NBA 2K14 Available for iOS Devices

Posted October 1st, 2013 at 1:45 pm


In addition to the console versions released today NBA 2K14 has also arrived for iOS devices (download from iTunes here) for $8. That is the same price NBA 2K13 released at on mobile to generally poor reviews while other companies have instead been trending towards the free-to-play model. It is not yet out for Android but expected sometime this month.

Unfortunately 2K Sports did not provide any details on app features so at this point users would be buying blind. NBA 2K13 featured the NBA’s Greatest mode and presumably like the console editions that will be gone in favor of a Path to Greatness mode centered on LeBron James.

  • HV

    And I can’t find a Lite version, that existed in the two previous games.

  • Weekend Roady

    Why couldn’t something like this be released on the Vita PS Store? The market is so dry for that handheld, I’m sure 2K would get more than a few blind buys on there by people eager for ANYTHING to play.

    Also, where is the digital release of 2K14? Microsoft is so eager to go digital yet I didn’t see 2K14 on Live today…

    • Keith.

      It was up on PS3 at 12:01 a.m. last night — look forward to getting home and installing it this evening. Does the 360 have a Day 1 Digital program like PS3?

      • Weekend Roady

        It’s possible. I don’t do digital as often, but lately I have with sports titles. I was looking for it at about 1 p.m. EST today…

  • gregg

    Not throwing my money away this year. 2k13 was so bad and i doubt they made this one much better.