Madden NFL 25 Week Seven Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted October 22nd, 2013 at 9:30 am


Week seven of the NFL season was a terrible one for injuries as the season has ended for Reggie Wayne, Leon Hall, Brian Cushing, Sam Bradford, and Doug Martin. Also out for an extended period of time are Jay Cutler, Lance Briggs, and Jermichael Finley. Returning to action were Rob Gronkowski and Von Miller while Bryant McKinnie has since been traded to the Dolphins.

Among those who turned in big performances were Andy Dalton, Case Keenum, Jason Hatcher, Muhammed Wilkerson, Chris Clemons, Lavonte David, Sean Lee, Vontae Davis, and Brandon Browner. Some of those coming up short included Tom Brady, Brandon Weeden, Josh Freeman, Nick Foles, Trent Richardson, Bradley Sowell, Tyson Clabo, and Janoris Jenkins.

As always leave your thoughts on which players deserve to rise or fall in the next Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • bird gang

    harry douglas

  • upset bengals fan

    Taylor Mays and vontaze burfict + each with multiple pass deflections. The light is starting to finally come on for Mays. And who is that leading the NFL in tackles? Yes its the severely underrated Burfict!

  • CJ

    Matt Ryan doesn’t have it for the same reason – regular season vs. post-season.

  • Blues Clues

    Agreed. I’d pick Beechum to get upgraded over whimper. Don’t forget LEveon. On I would say Will Gay, Shark Thomas and maybe Cam heyward

    • Kick

      What about Vince Williams? Stud

  • Dre

    When I think of 90+ ratings, I think of the elite players at that position, I don’t believe Antonio Brown is an elite receiver in the league, he’s good, he isn’t great.

  • El Tato

    Raiders defense UP

  • Dre

    lol, that’s cold, but truthful.
    EA should’ve started all over with MADDEN and NBA LIVE,
    even though they say NBA LIVE 14 is a ‘NEXT GEN” Game, it’s obvious that they started with NBA Live 10 as their base when making the game.
    Madden’s animations are completely out-dated. It’s crazy that I still see animations that were happening in ps2 days, in the ps4/xbone version of the game. It just seems really lazy on their part.

  • Wematanye

    Jerrell Freeman +
    Mathis +
    V.Davis +
    Richardson –
    Malcolm Smith +
    McDaniel +
    Wilson carry –
    N.Robey +
    Mario Williams +
    Dalton +
    Burfict +
    M.Jones +
    Calvin CIT +
    Durham +
    H.Douglas +
    D.Davis SPC +
    Bartu +
    Glennon +
    V.Jackson +
    Kerley +
    A.Allen +
    Vellano +
    J.Reed +
    Abraham +
    Palmer –
    Winston –
    Sowell –
    T.Williams +
    Beasley +
    Selvie +
    Lee +
    McCown +
    Newton +
    Rivers +
    Keiser +
    L. Bell +
    Mike Brown +
    Justin Smith +
    Boykin +
    Lattimore +
    Ayers +
    Lotulelei +
    Keenum +
    Hali +
    Clabo –
    Rice –
    Pierce –
    Loadholt –
    Weeden –
    Barkley –
    Foles –
    Josh Freeman –
    Alex Smith –

  • Dagreat2nd

    Andy Dalton Fed Ex Player of the week last week and this week he’s a nominee. Let’s see if he can do it in back to back weeks. No matter if he wins it this week a boost is well deserved for the Bengals and especially Dalton and his receivers!

  • Dagreat2nd

    Andy Dalton vs N.E. won 74.4 pct vs Buf won 65 pct vs Det won 67.5 pct 921 total passing yards 6tds. The last 2 games Andy Dalton drove his team down into fg range to win and won AFC Offensive player of week 6. what else do he need to do to get a boost? He every bit deserving of at least a 85 rating.

  • Dagreat2nd

    Bengals Marvin Jones 40 time 4.4 best was 4.3 why is his speed a 88?

    • 1WhoDey

      You know why, because w’re the Bengals!!

  • HrmmmHummmHmmm

    Dallas Cowboys Changes:
    Brandon Carr +3, I’ve been holdin my breath on this but he is playing at an elite level and I think its time for him to get that big increase.
    Morris Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick +2, Claiborne is producing well now that he’s being able to play man and Scandrick is having a great season.
    Barry Church +2, He’s been playing like one of the best safeties in the league and is a top 2 tackler at the position.

    Sean Lee +2, is it fair to call him a top 4 MLB yet? I think so.
    Jason Hatcher +2, Has the highest DT rating on pro football focus and easily passes the eye test, not enough can be said for what he’s done.
    JJ Wilcox +1, He’s coming into his own at safety, you can raise his hit power and lower his tackling but raise his awareness.
    George Selvie +1
    Terrance Williams +3, He leads the NFL in 3 categories, Catch % (85.7), Yards Per Target (13.6), and Pass rating (139.6, 2nd is Jordy Nelson with 137.8)
    Cole Beasley +2, increase route running, awareness, and all catching stats, he knows, which option route to run at the right time.
    Tyron Smith +1, He’s been consistent as any LT this year.
    Travis Fredrick +2, Strong chance he can be named to the Pro-Bowl as a rookie. Only upgrade his run blocking though.

    Doug Free -1, take down awareness due to false start penalties.
    Jason Vega -1, idk his overalls but he was an offsides machine
    Philip Tanner -1, lower awareness and catching, he ran the wrong route causing an INT for Romo.
    Miles Austin -2, He’s been invisble. Plain and simple

  • gotenrich321

    You shouldn’t even mention sean lee anymore. Sigh the guy hasn’t been updated in months smh.

  • Dagreat2nd

    A.J. Green, A. Dalton, J. Gresham, T. Eifert, M. Jones matter of fact the whole Bengals receiving core. D-line may not have go a sack M. Stafford got that ball out of his hand very very quick but they applied constant pressure and held the run game and R. Bush in check. VONTAZE BURFICT is the man he is the LB of the Bengals future. G. Bernard haven’t received a boost in a few weeks and he’s pleased very well. Since he fumbled against N. E. and he got decreased 1 overall point 3 in carry which I don’t agree with 1 fumble equals negative 3 in carry. Gio has 35 rushes 117 yards 13 catches 111 and a TD in the last 3 games. T. Mays is playing linebacker and is doing good in his transition from strong safety. M. Jones 9 catches 167 yards 2 TD in last 3 games. T. Eifert 10 catches 111 yards 1 TD last 3 games. A.J. Green 17 catches 319 yards 2 TD last 3 games. A. Dalton 69.6 pct. 709 yards 6 TD 2 INT last 3 games Player of week winner and Player of week nominee for this week.

  • Billy mays oxyclean

    Tremaine Brock catching and coverage ++ he had another pick

    Eric Reid should be balanced or aggressive for plays ball trait , he has 3 picks this year and is always around the ball and making big hits + tackling

  • The truth

    From PFF Best D Line of the week award. Three BIlls on it

    “For Williams, he’ll be happy to not only have ended with two sacks, seven
    quarterback disruptions (as he picked up his highest grade of the year)
    but also the game changing play.

    Honorable Mention: Von Miller (DEN) and Jerry Hughes (BUF)

    Hughes according to PFF had six quarterback hurries in the Miami
    game. Marcell Dareus also earned honorable mention honors for best
    defensive interior players in Week 7. He had four tackles and a QB hit.”

    Jerry Hughes + into 80’s
    Dareus + to 90
    Williams +1
    Kiko had a quiet game but he got no boost for his 22 tackle game last week. + He should be at least an 85
    Mckelvin limited Wallace to two catches for 22 yards. Easily a top 15 cb right now but he at like a 77 or something ridiculous

    Aaron Wililams is the unsung hero of this defense. He’s been playing cb and safety and has 3 interceptions, 2 in the redzone. He’s tied for 2nd in the nfl with 3 int. He should be in the mid 80’s easily
    Jim Leonard had the worst game of his career — his stats were ok but he missed two huge tackles.
    Bills whole oline ++
    Freddy Jackson + One tough MF
    Thad Lewis ++
    Robert Woods = 80’s


    WR darly johnson need to be added to falcons roster…..he is super fast also LB thomas howard we just sign him


    matt ryan,harry douglas,jacquizz rodgers,joplo bartu had 10 tackles,demond trufant had a nice game in the nickel back psition..

  • Jason

    the fact that the players on IR not being implemented into franchise with prior injuries turned on is blasphemy. EA is nothing more than glorified arcade games. NBA 2K is the closest to a true simulation game we have ever had for a video game console.

  • BOO


    • 7-0

      Why do these teams have bad records? Because both the Chiefs AND Broncos have played them. Both were recently undefeated until the colts gm. Take away those losses a few weeks ago and how bad would those team’s records look? (I said a few weeks ago.)
      But the point is:All the haters are saying this about KC but NONE are saying these things about the Broncos, who’ve played basically the SAME teams! Instead everyone is going on & on about how great Den is, lol….. Playing the SAME teams, Hate on hater… AND IT’S SPELLED C-H-I-E-F-S.

  • BOO


    • Bill

      Luck is a top 5 qb and has what 10 4th qtr comeback victories? He’s by far the best “new age” qb

  • BOO


    • Dees

      I win is a win! So if you win the Super Bowl one it’s the same thing huh! Seattle was getting smashed by Houston they came back but still! Denver has had a weak schedule and the hawks

  • DemBirds

    Um, Ryan took a 4-12 team that was projected to go 1-15 his rookie year to 11-5 and lost to the NFC champions on the road (when he should have faced them at home because he had the better record but they won their shitty division.) Then he lost to the Packers, Super Bowl champions, then he lost to the Giants, super bowl champions, then the 9ers, NFC champions and very close to winning it all. Think before you open you stupid mouth.

  • Kick

    Vince Williams should get a huge increase, he is an absolute stud. Along with decastro, bell, Antonio brown, and Timmons.

  • Justin

    Is the update out yet?

  • Justin

    is the update out yet?

    • both


  • SpecsTheBarber

    Jets defense needs a boost. Best run defense in the league. Best d line. 3rd in sacks. One of the best in stopping 3rd down. Madden should make playing the jets feel like it. Only Wilkerson has a high rating. He could still use a boost but really Harrison and Richardson. Antonio Allen played physical and did good on gronk tough matchup. Deserves upgrade. Darrin Walls is better than milliner very underrated deserves boost.

  • I Watch Sports

    Antrel Rolle has been a leader on a bad Giants defense, he deserves to be higher.