Fourth Uniform Pack Out for NCAA Football 14

Posted September 24th, 2013 at 8:30 pm


For the third consecutive week EA Sports has released a $1 DLC uniform pack for NCAA Football 14. On the surface that kind of post-release support sounds great until the actual content being provided is examined to find the majority of items are just gloves while teams with full uniforms and helmets still missing from the game continue to get bypassed.

The fourth uniform pack involves Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, UCLA, and USC. With the exception of all but one school this is a pack for gloves. Michigan State gets a new uniform, helmet, and gloves. The other five only receive new gloves.

  • Ryan Perry

    They’re just trying to pull as much $ out of this as they possibly can.

    • Keith.

      Meet the new boss, Andrew Wilson. Same as the old boss.

      The guy made it to the top of EA on the back of FUT and Origin. No surprise he’s nickle and diming NCAA customers right out of the chute. He’ll probably be selling shoelaces for a buck with NBA Live.

  • Keith.

    Gotta pay those O’Bannon legal defense bills somehow! LOL

  • C

    Remember when they said that they would do big things for south Alabama? They have left out so many unis its crazy.

  • tommy

    if they made new facemasks and helmets available for a dollar I’d pay for it. not for gloves though. They need to get the half sleeves to work right first, Ohio State would not be wearing half sleeves at home in the snow in real life.

  • ptownbrave

    I agree….how do they justify calling it a “uniform pack” if all youre getting are tiny slivers of the uniform (gloves)?

    I agree w/ Keith….this seems to be their justification in how they make coin before shutting down operations after this college football season.

  • rinodino

    Love a playoff pack

  • The Great Leon

    I have a feeling they could have just combined all these pack of gloves and did it at once. They make it clear they are milking each week for money.

  • Stanimal032

    Still shoddy gameplay and defensive AI and we get gloves…f–king gloves…

  • Wally West

    These are not real uniform packs.. I feel slightly disrespected as a consumer.. But also I appreciate them giving us something consistently instead of not at all like last year.

  • clubsteve

    don’t get it…..other games give us free alternate jerseys updates and this one doesn’t? this is the last ncaa football game, give us something…..ugh.