EA Sports Cancels NCAA Football Series

Posted September 26th, 2013 at 1:30 pm


EA Sports has officially canceled their NCAA Football series which was going to be renamed College Football next year. The news comes on the heels of individual institutions expressing a desire to get out of the video game business by pulling their licenses. The NCAA was first to withdraw licensing, multiple conferences followed, but losing the schools was when EA began to see the writing on the wall that the series would not be sustainable.

EA is currently seeking to settle the player likeness lawsuits that have led to the current situation. [UPDATE] EA and the CLC have in fact settled. More on all the news later today…

  • Keith.

    Karma’s a bitch, EA — serves you right for taking away the people’s choice in football games (2k) almost a decade ago.

    And what’s this I’m reading about Cam Weber crying like a baby when he broke the news? No wonder the dude never made it as a football player. Pu$$y!

    And last but certainly not least — see ya later, Hamburglar! Hope nobody ever lets you anywhere near the development of another football game ever again!

    • Iown You

      “And what’s this I’m reading about Cam Weber crying like a baby when he broke the news? No wonder the dude never made it as a football player. Pu$$y!”

      Damn, Keith. That’s messed up, LOL!

      Well, now we’re down to just ONE stink’in (and I MEAN stink’in) football game. And football gamers are so passive and stupid, they’re doing nothing about it. At this point, every person who plays football games should be BEGGING for 2K to come back and make SOMETHING, just for the sake of keeping some kind of window open. I mean, even if a person likes Madden, how can they just not even react to this disaster?


      … hell, #BRINGBACKANYBODY!

    • MonoMono

      But here’s the thing. This hurts more than just EA, it hurts anyone who hopes to play or make a college football game in the near future. We can continue the circlejerk about hating EA and all, but not seeing the bigger picture here makes us no better than the “passive and stupid” football gamers that the neckbeard above me is talking about. Or are we not ready to have that discussion?

      • Iown You

        I don’t have a beard at all. What the hell are you talking about? I think that Mono is seeping into your brain, lol.

        And, yes, a large number of football gamers ARE passive and stupid. What else do you call a group of people, who–for a decade–make endless YouTube videos and board comments complaining and complaining and complaining, attacking each other, and then complaining and complaining and complaining some more, but NEVER spends a penny to support anything ever despite indie effort after indie effort after mid-major effort that came along? Would you call that aggressive and smart? No. Passive and stupid is the perfect description.

        Does that describe all football gamers? No. Some of us have actually been very active, but that’s a very small number. But the inactive describes enough of them for it to be a problem and the problem is nobody wants to make games for us because they see how inactive this genre of gamers happen to be. Who the hell wants to spend money to make a game for a group of gamers that are too cool for themselves and won’t spend money on the very things that will end their problem?

        Let’s quit trying to act like the “community” isn’t a main problem. It’s so tired and so YouTube. It’s the kind of denial stance that the typical fake YouTube “community” leader puffs his chest up about so he can get more views and props for teaching other sheep to be passive empty-speech do-nothings like him. That ain’t gonna fly here though. Everybody gets taken to task at this site, myself included, that’s what makes it so worthwhile to come back.

        • MonoMono

          Well, if we’re taking people to task then.

          I find it real funny that you find my comment to be the type of “typical fake YouTube ‘community’ leader” fare, as you call it at least. Because just judging from the word-choices in your previous comment it seems like you have a similar mindset to the one that you accuse me of having,

          As a long-time lurker on this site, I’ve never, ever seen you (nor anyone else) promote an indie effort or Kickstarter in the comment section. But hey, how about I do you a solid and run down a few Kickstarters that you claim “aggressive and smart” (oh look another fucking blanket statement how surprising.) football fans should be on top of.

          – College Football Championship Game (Failed Kickstarter by former 2K and EA Sports devs) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1318442419/college-football-championship-game

          – Gridiron Thunder (Successful Kickstarter for iOS)

          – Jamal Anderson CFB Project (Failed – SCAM)

          So please, paint me a picture of the perfect philanthropy trap that you’re describing, the indie effort that is: “TOTALLY SERIOUS GUYS, COMING OUT FOR PS3, PS4, XBLA AND IT’LL HAVE CUSTOMIZABLE HELMETS AND STADIUMS AND REALISTIC GAMEPLAY GUIZ” because I’ve been fucking waiting for it, and I’m ready to vote with my fucking wallet. So far, I’ve just been staring at iOS football games, Backbreaker (which despite huge gameplay flaws is still fun, though not the Jesus of Nazareth that the community makes it out to be) or the Black College Football Xperience. But hey, that game sure has a fun halftime minigame, right?

          But god, if there is nothing else “YouTube ‘community’ leader” about your post, it’s the fucking hashtag about bringing 2KFootball back. Because not every other video on YouTube after 2006 has been begging for a new 2K football. Because anyone with a video camera who can puff his chest up so he can get more views and props for teaching other sheep to be passive empty-speech do-nothings who can claim that they do things though because they liked a video game that the rest of the world liked 5 years ago.

          tl;dr: Saying shit that amounts to, “No, I’m different cuz I donate blindly to 20 shitty Kickstarters” might fly here, but that just means things outta change. Maybe you should google Neckbeard too.

          • Iown You

            Before I dive in, seriously, don’t even try the whole TL;DR (especially after you’ve already read it, smh). Man, everybody reads here. This isn’t Operation Sports.

            >>>>find it real funny that you find my comment to be the type of “typical fake YouTube ‘community’ leader” fare, as you call it at least. Because just judging from the word-choices in your previous comment it seems like you have a similar mindset to the one that you accuse me of having<<<>>>>As a long-time lurker on this site, I’ve never, ever seen you (nor anyone else) promote an indie effort or Kickstarter in the comment section.<<<<>>>So please, paint me a picture of the perfect philanthropy trap that you’re describing, the indie effort that is: “TOTALLY SERIOUS GUYS, COMING OUT FOR PS3, PS4, XBLA AND IT’LL HAVE CUSTOMIZABLE HELMETS AND STADIUMS AND REALISTIC GAMEPLAY GUIZ” because I’ve been fucking waiting for it, and I’m ready to vote with my fucking wallet.<<>>>>But god, if there is nothing else “YouTube ‘community’ leader” about your post, it’s the fucking hashtag about bringing 2KFootball back.<<<<>>>Saying shit that amounts to, “No, I’m different cuz I donate blindly to 20 shitty Kickstarters” might fly here, but that just means things outta change.<<<>>>Maybe you should google Neckbeard too.<<<<

            I know what it is; it was a little craze for like a second but now it's lamer than the Macarena. Plus, Kyle Orton has shaved a few times now man, so it's time you moved on from it like the rest of us have…

          • MonoMono

            Excuse the tl;dr, but from the number of five word posts here, this looks a lot like Operation Sports sans the forums and post-release support fueled by users.
            Now, I’ll be honest, I appreciate your post and I’ll get to all of it, but the whole “classic deflection technique but wrong” thing has as much weight as saying, “THAT’S A STRAW-MAN SO I’M IGNORING IT”. If it’s wrong, break down why it’s wrong.
            “Ask Pasta how many times I’ve blown up about these things.”
            Pasta, how many times has Iown You blown up in the comments section about any of the indie releases he’s talking about? To be honest however, I remember the Gridiron Gamepak being talked about on here, and it’s the best looking out of all of them. Shame it didn’t get funded. The rest you list, I can’t say I remember you ever bringing them up, can you throw down a few links to when you brought them up? I’ll straight-up admit I’m wrong on that front if you will.
            Well the people voted with their wallets. This here seems to be more you getting angry that you decided to stuff the ballots and buy every single thing (which is real commendable, and I can totally see that point of view. I do the same with other genres of games) but none of it caught on. The market has spoken on Axis Football League and Backbreaker and Quickhit. The lack of support for them is sad, but it’s real and to point just to the “passive and stupid” fans isn’t helping anyone. That’s just passing the buck, when really it’s a problem that lies with the developers (at least with those Kickstarters) not getting their product out there enough (hell I know Rock, Paper, Shotgun usually rallies up support for Kickstarters, as well as Kotaku and a bunch of other blogs) and the sheer amount of money they are asking for. The difference between the casual games and the sim games you mention is that the casual games crowd has a much bigger potential market than Axis Football League 2014 does.
            Funny you mentioning Mutant League Football as well, as that game is considered a true cult classic that most of the buying internet would partake in. If that game had a revival Kickstarter it already has enough word-of-mouth to most likely reach the highest stretch goal possible for the game.
            Now here’s me being honest, I can’t match you in terms of the number of football kickstarters you have supported and to be frank I don’t want to. It seems you’ve been just donating to any Kickstarter or Indiegogo or football video game that comes on the market, and that’s just blind faith. If that’s the road that aggressive and smart football gamers partake in, then I’d rather be passive and patient, waiting for the true thing. The football game that I actually want to see made, not because it’s a better alternative to Madden, but because it’s going to be a good football game. A step-up from terrible to bad is an improvement, but is it one that we should be clamoring for?
            So I guess you’re right. You’re not a YouTube video maker in terms of your complaints. You’re more of a independent blog guy who could do a bit of good spreading the word about more indie games, but would rather get more views and upvotes from beating a dead horse. And if that ain’t butthurt, I don’t know what is.
            Last thought:
            I don’t know what Neckbeard meant in the 80s, but from this corner in time…

    • atlsince93

      I guess I don’t get why this is exciting. I mean, I hate EA as much as the next guy; I think they suck. But why is it a good thing that there won’t ever be another college football game? Sure, I’d rather have a better game. Of course I would, who wouldn’t? But this isn’t getting a better game, this is losing college football gaming, almost certainly for good. As much as I hate EA, it really sucks that there will never be another college football game on the market.

      • Keith.

        Patience, my friend. The NCAA’s the last defendant standing, and it’s only a matter of time until they settle or lose. Once that happens, the playing field will be wide open for 2k, SCEA, MS or any other developer to give us a game. When EA settled the Madden Monopoly (Pecover) lawsuit, part of the settlement involved their giving up exclusivity for NCAA. At the time I’m sure they didn’t care, since it seemed nobody else would invest in a new game to compete. Having NCAA put out to pasture now will level the playing field when the O’Bannon, Keller and Hart suits are done.

        May take a couple of years, but I’ve been waiting a long time as it is so I certainly don’t mind the extra wait now. Finally, we’re on the road to better things with football gaming.

        • Rebel

          How does any of this mean we’ll get another game from another developer? EA still has the exclusive deal with the NFL, which very likely will get renewed. The NFL for some reason seems to like having one officially licensed product on the market.

          Maybe there’ll be another All-Pro Football type of game, but there was nothing from stopping anybody from developing that one before, so what’s different now? College sports games are done now.

    • If it was Karma, then something bad would happen to the NCAA.. They are the ones that seeked out an exclusive license.. But don’t worry, we all get how trendy you are with the EA bashing.

  • timschel

    Where is keith??

    • Keith.

      Breaking out the good liquor to celebrate the news!

      • jesus the sun

        This is funny, and believable. Just don’t go pulling an Elvis on us. We’ll miss your posts on Pastapadre.com

        • Iown You

          I thought it was a meds overdose that took Elvis out?

          • Jesus the sun

            Pretty sure it was drowning in vomet.

  • Bowinkle82

    damn thats tough. r.i.p

  • Lucas Murphy

    Unfortunately with NCAA/Schools dealing with likeliness lawsuits I doubt well get a College Game next year from anyone until the maters are resolved.

  • Chad Newman

    Say what you want about the franchise and EA but people will miss this come next year. I just hope there is some way to download this for next gen via cloud or other alternatives.

  • kenmid

    It’s a sad sad day..

  • This is tragic.

  • wow… just wow.

  • Chiryder

    Good EA should start releasing Drafts as the last Roster Update after the draft.

  • Iown You

    This was inevitable.

  • Glenn Jacobs

    Had to happen. Won’t stop the movement to pay the athletes though. Just a question of how soon it happens.

  • JC

    At first I was really saddened by this, but then I realized I haven’t played since mid-August and when I tried to fire up the game on Saturday, I noticed the outdated equipment, lack of updated unis and the same graphics for the last 6 years really didn’t do it for me. I even tried a game with OU vs UMass and I couldn’t stop the UMass D. I have been playing this game since 2002 and it was an annual tradition each summer to get it and be so excited. I will miss the memories of this game but the constant changing state of college football just made this game less and less exciting for me each year. On the PS2 I used to play from July through June of the following year in epic dynasties back when equipment was basic and teams didn’t churn out unis every 6 minutes. The last 3-4 editions I’ve found myself barely playing into September. What a shame to go out. Even if the game comes back in 10 years when these lawsuits are gone, I will have a family then and no time to play anyway. RIP College Football. always a great time reading about the newest updates in the Spring and seeing the first screens and vids was always a highlight. Hopefully Madden can step it up or better yet, get some competition. I’ve never been able to get into the pro games but I guess that will change.

  • Rback21

    Wow…EA said that they were going to actually still do a game even without the NCAA license but I guess they are done. I’ll keep my NCAA 14 for sure now… What’s next Madden…NBA Live?

    • Raekwon The Chef

      no because those players get paid for it. And if you read it they were going to do it next year but schools started pulling out their individual licenses. How would it look if they made a game without OSU, Alabama, LSU and other top schools?

  • MoneyMayweather

    Ed O bannon finally got what he wanted he busted his nuts over the millions and millions of NCAA fans good job! this is what you wanted so have fun with your million dollar house and car at the expense of the paying consumer who supported this series even when it didn’t deserve it.

    • Phil

      The players should have been being paid a little bit for being in it, that is the NCAA not paying them for their likeness being used in a game

  • Nate Lowe

    Seen this coming a month ago….

  • Casor_Greener

    IT was time fort his series to be dissolved. EA was clearly not supporting it after last year

  • Jumpman2033

    Does this mean more resources to Madden? Maybe an actual positive upgrade to the on field gameplay, rather than window dressing?

    • Actually it might mean less. My feeling is costs divided between two games are now landing on just one. Which means cuts on the way.

      • CJ

        This seems far more likely.

        Madden has sales issues (which this would exacerbate), so more funding seems doubtful.

        • xPSYCHOPATH410x

          But more funding and releasing a amazing game will bring more sales. Especially with it now going next gen.

        • wheetbone

          When it comes to Madden they have no idea how football is played. Watching guys shift line spread line putting guys on contain put LOLB on hook FS on flat pass commit pick QB on read option re blitz ROLB is way to painful to play. Also having to shade WR every play to keep my elite CB from getting smoked by 7 yards by some 70 rated WR makes me sick. Hey EA nobody in the NFL plays a contain you jerkoffs they might spy but I can promise you they don’t have a player stand outside the tackle and just watch the whole freaking play. This game is catered to the nacho cheese dripping tourney style scrubs who take advantage of trash AI and have never held a football or tasted a clitoris.

  • Details

    I hate to be that guy but I’m going to anyways…..I TOLD YOU SO! I knew it months ago and told eveyone not to believe the BS about EA saying they were already working on the next game. They were just waiting for the right time to anounce this. They weren’t going to announce this when NCAA 14 had just dropped. EA knew all along once the legal BS started to get overwhelming that they were done with this series. Too many dominoes falling against them. Sad to see college football go but it is what it is at this point.

    • Raekwon The Chef

      I hear you but it seems to me that they would announce it when NCAA 14 launched. If people know right away that it’s the last one then more people will likely pick it up

      • CJ

        That’s why I own NCAA 14.

        It is going to be one of those games people edit for YEARS.

      • Details

        You would think but announcing that the series was done right when NCAA 14 dropped would’ve put a negative cloud around it & people would’ve questioned EA’s support for NCAA 14 knowing they were done with the series. My bet is that EA never had plans on releasing a Next Gen college game. They knew the writing was on the wall when all these lawsuits started. That combined with the increase in cost to develop Next Gen games is just not worth the hassle to them. As much as people say they would still buy a generic college game without the biggest conferences, teams, & Ncaa formats, etc…the sales were already delclining before the lawsuits even came about & the future was starting to look bleek so EA just decided to cut their losses. Like I said I saw this coming a couple years ago.

    • Keith.

      On July 17, 2013, Andrew Wilson boldly stated:

      “This is simple: EA SPORTS will continue to develop and publish college football games.”


      On July 25, 2013, our boy Andrew unloaded a ton of EA stock:


      If that weren’t enough, 5 days later, on July 30, 2013, he unloaded even more:


      So yeah…I’d say this wasn’t too hard to predict for anybody who’s been paying attention. But tellingly, nobody in the gaming media (including the sports game sites) reported any of it.

      • Rocco

        Yes, and we know why he sold his shares…because he was turning around and doubling down as the new CEO. Unloading his shares then should have been the sign that “hey, he’s probably getting a huge raise…”

        • Keith.

          That’s nonsense — you don’t “double down” by unloading all your stock. If you have faith in your company’s future, you buy shares…not sell everything.

          But you can keep believing whatever you want to believe.

    • CJ

      Nah you didn’t tell us so.

      EVERYONE already knew this.

      Hell it was painfully obvious last year.

      • Details

        If everyone already knew it then why were people saying not to worry when the NCAA announced they would not be renewing the license? Why were people saying “it’s only the NCAA name & logos that would be removed? I doubt everyone knew this last year. Those who paid attention & know how EA operates know BS when they smell it.

        • That’s why I always kept saying it was a real possibility. Have to read the situation, now what the company which has it’s own interest in spinning things and what they say!

        • CJ

          Right, so the oblivious people were unaware.

  • Mike

    awesome…no more college football…well now none of these douchebags can cry about not getting paid for for a guy looking like him in the game anymore…no more game…and now none of the players will be in anything unless they actually make it to the NFL. Good job to the idiots who ruined college football video games for everyone.

  • LenInFlux


    I guess it shouldn’t be unexpected, but after playing this game every year for over a decade it’s really going to be missed.

    Too bad that EA put out a mediocre product in the final few years when they had all the licenses.

  • Greg

    Is this really a surprise to anyone?

  • Chris Breezy

    no more college basketball, now no more college football, nfl football is going to take the scrunity just watch.

  • Alex Woods

    NCAAA wasn’t a great game, but I did want to see what they could do on a gen 4 console. I wonder how many people are out of a job or do they move most resources to Madden.?

  • Mullenator

    This should not shock anyone at this point…I wonder if any brave soul(s) will take on the task of updating the rosters for next year to be played on NCAA 14, but then the schedules would be messed up and the playoffs would still not be there. Oh well…more time for next-gen Madden next year.

  • Ivyhill

    Good. Hope that team can come to Madden and improve it!

    • Keith.

      During the last 9 years, the NCAA geniuses couldn’t figure out how to add in-game saves, realistic penalties or a custom cam. And you think they’re going to improve Madden?

  • ConCity Soldier

    :O No more NCAA!!! WTF!

  • ConCity Soldier

    Nooo! This can’t be true.

  • ConCity Soldier

    No NCAA Football games from anybody!?!?

    • No one is going to make any college video games.

      Important to look at this settlement and understand its with current and past players. Future players could still sue if anything infringed on their likenesses. And schools/NCAA/conferences don’t want to risk getting sued either so they wouldn’t be involved anyway.

  • Cam Weber

    Ed O’Bannon is just another stupid ass piece of shit spear chucker who sucked so much dick at basketball that he had to be a faggot and cry about a video game…FUCK YOU COCKSUCKER!!!!

    • Casor_Greener

      Tell us how you really feel…

  • Cam Weber


  • Cam Weber

    Ed Obannon is a stupid nig!!!!!

  • fantasyboi

    For ppl like me this will probably mean the end to buying Madden as well. This game was literally the only reason I ever bought Madden. Exporting/Importing draft classes is awesome and now its toast! hopefully EA follows thru and makes the export/import possible to the PS4. This NCAA was a good one so might as well end on a good note. just wouldve liked to have seen Probation come back and the ability to build on stadiums.

  • What I don’t understand is how the law could step in and prevent users from editing and sharing? I mean, how is that even a possibility? I doubt they would even go that toute if possible, but I would love to know how that restriction is valid.

    • clubsteve

      i was wondering that too…..can’t we do what we want with the game editingwise?

  • The Great Leon

    Had a feeling this was the last. I would assume no more updates to uni store which means they should make everything free.

    • clubsteve

      i agree….i don’t see the point in charging for uni’s that should already be updated anyways.

  • Alex

    So now we are out of college basketball games, college football games, and an awful madden game is the only football game left standing. What a shame.

    • frank

      Youre right. youre EXACTLY RIGHT

  • Ben

    I dont think I see the benefit for everyone in losing this game. I cant stand the NFL, and I actually liked this series. Sure EA sucks, but people need to shut the f**k up about it. They didnt cancel the franchise so the keyboard warriors could rant about it on every forum they can find. I love college football, and its a d**n shame that the franchise is shutting down.