Madden NFL 25 Week Six Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted October 15th, 2013 at 11:00 am


Six weeks of the NFL season now in the books and only the Broncos and Chiefs remain undefeated. They face each other weeks 11 and 13. In the race for the top pick the Giants, Jaguars, and Buccaneers remain winless.

Injuries this week will knock out Randall Cobb, Jerod Mayo, Nick Perry, DeMarcus Ware, and D.J. Williams for significant stretches of time while the situation with Jimmy Graham remains unclear. With the Bills injury situation at QB they’ve signed Matt Flynn.

Some of the players likely to go up after strong performances include Brandon Jacobs, Nick Foles, Justin Blackmon, Vernon Davis, Aqib Talib, Andre Ellington, Joseph Fauria, DeAndre Levy, Tamba Hali, Keenan Allen, and Sean Lee. Among those that are likely to drop are Eli Manning, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Jared Allen, and Eric Fisher.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players should rise or fall in the next Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • Curtis Turner

    Cam Deserves his 2 points back

  • Chiryder

    Can the Bears O-line get some love? They’ve averaged 5 sacks a game against the Giants before last week and the Giants got 0.

  • HrmmmHummmHmmm

    Cowboys game updates:
    Dwayne Harris + in speed, tackling, elusiveness, BCV.+2 Sean Lee, +1 Tony Romo, +1 Terrance Williams, +2 Cole Beasley, +3 Drake Nevis, +1 Jason Hatcher, +1 Brandon Carr, +1 Mo Claiborne, +1 Orlando Scandrick, +1 Whole Offensive aside Travis Fredrick, he’s playing like he could be an 85 so + him whatever makes you comfortable, he’s a playing like a top center.

    Decreases: Lower Barry Church’s awareness from the boneheaded personal foul.. although the 2nd would shouldn’t of been called. Lower DeMarcus Ware’s injury but raise his toughness. Same goes with DeMarco Murray.

    Redskins Changes: DeAngelo Hall +1, had a solid game vs. Dez even though he had A LOT of coverage help. -1 to RGIII, he’s not even close to the same as he was, lower his speed until proven otherwise, also lower accuracy.

    • Brad N.

      I agree with you completely.

  • Find the Door

    Brandon Carr!

  • IceChief27

    Whole Chiefs Defense.

  • D3RYL


    Talib +
    Ridley +
    Hooman +
    Dennard +
    Thompkins +
    Dobson +
    Gostowski +
    Allen +
    Amendola –
    Cannon –

  • 6-0

    Kansas City Chiefs: Before I start id like to remind everyone how the SD vs Oak game went. Also now how the SD vs Colts game went. Lets start with the negative,Eric Fisher…the guy isn’t getting all his Reps needed as a rookie. He looked rusty missing time due to injury. *the game announcers were horrible sunday.they misspoke ALL game long.
    Eric fisher – [I hope his attention as a #1 pick doesn’t overshadow these next 2 lineman]
    Jeff Allen +
    Rodney Hudson+ allen & hudson may of had the best games of their young careers.
    Jamaal Charles + gets tougher and tougher as the game goes on!
    Quintin Demps+ and Husain Abdullah+ (Who?!) yeah
    Demps INT [3 on the yr] Abdullah had a pick 6 in the oak gm
    Tamba Hali+ 3.5 sack game
    Derrick Johnson+ 2 sack game 9 tkls good game
    Marcus Cooper + played tight man cvrge read and jumped a SLANT route for a INT
    (R) DE Mike Catapono + got a sack and played well when subbed in gm
    Chiefs DEF 10 SACKS! They played TIGHT MAN CVR ALL gm. props to that 2ndry and front 7!
    Alex Smith he missed some blitz reads and was not flashy at all but didn’t hurt his team with mistakes. IDK how you’d down grade that but – for that.
    Alex Smiths legs +.
    Lets talk 3 QBs:
    Aaron Rodgers,Josh McCown and alex smith.
    All three of these guys are rated unequal but all have the same combine times. Either Rodgers needs a SDP & ACC drop or Alex smith and Josh need to EQUAL Rodgers SPD & ACC. Look at the numbers. Why is there a huge gap in the madden ratings? Alex can run just as good as Aaron Rodgers so drop him or up Alex. Address this please.

    • Dontari Poe

      Don’t forget Dontari Poe. If you watch the tape,he was the reason for a lot of those sacks. He dominated the middle,AGAIN.

  • Mike

    Just my Chiefs takes. Marcus Cooper needs to be in the mid 70’s. He’s a ballhawk. Sean Smith deserves a boost. Eric Berry should be the #2 safety in the game. Tyson Jackson needs to go UP to upper 80’s. Poe should be around 87. Hali and Houston should both be around 95-96. Meanwhile. Alex Smith down to 80 for awareness because he holds the ball too long and is inaccurate. Leave Bowe alone. This isn’t his fault. Eric Fisher down to 72 ovr. Jamaal is fine as well. McCluster absolutely sucks as a WR. He’s an ok punt returner, but he can stay away from the offense.

  • Mike

    Oh. Akeem Jordan. UP! He’s been very underrated.

  • Dagreat2nd

    Andy Dalton AFC Player of the week! Do anybody on this page believes 337 yards 65% completion 3td 1int and Player of the week honors deserve a boost? I think so!

    • WhoDey

      Haha no increase for the player of the week. Only 1 player goes up OR down on the whole team after a win…

  • AFC North

    Andy Dalton, Giovanni Bernard, Marvin Jones, Vontaze Burfict, A J Green, Andruw Whitworth and The Bengals Defense is ranked 8th in NFL! Show some love!!!!!!

  • MuteIsCool

    Philip Rivers +
    Ryan Mathews +
    Keenan Allen ++
    King Dunlap ++
    Corey Liuget +
    Kendall Reyes +
    Nick Novak ++

  • El Tato

    Raiders defense needs to go UP, dominated every game except Denver.

  • Billy mays oxyclean

    Eric Reid 49ers increase on zone coverage and catching he had another pick on Sunday . That’s 3 picks in 4 games for the rookie . He needs his play ball ability to be balanced or aggressive dude is a ball hawk and a killer tackler

  • melvinsquatter

    Chiefs Marcus Cooper should jump from 69 to around a 74 or 75 overall, kid is an absolute stud

  • Thetruth

    I’m know you missed me Pasta!

    Kiko + Deserves a continued increase overall. 22 tackles this week. To his credit his worst game came against Cleveland… 11 tackles… not too bad.

    Danorris Searcy + three games with over 10 tackles.

    Nigel Bradham shouldn’t be an 85 but a 75 is too low.

    Marquise Goodwin + Now that he is back he already showed his ability to run past seondaries. He got one 45 yard td. when he torched newman and was open on two others. His speed should be a 99. 4.28 at combine and his catch should really go up. I know he hasn’t showed much being injured, but just wait.

    Chandler ++ Still a force to be reckoned with. The bills don’t rely on him like jimmy graham but hes always good for 3-4 catches and a td in the most crucial moments. Catch/speed and release should go up. Very savvy veteran.

    Glenn + he let someone go by him this week, but he’s playing at least at 85.

    Colin Brown — This guy sucks. Has all year.
    Woods ++
    Urbik +

    Still a dominant run team. Oline deserves some credit.

    Byrd – Totally whiffed on the first play of the game in his limited action. He still looks outstanding (almost had two int), but lets discipline him holding out.

    Thad Lewis- This guy looked pretty damn good. Great deep ball accuracy, better than EJ’s.

  • jr

    Can these people please update rosters every 4 weeks

    • Coops

      Or have more than one person to change the entire NFL players ratings.

  • Coops

    Knowshon Moreno, +trucking +vision +strength and fight for yards trait
    This season he has shown he is running with much more intent and is running through tackles fighting for more yards, also seeing holes much better.

  • Mr wavy

    Can you guy please give the titans defense a upgrade their playing against the league’s best and ate in every game with a chance to win.the team is 3&3 with a78 team rating when the redskins are 1&4 with a similar team rating that’s wack.

  • WhoDey

    Donny Moore should be fired from his job and they should appoint a person to be in charge of each team. So they can watch every game and truly know who deserves to be what. Donny Moore just looks at and increases or decreases whoever they say had a good or bad game. Any idiot can do that.

  • EJTwice

    Bears O-line needs a big boost…Increase each won by 5 or 6 overall points. They’ve been top 5 best in the league.

  • Djlu Mixtapes

    Arian foster needs a boost hes had 100+ yards for 3 weeks now what about the oline they should get a point in run blocking

  • Djlu Mixtapes

    Chiefs defense ain’t really a elite offence yet can’t wait till play the broncos

  • rasool

    Done with madden…will never buy it again..tired of the bs updates n all other problems…st Louis destroyed a contender team n got no love.. Alec ogotree had 10 tackles a sack n a 98 yard pic 6..didn’t get not 1 point, brockers had 7 tackles 2 sacks n 3 for loss didn’tget not 1 point, janoris had a sack n pic not point, 3weeks now n cCody Davis still not on roster…line didn’t allow a sack n went down what the fuck…

  • brandon

    demario davis + 4 he has been beasting whole year leading jets in tackles cro down 1 pace up 1 cumberland up 2 in speed

  • Hawaii

    Why the Lions not getting roster update

  • Patrick Higgins

    travis frederick, cowboys first round pick deserves the biggest boost on the team. especially in the strength category after he bulldozed a pile of players into the endzone this past weekend. PFF has him graded as the 7th best center in the NFL so sar.

  • Horrible

    Looks like ANOTHER roster update without a detailed breakdown……. Without a breakdown don’t even bother doing the updates. I want to see ALL the updates. I don’t care about the top 3 ups and top 3 downs. WEAK!!

  • Dave Michaels

    update is out, no details and nobody got what they wanted.

  • Nique P

    Can D Hall get any fuckin respect?!!!!

  • WhoDey

    Donny Moore needs to be fired! He sucks at his job. I dont care if he just had a kid. If they knew he was going to have to leave for a while, then put somebody else in charge of the roster updates. All he does is look at and increase or decrease players based on what they say. Any idiot can do that. Where I work, if somebody goes on vacation, then somebody has to fill in, not have the person do a half ass job while on vacation. No update details from last week and so far none this week. Also, only 1 player (that I noticed) went up or down on the Bengals this week. This shit is geting ridiculous EA.

  • Jeff

    Are they ever going to get around to fixing IR? Or should we just wait until madden 2034?

    • beasta52


  • Top1player

    You guys can check the list on

    One of the worse roster update I’ve seen maybe since madden 07 … when we didn’t have roster update. I believe the Bengals got 1 player up ??