THQ Sues EA Over Transfer of UFC License

Posted October 9th, 2013 at 3:45 pm


Legal troubles continue for Electronic Arts despite settling cases regarding player likenesses in college games and pricing tactics after receiving exclusivity for Madden. The latest is the now defunct THQ filing suit against EA and Zuffa (parent company of UFC) regarding the transfer of the UFC license that took place last summer.

THQ is asking for the deal to be nullified and rights returned to them with any profits from the upcoming EA Sports UFC theirs to keep. The company claims that EA provided Zuffa with confidential information regarding the financial state of THQ during negotiations. That resulted in the parties conspiring to make the acquisition to the best of their interests by using the info to their advantage and offering less than they may have otherwise. According to the filing they believe the $10 million settlement for Zuffa to get out of their agreement would have been something more like $20 million had EA not interfered.

The problem for THQ here will be that no one needed internal numbers to recognize that the company was a sinking ship and it was public knowledge that sales of the UFC franchise dropped off 70% from the first to third release while under their control. UFC had every reason to move to a more stable situation and EA to look for a deal to acquire the property. EA Sports UFC is currently slated for release next spring.

  • Trey Warner

    I thought THQ was bankrupt??

    • Still exist as an entity to sell off their properties due to the bankruptcy.

  • Antwon Clemons

    THQ, let it go.

  • Antwon Clemons

    THQ, Let it go.

  • Larry

    Really THQ, you’re that desperate for some money and attention? I blind mice could have seen that you were going under. Me and my brother predicted it for years based on the quality of your games.

  • renaissance247

    I liked the THQ UFC Games, and EA MMA was alright; not great but not horrible. I can see how giving EA the full license to make their game better could work.

  • clintbeastwoods

    It is such a shame that EA got the license for UFC. The THQ version was actually a great game and fun to play. The only thing that ruined it was the turbo controllers and lag switch users! All EA games are watered down and boring and I am more than positive that their version of UFC will suck just like the rest of their pathetic games!

  • DC

    It’ll be an interesting debut. It’s not going to be a deep game (probably a bare-bones career mode…if any) but hopefully it’s a solid foundation for EA to build on.

    • Jay (The Truth)

      Agreed. I loved UFC Undisputed 3 (First UFC game I bought), so I hope this can follow that up along with bringing some of the interesting quirks of EA MMA into a single experience.