Xbox One Won’t Have Baseball Next Year

Posted November 4th, 2013 at 6:00 pm


Along with the official announcement of MLB 14: The Show and cover athlete Miguel Cabrera SCEA slipped in the declaration that the PS4 game is “the first and only MLB simulation for next-gen consoles” which confirms widespread speculation that the Xbox One will not have a baseball game to offer next spring.

The timing is ideal for Sony who can publicly tout this as a clear advantage over Microsoft in advance of the two consoles releasing later this month. Interestingly the image does leave an opening for a discount digital download or arcade baseball game…as unlikely as either might seem right now. It is noted that the statement applies only to “disc-based MLB simulations”.

The MLB 2K series had been cancelled in 2012 only to later be resurrected by an extension of a year to the third party contract with much friendlier terms. It left only a few months to produce MLB 2K13 explaining why the game was practically a carbon copy of 2K12. That reprieve was short lived and 2K Sports had no interest in moving the series to next-gen.

There have been no indications of another party (EA Sports, Microsoft, any others) striking a deal with MLB. The leagues demands have been deemed exorbitant following the lucrative deal with 2K Sports that came dangerously close to sinking the whole division. That means the absence on the Xbox One could very well stretch beyond just next year.

  • bltzkrieg666

    While people love to tout EA’s record based upon its one franchise failures in the past: NBA Live/Elite, shall we now tout 2k’s track record of crumbling under the pressure of serious competition. NHL2k succumbed to the pressures of the resurgence of the NHL Series and now MLB2k has finally come to its senses and threw in the towel to the MLB: The Show franchise. On some minor side notes they voluntarily threw in the towel on college basketball, and likewise on football when they realized that their perceived football cache’ doesn’t hold any bearing without “That Shield”……..NFL shield that is. Perhaps NBA2k will fall into that same state in a few years. Will be quite interesting to see how NBA2k responds in the coming years.

    • Iown You

      Couple of things:

      People didn’t like this when I said it before, but I’ll say it again because I know it’s true: This is not a Baseball country anymore. Hasn’t been in a long time, and even the steroids-era Homerun shenanigans didn’t make the shift people though it would against the NFL. The NFL’s popularity just kept exploding.

      Nobody makes a big deal of the Baseball failure with 2K because the spotlight is not as hot in the Baseball scene. The reason you still see people lament about All-Pro Football is because Football is THEE sport in America and everyone who wanted an alternative to Madden wanted this game to be a walk-off touchdown in overtime. 2K made too many mistakes and blew that golden opportunity. I mean, I thought Tecmo screwed up with TSB on PS1, but 2K took fucking up to a whole level with All-Pro Football, and yet it’s still the best sim of pro football ever created. Had 2K understood what they needed to do, this game would’ve sold a lot better, I think at least as well as Blitz The League 1, maybe slightly less. But let’s face it, 2K didn’t put in their best effort with APF and it was painfully obvious all across the game.

      And as for Hockey, Hockey is way down the list of popularity in American sports. At one time, Arena Football looked like it was poised to snatch Hockey’s position and this was based on ratings analyses & projections back in ’03-’04’05-ish. Of course, the AFL made a bunch of bad business moves, killed the league’s progress, and never regained the traction it was building, but think about how bad the NHL’s situation had to be to be teetering on being knocked out of position by the goofy ass Arena Football League (which I liked a lot back then by the way, lol). So nobody makes a big deal about NHL 2K because the spotlight is not that intense for Hockey in the United States like it is in other places.

      • chris

        First off baseball is not dead in the usa like you stated is a dumb and iggnorant statement. That is just idiotic!! Look at the numbers, mlb is doing just fine. And your other moronic statement was that 2k had developed the greatest football game of all time to this day. Thats is just soooooo fucking stupid to say something like that. Ill help you out.. when 2k made a football game at the time was the best. Not still the g.o.a.t. if you played that game now and played the new madden you would realize what a retarded thing to say!!

      • feztonio

        the NFL brings in approximately 9 billion in league revenue ; MLB had a 2012 revenue of 7.5 billion

        yes football has more but with baseball showing 89% of the revenue that football has.. certainly doesn’t show anywhere close to your statement that this isn’t a baseball country anymore.

        both sports are widely popular and supremely profitable. in a country of 317 million people there’s more than enough fans to go around for both sports.

        just because you dont like baseball doesn’t mean it’s automatically unpopular and nobody watches it anymore.

  • benT7

    At least MLB 2K is dead for good now. Hopefully someone else decides to make a MLB game soon.

    • Taylor Stephens

      Amen. It was good at 2k5 btu show came and then changed a lot of good stuff.

    • bltzkrieg666

      You can say it BEN. EA, YES!!!!!, EA bring back MVP

  • Rob

    Sony changing the PS3 cover for the 3rd time? 3rd times the charm they say.

  • Brian

    Can’t come soon enough. Can’t wait to pick this and a PS4 up next spring.

  • Just a guy

    Honestly, this might make my Next-Gen console purchase for me. If there’s no dream of a baseball game on the X1 for a few years, then I might be getting the PS4 no matter what. If there’s a PS4/The Show bundle next spring, count me in.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    How much interest is out there amongst the Xbox community for a baseball game (Even on current gen) anyway?

    • If there was a good baseball game there would be interest in it. It’s just that those who are passionate about baseball games moved over to the PS3 five years ago for that.

      • Jay (The Truth)

        I agree, but that isn’t going to happen (Considering the Show is exclusive), so I took the “Good baseball game” portion out and looked at the rest of the landscape. Not well produced and marketed, anything is doomed to get buried on Xbox Live.

  • Willy2535

    Oh no, guess ill just have to go back to playing Titanfall, what a shame! lol

    • FrankC

      I mean, I don’t know what Titanfall has to do with baseball, but okay have fun.

      • Willy2535

        Sony get baseball and Xbox gets awesome exclusives like Titanfall, I know which I prefer…

        • Carlos Aguilar

          Well then GTFO of this sports website where we prefer sports games

  • MoneyMayweather

    Bring back MLB inside pitch 2015 MS!

  • Sports God

    Who would buy the X-box one anyway?!!

    Ps4 was always the choice.

  • Dan

    The Show is such a good game. You’d have to think that they’d make more money if they made it for the Xbox as well. Can’t imagine them losing money if they were to do that.

    • Sean Patrick Sinagra

      I agree, however the problem is Sony makes the Show. What you are saying is like Halo being released on the PS4 or another Microsoft exclusive jumping ship. Mario to the XBOX, Donkey Kong to the PC, list goes on unfortunately Sony has lost a big members of their longstanding exclusive Franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and others