal. Good grief. People act so idiotic at times over nothing.


      Yep, its some clowns in here. I don’t care if the game don’t release until december……..I’m still getting it. 2k13.5 will be left at the store. Time for something refreshing. Go Live!!!!!

      • Jesus

        Lmao you would be better of getting 2k10 then this game.

  • Anthony Suriano

    I was expecting something like 4 months after launch, but 4 days? Clearly, 4 days is not going to give time to alter anything in game, so I’d think it’s gotta be something with the Microsoft/EA partnership to have it at One’s launch, and not PS4. I also thought I heard somewhere in the past that the NBA required NBA games to release on the same day (this is back when Live and 2K were regularly coming out each year).

  • Live Rules

    Pasta you just need to stop. Your embarrassing yourself now. How’s that launch window working out for you. You seem to be missing that most PS4 2k owners will be simply upgrading from their last gen version of 2k. If you are going to buy 2k for current gen then why wouldn’t you pay the 10 bucks more for the next gen version. Live fans are still going to buy live and those who were inclined to buy both will still do so. As usual your grasping at straws because you have absolutely nothing relevant to write about. Seriously dude you are becoming more and more less objective with every game released. What happened to you dude. Your just Bitter Blogger now.

    • Pretty proud of the accuracy in fact. Turned out it wasn’t a launch title for the PS4, which confirmed why people were unsettled by EA saying “launch window”. Something was up. And now we know.

      Also there is no $10 trade up program for people getting the PS4. The only programs out there are for people going 360 to One. And Amazon is the only retailer who’s including NBA 2K14 in that. Again…people getting 2K14 on PS4 will be paying the full $60 regardless of whether they bought current-gen or not.

    • Skopin

      “Seriously dude you are becoming more and more less objective with every game released.”

      More and more less objective? Dafuq?

      In any case, this article makes perfect sense. They will lose out on day one PS4 sales since the competitor will have their game on shelves. Yes, those who already planned on getting both or Live only will still pick it up, but those impulse buyers who want games for their brand new console will probably not. A large portion of the market (casual gamers) doesn’t follow the news on the games, and may not even know that it will be an option.

      I am wondering if they will release a demo with the PS4’s launch though.


      Pasta had me thinking the game was due out in January. Come on Pasta.

      • No one ever suggested when it might be coming out (besides “launch window” which was said for a specific reason by EA – its not a launch title for PS4). Just that something seemed to be up with its release. And now we know.

  • karolinakush

    yall just trying to find something bad to say about live14 when the truth is yall mad cause 2k has been giving out disappointing info on what to expect from 2k14

  • Greg

    Man people make a big deal out of waiting 4 days. Jesus. Is it that serious?

  • chris

    all I know is that im buying both games…. why subject yourself to one basketball experience… I would respect people more if they just say i’m a 2k fan I wasn’t buying live anyway…using a 4day release after the ps4 as a excuse is stupid. I think live will be soild. plus live got something different to offer. so ya’ll have fun enjoying one basketball gaming experience. where u can clearly enjoy 2…

  • Rick

    I love a lot of EA games and support them with my hard earned cash… waiting a few more days for a game isn’t going to kill me, the lack of knowledge on her is. Shoot that goes for 2k as well…

    I hope the extra development time needed for Live helps, but lately i’ve been on the fence about next gen.. i haven’t seen anything releasing any time soon that’s really given me a “WOW” factor, both graphically and physics wise..

    I’m also just a tad worried as we get closer to next – gen releases of whats going to be the big difference between ps3 – ps4 & 360-XB1…

    I mean madden , if that video from IGN wasn’t a WIP version, looks hideous- ps3 like graphics- and they will burn us again ( even tho i defend those turds) AC4 looks good but not what i though next gen would be..

    and then now this.. any 1 else a bit concerned about next gen??.. i mean i for one have already paid down well over $ 600 between games and a ps4.. huge investment for something that’s looking less and less like a ” huge leap” in any direction…

    • chris

      i feel u on this….expertly when referring to 2k14 with the next gen…. i really dont see much of a reason to purchase that game on the next gen cuz i believe the overall delivery of the game won’t be to different from the current gen, i don’t have a choose it only on the ps4/xbox1

      • Rick

        Everyone that’s unsure about lives status with in the community should head notice to this, live is only for next – gen…

        So theoretically speaking, lets say 2k’s offering is stale on current -gen, i believe more than likely its going to be the same on next gen.

        They’ll more than likely use the same ideology as they did when they made the move from ps2-ps3/ xbox-360, porting over the engine and refining the graphics…

        I think if EA can get a handle on live with in next month , gear up marketing correctly , and show some dam footage of the game they may not end up as bad as many may think ,

  • The more I think about it though I fail to find a way in which this benefits MS (or EA for that matter). That it’s late for the PS4 hurts EA, but that its still out before the One is means people with both consoles could still choose to buy it there first.

    • Skopin

      I didn’t say it was a good reason lol. I think it is more for MS than EA. This way, both the PS4 and XBO versions are out at the same time, so those who are buying both consoles have the choice of either, rather than only seeing the PS4 option.

      I dunno, I’m just speculating possible reasons.

  • noyon100
  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Do we know when exactly the trailer will be out?

  • Daniel Hazzard

    i personally do not like 2k14 on x box i am a die hard basketball fan and the truly fucked with a perfect 2k13 game by changing the controls yet again. they had everything done perfect the ally oops, euro step, pump fake, hop step everything was just fundamentally sound n the new one was just a let down. I gladly play 2k13 today. im going to give ea a chance.