Madden NFL 25 Week Eight Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted October 29th, 2013 at 8:00 am


Eight weeks of the NFL season are now in the books and the potential playoff picture in both the AFC and NFC are starting to take shape. Significant injuries from this week’s game will end the seasons of Sebastian Vollmer, Brandon Gibson, Travis Benjamin, Mike Williams, and Ryan Broyles while Michael Vick and Ray Maualuga will be out for stretches of time.

Some of the players expected to rise in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 roster update include Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Calvin Johnson (if he can go up any further in some individual categories – he’s already 99 overall), Marvin Jones, Terrence Williams, Andre Ellington, Zac Stacy, Robert Quinn, and Calais Campbell. Among those likely to drop are Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, Davone Bess, Steven Jackson, David Diehl, Chandler Jones, and Dee Milliner.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on who should receive boosts or take a fall in the next roster update for Madden NFL 25!

  • Chris

    Only Thing i have to say is Robert Friggen’ Quinn….Go UNC!!

  • Dagreat2nd

    Bengals 49 Jets 9 Dalton 5tds Jones 4tds defense 2 pick 6 4 sacks plenty of hurries allowed 240 total yards what you want next to give the Bengals their well deserved respect.

  • Dagreat2nd

    Burfict is 1st in tackles Green is 2nd in receiving Dalton is 4th in passing Defense is 8th in NFL offense is 9th in NFL now it’s really about time to show us some respect!

  • Wickedpedia

    Killa Cam finna get that 90 ovr back.

  • TMack1986

    I bet the Colts are extremely happy they chose Luck over RGIII. He’s been on a constant decline this year and he may be another Vick were he’ll rarely play a full 16game season.

  • Marc Brown

    How about showing some love and consideration for Deangelo Hall, David Amerson,Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan for their great defensive efforts vs Broncos last week. D-Hall had two Ints one of which was a pick six and the other was a spectacular over the shoulder catch/ INT in which he literally took the ball out of Demaryus Thomas hands. Hall has been unnecessarily maligned this year but he has three defensive touchdowns (2pick 6’s and a long fumble recovery) and has played consistently at an All Pro Level but not recognized for this.He has not received any attention,no ratings increase but instead decreases, I don’t get this at all?? And as for Rookie David Amerson he pretty much shut down E Decker all game and limited him to minimal catches and yards. Amerson also defended several deep passes with”Blanket coverage”on Decker who was so frustrated that he constantly complained and begged for numerous flags for pass interference. Kerrigan and Orakpo were their usual disruptive selves had another forced fumble and fumble recovery. The Skins defense forced 4 turnovers (3Ints 1fumble) on the future hall of famer Manning. I have seen the ratings get decreased every week over poor play, however when they play well they get no respect or ratings increase and This is totally unfair and whomever is making the final decisions @ EA with this,is way off base and very biased.

    • h8dmo

      Donnie moore said on twittef that pff disagrees so hes going with there opinion. You can check im not kidding. Which shows he knows nothing

  • Bill

    RG 3 should be a 78 overall. He’s a one trick pony

  • gary wild

    andy dalton should be an 86 or 87. i dont want to see him go up by just one again cuz the dude is lightin it up.

    Marvin jones had a beast game and has had 6 tds in the last three games so he should go up to a 78

    And i cannot stress this enough…. GIVE BURFICT SOME LOVE!!!! Dude leads the league in tackles and is an 81 meanwhile james harrison is doing nothing and he is an 85

  • Mike J.

    Raiders Defense!!!!

    • Wematanye

      Sio Moore ++

  • MoneyMayweather

    Marvelous Marvin Jones Fluke week he won’t put up back to back to back weeks with a touch.

    • Dagreat2nd

      He’s been playing well all season. Yes he had 4 tds game it may not happen in back to back week just like Calvin Johnson’s 300 yards won’t happen in back to back weeks.

  • The Money Team

    David Diehl? Why? He only had one bad play this week. He’s played solid since his his injury. If anything he should go up.

  • WhoDey

    I’m interested to see what they will do with Megatron. I honestly would have no problem with him jumping to 100 ovr. However, I highly doubt they will do that, but pretty much all of his receiving stats should all go up to 99. As for my Bengals, obviously Marvin Jones and Dalton should go up (hopefully his deep ball, even though he isn’t a master at it by any means). The offensive line blocked very well, only allowing 1 sack for 2 yds. The defensive backs should go up. Chris Crocker has done everything we asked him and then some since we signed him. Just about everyone in the secondary deserves to go up at least 1. And as we all know, Burfict needs to go up. He is a tackling machine (he still leads the NFL in tackles.) But it’s his speed on madden that really disappoints me. Just by watching the game, he seems to have no problems keeping up with his man in coverage or sideline to sideline.

  • Billy mays oxyclean

    Kyle Williams —
    Dan skuta +
    Willis and bowman ++


    harry douglas had a good game
    can you please add WR darly johnson to the falcons and LB thomas howard we sign him last week.
    WR drew davis
    our DTs played good.

  • jms

    Sean lee +++

  • WhoDey

    This comment is about gameplay only. Does anybody else notice an insane amount of offensive pass interference called? Today I had pass interference called on my right tackle in a normal pass blocking situation (not a screen) lol wtf. Also, idk if I’m dumb or not but when I go to bat the ball down on defense, my defenders don’t jump or even stick their arms up. That is ridiculous. Also, if I throw a deep ball to AJ Green, sometimes he goes to catch it when i tell him to, which is at the last possible second because if he jumps and catches the ball at its highest point then he just drops it when he’s coming down. That is the biggest joke, its AJ fucking Green. And other times when I throw the deep ball, while I’m waiting till the last second to push Y, AJ jumps and tries to catch it at its highest point all on his own. Anybody else have/notice any of these problems?

    • Tired

      Pi is completely broken, it’s like a random call that has no bearing on the play

    • Bungles got talent do u?

      Been waiting to play you. Im undefeated against vellys so far so next time ur in maybe you’ll play me?

  • sherlockholmes

    Qwertybob ++++

    • qwertybob

      Thats mister qwertybob to you

  • dcd

    Terrance Williams+
    Chris long+
    Robert quinn+
    Zac Stacy+
    Geno smith-
    Rg 2 1/2 -2
    Kiko alonso+
    Vontaze burfict+
    Marvin jones
    Sean lee+
    Cordarrelle Patterson+
    Christian ponder-
    Kellen clemens-
    Brian waters is headed to the ir
    Add safety jakar hamilton to the cowboys and the new wr from baylor cant remember his name think his initials are LB

  • arty

    TP2 is faster then what they have on the game and he got hurt one game not every game of his career. along with that wild cat should be added to oakland playbook

  • Huejac

    Bucs that need some love:
    Lavonte David LB third consecutive game with both double diget tackles & a sacks. Lavonte could use more speed.
    Mike Glennon QB Third consecutive game with over 200 yards passing & no picks . Mike could use more awareness.

    • bucyocouch

      Lavonte is the best outside 4-3 lb in the game…for those that disagree, before you do, check his totals for tackles, sacks and hurries. Beast!

    • clueless bucs

      Lol glennon was a crap college qb nothings changes except the league

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Sean Lee is straight up beastly.

  • I_speak_real

    Raiders update need to include terrel pryor speed boost atleast .. dmac boost .. denaroous moore boost. Mike jenkins boost. Jacoby ford decrease

  • HrmmmHummmHmmm

    Cowboys Changes:
    Sean Lee ++++++++++ He’s second in the league in tackles and tied for the league lead in picks. He’s been playin out of his mind and is easily a top candidate for DPOY so far.
    Terrance Williams +2, He’s shown he’s consistent, his rating should start reflecting that now.
    Dez Bryant +1, Sure he isn’t megatron, who is? lol. But 2 TD’s and that spectacular catch he had for the TD should be enough to warrant a boost. His speed can also go up 1 as well.
    Tyron Smith +1, I know he had the boneheaded holding at the end, however, he had a stellar game overall.
    Morris Claiborne +1, had a solid day until he got hurt, and it was obvious he was out because the #2/3 WR’s got more involved from that point on, same case could be made for Barry Church.
    Jason Hatcher +1: Only player that could do anything on the d-line the whole day. Continues to have a great season.
    Orlando Scandrick + SPD, he fetched megatron fairly easily. Showing his combine 40 is pretty legit.

    Brandon Carr -1, Nobody in this league can single cover Megatron. It’s ridiculous he was challenged by his coach to do so. But any CB that gives up that many yards has to be downgraded, no matter how good of a season he’s been having.
    Tony Romo -1, below 50% completion rating for the day and wouldn’t of had many yards if it wasn’t for 2 long TD’s by Dez and Williams his yardage would’ve been terrible.
    Downgrade the whole line aside from Brian Waters (Even though he’s out for the season) run blocking.

    Lions Changes:
    Is it possible to give Megatron a 100 rating? Seriously. He’s obviously head and shoulders the best WR right now and he’s simply not able to be contained by 1… or 2… or sometimes 3 defenders. It’s really not fair. There’s no reason his catch in traffic and spec catch shouldn’t be 100. He is a video game.

  • Wematanye

    Pryor Speed +
    RG3 Speed –
    Polamalu Speed –
    Vick Injury – – – – –
    Eric Fisher –
    T.Wright (Bucs) +
    Waddle +++
    Durham +
    Bowie & McQuistan –
    Carr –
    Quinn +
    Stacy +
    Burfict +
    M.Jones +
    Dalton +
    Pacman +
    Matt Ryan –
    L.Holmes –
    Steven Jackson –
    Douglas +
    J. Robinson –
    Charlie Johnson –
    Fusco –
    Stills +
    Galette +
    M.Daniels +
    Rodgers +
    Boykin +
    Nelson +
    Lang +
    L. Ryan +
    Bartu +
    Worrilow +
    Skuta +
    Will Hill +
    Newton +
    T. Davis +
    McKinnie +
    Lamar Miller +

  • sherlock Holmes <–(detective)

    Doesnt take a detective to know your not the real qwertybob

  • rasool

    Robert Quinn +3
    Chris Long +3
    Zack Stacy +3 and not his fucking carry..that’s the only thing you been giving him past weeks.
    Defense front 7 +3
    O-line +3
    Brian Quick had 97 yards on 3 rec last week n got no boost he need one for last week.

  • The truth

    Marcelo dareus and Kyle Williams had an outstanding day and proving to be a top 5 tandem. Both should see jumps.

    In his first gm back without the cast Gilmore allowed 0 yard against brees. After five targets in the first half Bree’s looked elsewhere the rest to the day. Last year Gilmore kept Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Lloyd and Larry Fitzgerald under 50 yards. Only andre johnson and stephen hill had 100 yard days against Gilmore and the stephen hill game was his very first game. When he is on he is a top 10 cb. By years end people outside of buffalo will know his name. Guy should be at least an 87.

  • Wematanye

    Calvin Johnsons CIT should be a 99.

    • Jack Casey

      I disagree. Should be 100.

  • JaxJag

    Does anyone watch the Jags games? Some of their DB’s need to get bumped up, their O T’s need to be bumped up, C n G’s need to be bumped down. Their WR’s need some love, and DRob needs to be put under RB

  • gaberox

    I really dont care about adjustments to overalls or any other attributes but can you please fix Rahim Moores and Danny Trevethans speed? Moore is much faster than 84spd has great range and covers a ton of ground. Since last year he has graded out as a top 5 FS. Danny Trevethan is obviously much faster than 79spd gimme a break. He ran a slowish 40 at the combine and pro day due to an injury. He had been timed at Kentucky runnning a 40 close to Bobby Wagners at one point.

  • Mr. Karl

    Following Giants players need to go up:
    Beatty +
    Cordle +++++ = should have a better rating than David Baas, this kid has played his heart out and shown that he is a better center.
    Diehl ++ = had one bad play in the entire game and needs to stop being hated on
    Cruz + = guy is 4th in the nfl for and because he wears a gmen uniform gets no love
    Linval Joseph +++ = guy is the best d-tackle on the team and plays his heart out each and ever week
    Jenkins + = maybe an aging player but he keeps pushing the pile and making plays
    Jpp/Tuck = They may not be putting up the sacks but they are playing solid fball and need the love. How many other guys would play through back surgery like jpp did and be on the field for more than 85% of the defensive snaps.
    Hillis ++ = for somebody that was out of fball a few weeks ago, he is playing well.
    T2 = 3 knee surgeries and wins defensive player of the week, that is respectible, guy shows heart and needs a boost. Second best corner on the gmen behind Prince.
    Prince +++ = Guy is the best corner on the team and it shows every week. Hasn’t given up really any big plays and should get some love.
    McBride = guy needs some love as well. Went undrafted and has come in to stop some of the best receivers in the league
    Beason +++ = This guy is a beast and has shown it for the three games he’s played in for the giants. He looks like his old self before all of the injuries.
    Paysinger/Rivers/Williams = all deserve a boost to at least 80. They are playing well and have helped to round out the front seven of the gmen d.
    Eli = people need to stop hating on this guy. He had a few rough games but so has some of the other elite ranked qb’s this year. Brady, Flacco, Ryan if they are all elite since opinions differ have all had rough games. QB’s shouldn’t be rated on one performance, they should be evaluated every few weeks,

  • A-Bomb Johnson

    Earl Thomas needs a boost. Best defensive player in the NFL through week 8

    • et#2atm

      Na sean lee is, he has been the only reason the cowboys d can do anything willis bowman and lee top 3 mlbs in the nfl.

      • Jack Casey

        They have both been very good.. But Aqib Talib has been unreal as well.

  • b

    calvin johnson should be 100 overall hands down………..

  • DonnieBFL

    I cannot understand how the Bengals beat Patriots and Lions and there over all went down , hopefully the will at lease be a 89 over all after beating the brakes!!! off the Jets

  • Dagreat2nd

    Marvin Jones AFC PLAYER OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • donnie moore in the hizzy

    Drop any rb who gets less than 100yds a week any wr who doesnt ger 100yds a week and any qb who doesnt get 300yds per week and any cb without an int or defensive player with less than 10 tackles, bcuz i dbag moore say so. I am the ratings ahole.

    • Wematanye

      If that was true Burfict would be a 90 by now.

  • home of the good burger

    Cowboys: Brian Wyaters out for season, Ratliff released, new DLman added, new Safeties added. make sure Donny Moore doesn’t f it up like he usually does.

  • Sandstorm

    Why would Chandler Jones drop? He had 7 tackles, 1 sack and 1 blocked field goal!!!

  • Dagreat2nd

    Andy Dalton AFC PLAYER OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boss

    Cameron Jordan (not Jordan Cameron) is an absolute monster and should be rated no lower than 95 right now.

  • Dagreat2nd

    Yet again these guys find ways to decrease someone. How come every single time when either Dunlap or Johnson gets a boost the other gets a decrease? Bengals defense held Jets to 1 yard in first quarter and 240 for the game 4 sacks and 2 pick 6s but Dunlap and Peko gets decreased wow! I don’t get it at all please help me understand please!

  • Jeremiah Douglas

    Deangelo hall!!!! Helloooo, played some of his best football in his career this year. Leads the league in defensive touchdowns. Only person this season to pick off Peyton manning twice. Played very well against the top receivers in the league. Such as Dez bryant, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and demaryius Thomas. He should already be 88+ overall by now. Why do you hate the skins?

  • Jeremiah Douglas

    Deangelo hall is getting no love, David Anderson either.


    you still didnt put rookie WR darly johnson on the falcons he been playing in the game

  • Ustabe

    It’s time to stop commenting on Donnie Moores useless job

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