NBA Live 14 Disappoints With First Look at Actual Gameplay

Posted October 17th, 2013 at 2:00 pm


EA Sports plans to release extended 5-on-5 footage of NBA Live 14 on Friday but the reveal of a brief teaser clip has eroded what little may have been left of the remaining optimism that anyone could realistically still be carrying at this point for the game. Though a decent amount of information feature wise has been discussed the company has held back from showing the game until now. The first look at the game in action – which was deliberately selected because they felt it would impress or convey something it clearly did not – adds to a rough week which included more deflating Madden NFL 25 next-gen footage

Knowing that any little bit of footage would be thoroughly analyzed and immediately judged EA decided to release this selection to face the scrutiny. By doing so they’ve dug an even bigger hole even while the competition has yet to show any gameplay or discuss any features.

Within minutes errors were being isolated and discussed. Visually it wouldn’t be fair to criticize an Instagram video but again this was EA’s choice to release it through there because they care more about social metrics than quality. What stood out were deficiencies in areas of the game said to be enhanced by the “Ignite” engine or benefit from the power of the next-gen systems.

Half the courtside seats are empty – there are no fans sitting courtside as the team is spread across the whole row of seats. There is almost no one sitting at the announcer table, the sidelines are not fully populated, the ball stops spinning after going through the hoop, and the railings in front of the first row are absurdly high compared to how tall they should be. Gameplay wise the effort by Damian Lillard to fight through the screen is bizarre and the pick and roll defense in general is weak as players slowly shuffle across the floor. These are things that won’t change by watching a longer video.

NBA Live 14 was built for next-gen. It did not have resources split with a current-gen version. That it could look this poor, at a point where the game has to be finished now or within days, could put into perspective why the other three sports games may not see the significant leap that many had imagined they would with their respective first attempts on the new systems.

  • antoniogaud

    oh dear…

    • sdot



      • PPerfect_CJ

        Was that English?!

  • hungryandrew

    Fist Elite, then Live 13, and now Live 14, give it up EA, just stop.

  • Luke Randazzo

    At least 2K14 LOOKS better than the previous generation of consoles. I would love to see some 5 on 5 gameplay from 2K just make sure the game isn’t broken on the gameplay side of things. Live has been a disappointment. I used to enjoy the series but this is a sorry excuse for next gen. I just keep getting that feeling that we may repeat what happened at the last generation of consoles.

  • 2Degreesand6FIGUREPAY

    here goes pasta padre being bias again smh you guys could try to be alittle unbiased im not defending ea by no means but come on guys!

    • Lake Allen

      What does this have to do with 2K? Funny seeing comments like this when years ago people accused him of being biased towards Live and EA.

      • kbd

        when da fck did dude mention 2K? You threw that out there.

    • Biggydaddy2013

      Did you not see the video? Hard not to belittle the junk they teased us with.

    • Jesus

      Look no offense but your comment is out of line. How is this article bias at and. The games simply don’t look good. At all. We are talking about one series in madden that has gone down hill since 2005 and can’t even create a game better then one made 2 generations ago, and another in NBA Live that.can’t even release a game. Pasta isn’t being bias, he’s just doing what he should do, and that’s telling us how it is.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      You’re kidding right? When has EA even given anything of quality to the consumer lately related to NFL and NBA?

  • God

    What ever happened to EA ? Seems like lately they can’t catch a break on anything. Sim City online was a disaster. NBA 20Never seems like year in year out is going to get canceled no matter how much money they throw at their game. Madden… you know. I remember EA as one of my favorite video gaming companies. I can’t say I feel very sorry for them.

    • Details

      Karma is what’s happening to EA & rightfully so. You can only sweep dirt under the rug for so long before it starts to show. The gaming community isn’t falling for their BS tactics that they’ve pulled over the years anymore. I would argue that Madden would be suffering the same fate as Live if not for the exclusive license!


      I’ll tell you what happened; the U.K invaded upper management (Peter Moore, and Mr. Wilson); and has eroded the gamers dreams of great gameplay and graphics, for the sake of investment dollars; turning the company into one of the “worst” companies to work for in the “whole” of the United States! Or maybe it was an American that tanked the name of the company, and these Brits are here to salvage whatever they can? When there is mayhem going on behind the scenes; it really shows in your end product somehow, and some way! We live in a “yesterday society”, meaning, we want all the good stuff today, and not tomorrow! Everything produced today, is ‘old hat’ tomorrow!
      Graphic wise; Live 14, showed me some old hat, and 2K14 next-gen just showed us what we can have ‘today’
      2K and the Live 14 dev teams have had the same amount of time to work on these next-gen projects (One year cycle), so there shouldn’t be any excuses on time to develop the game to where they wanted it to be, garbage! When you have a solid direction, rarely do you ever use time as a scapegoat for why you didn’t finish your project on time!
      The way Live 14 looked thru Instagram, compared to what 2K just posted; i can’t see Live 14 selling that game at a ‘Triple AAA’ title price tag! SMH, no way in hell!

  • Tony Adams

    NBA Live is dead.. 2K IS KING..

  • Nathan Shane Long

    This 2K bias is so unreal

    • MBird

      Nah, it’s not an actual bias, its just EA has taken years to create something so out of date, that it just seems like a 2K bias. You would’ve thought that, with all the time without that annoying yearly development cycle, EA would’ve done their homework and created something that some of us could call better than 2K’s NBA simulation, but no, we get what looks like to me, something that is more of the same if you follow another EA title, Madden. Granted, we haven’t seen the whole thing, but if this is what they want us to see, what does the rest of the game look like? Looks like this is adding up to be one of those titles (see Madden) where EA is trying to sell games on their name alone, which they still haven’t figured out isn’t working as well as it used to.

  • Raskan

    It’s a lose-lose for NBA Live…they don’t show footage, people like you get critical; they show something and people nit-pick every detail. Even today’s 2K video is being ripped apart (clipping, Kobe and other players not looking good, sideline camera guys and fans not properly reacting to the action on the court). This is why developers have been so reluctant to show next gen footage (not exclusively sports games) because anything they show is going to be viewed from under a large microscope. It’s a preview, yes, they probably should have done a bit more but for someone who is supposed to be objective (fair and balanced), you’re far from it.

    We keep forget that this isn’t a 4:3 to 16:9 evolution in gaming, this is 720p to 1080p upgrade, we’re not going to see monumental improvements at the ground floor. Let’s taper our expectations because we’re asking for way too much right now.

    • Details

      I don’t see anyone saying that about the 2K trailer released today lol. You don’t want people to be critical of your game then you can always… I don’t know…..MAKE THE GAME BETTER? They are the ones selling the game to us! If they want us to buy THEIR product then they damn well show us what they have! It’s not the consumers fault that they don’t have what it takes to make a good game smh. They’ve had more than enough time to get their sh*t straight. If they can’t take the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen! Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? So now we’re expecting too much? Most people just want a solid alternative because competition is good for all of us. EA can’t even get the game to animate smoothly let alone all the other legacy issues smh. But our expectations are too high right? Come on man!

      • LocoYoko

        People have complaints about the 2K trailer on other websites, like NEOGAF, or reddit. It looks great yeah, but this whole great graphics = great game nonsense is ridculous. Association Mode and MyCareer are carbon-copies of last year, and they can’t even implement a EuroLeague or FIBA mode into the Association, which NBA Live 10 managed to do and I didn’t even enjoy the gameplay in Live 10.

        I assumed the jump to next-gen would have graphics like this (even though Harden’s beard clipping into his jersey is unacceptable if we’re now heralding 2K has the harbringers of real) but I want to see some new trade logic, or using these new consoles processing power to get better Association or MyCareer experiences, with post-game shows and better half-time shows.

        But that’s just me.

  • MoneyMayweather

    live is done. after that 2k14 trailer pre rendered or not I was huge support of live but not anymore.

  • hungryandrew

    Whats your prediction Pasta? Do you think yet again that EA’s Nba Title will get shelved?

    • If they did that they would be DONE for good. So I think it releases. Question is whether its good enough to re-establish them and build from or not.

      • hungryandrew

        My prediction, EA will receive the same backlash as they did with Elite and Live 13, once this 5 on 5 trailer releases tomorrow. If they do not cancel, I think they will release Live 14 at 49.99 instead of 59.99

        • The contract with the NBA requires $60 release for retail game so that wouldn’t even be an option.

          • hungryandrew

            But remember, Live 13 was supposed to go digital at a reduced price, so maybe they will just say screw it, make it digital at a cheap price and cut their losses. NBA Jam on fire wasn’t 60 digitally.

      • Dre

        The problem with what they are doing with live, is that it is a generation too late. They are just now building a foundation when 2k is already a skyscraper. In order for EA to compete with 2k they would have to come out with a game that is equal to its competition, and that’s just not possible . Even if Live releases, it won’t hold much weight at all because of EA’s track record of failing to deliver, not only with basketball, but also with football. People have gotten accustomed to the quality that 2k has given us time and time again. I personally dont think EA can make up all this lost time, and it’s because of how they run their studios. They aren’t innovative enough.

  • newt

    Pasta, The reason why Live and Madden and Fifa dont look is because the Ignite engine isnt really “built from the ground up” as they say. With the 2K video released today it just shows that if a different company were making sports games the EA brand would go bankrupt with the quality they keep putting out. I cant wait to see what Sony does with MLB The Show for PS4. We can only hope if the NFL does re-up the contract that its only for 3rd parties like the MLB one is so maybe Sony can do a football game.

    • Keith.

      Tiburon’s a joke.

      Thank God for the guys who make The Show and NBA2K — without them, we’d never even know that we’re being duped.

      3 years of development and this is all they’ve got? SMH at the talent-less hacks down in Orlando. The whole studio should’ve been canned a long time ago.

      • fantasyboi

        Go John Kruk!!

      • KwameKilpatrick

        For once I agree with you Keith. Say hi to your sister for me.

  • pitdown

    It looks terrible and I was actually giving EA a chance with this game since Live 10 was great.

  • SJ13_BILLS

    Well said Pasta. Great to see you telling it like it is and on the consumers side. I sound like a broken record by now, but thanks again.

  • Dre2778

    Sucks to be the Exec’s @ EA right about now. They had ample time to put out a quality game as they haven’t released a basketball game in a couple of years. I feel if they want to make a quality game then they should hire new game developers or ferret a few from the 2K crew to help with the endeavour because what they have going on now clearly isn’t working.

    • hungryandrew

      The problem is with corporate I think. Remember, they snagged Mike Wang, Wang had a vision for live with Live 10. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a foundation going in the right direction, gearing towards simulation. Then after Live 10, the higher ups wanted to go in a different direction, that Wang didn’t agree with, then that’s when he went back to 2k. Live 10 didn’t sell well, but remember, live 06-09 was horrible, so fans were cautious. EA panicked and basically went against Wang’s insight and beliefs.

    • Iown You

      EA’s way of doing business prevents any new talent from making a real impact.

      EA is a company that drives brands, not innovation. That used to be different back in the 90’s, but that was a long time ago.

      • BrandsMan

        It’s the same now to be honest. Sure innovation is more welcomed now, but you see Call of Duty routinely selling well, Battlefield 4 is getting hype already. GTA V was amazing and like the 2nd best game of the year, but before it came out, it was fully hyped based off of brand recognition. Even NBA 2K is a brand, as seen by how hype people here got hype about before any footage whatsoever premiered.

        Companies still drive brands these days. It’s just that they realized that innovation allows them to effectively recreate brands.

  • Jason Lewon

    no suprise

  • hungryandrew

    NBA Nosedive 14

  • hungryandrew

    Can you imagine if EA succeeded in acquiring exclusive rights to the NBA?(Rumored after Live 07 release. David Stern rejected the thought.) This is what would of been forced upon us.

  • Egbert

    The FIFA Team is doing extremely well and the next gen videos from MONTHS AGO looked amazing. don’t be doggin’ on them.

    • bennny

      actually the fifa team is doing bad too, for people that know the game. really no changes made to game-play, constant freezes and issues to manager mode that have not been addressed for three years! horrendously over and underrated players like always, ultimate team getting thrown in the players face, interested yet complicated layout to the homepage and other pages, shotty in-game momentum shifts, touch was not made more realistic but poorer in many ways, players seem to make bad weak efforted passes putting you in a situation where you can’t hold down the button because you’ll pass to the man in-front of the intended player. The new scouting thing they put in manager mode is crap and completely useless. Scouting youth players is messed up too. youth defenders have 5 star skills and youth attakers have NO pace what so ever. Just Fifa 13 with a faulty mod if you ask me

  • alex

    great article Pasta! Couldn’t have said it any better.NBA Live 10 was a really great game. I wouldn’t mind them having the exact same game with updated rosters and better graphics..I would buy that

  • The Great Leon

    Took them 2-3 years and they came out with that smh. I was hoping they would rise and competition between both games would make each better for the next few years. Live just doesn’t look like it can compete with 2k.

  • jz

    just because EA and Live are garbage doesn’t make 2k and NBA 2k great. NBA 2k has the worst rosters and updates of any sports game this gen.

  • dinfamous7210

    Kendrick Lamar: “HA-HA high five *clap* jokes on you.”

  • Ryan Perry

    I really wanted EA to give me a reason to NOT buy a game with LeBron James all over it but this looks pretty terrible. Could be a terrible star to this generation for EA if both Madden and Live wind up being as bad as they look right now

  • jr

    This disappointed me more than madden

  • NolaKing

    How can anyone watch that Live video and cry 2k bias, I think some of you just post just t post, you can’t be serious, no one is making you buy 2K, if you wanna buy Live go ahead , but I have a feeling u wont

  • Hugh Jazz

    Its all good people!!!
    EA will probably sell a graphics upgrade DLC

  • MoultonHawk

    Make it a 2K/Live bundle for $75. 2K $50 ($10 off, no crew mode) & Live $25 cuz we want to check it out and are curious.