Madden NFL 25 Week Nine Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 5th, 2013 at 9:45 am


Two major injuries occurred in week nine of the NFL season with Geno Atkins placed on IR and Aaron Rodgers facing an extended period of time sidelined. Meanwhile Justin Blackmon was suspended for the year while Jonathan Martin will hopefully be able to return to the Dolphins at some point in the future now that Richie Incognito is gone.

Names likely heading up in the next Madden roster release include Nick Foles, Tom Brady, Case Keenum, Jason Campbell, Gio Bernard, Eddie Lacy, Mike James, Zac Stacy, Chris Ivory, Aaron Dobson, T.Y. Hilton, Pierre Garcon, and Cameron Wake. Among those likely to drop are Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Trent Richardson, Ray Rice, Wade Smith, Lucas Nix, Brandian Ross, Randy Bullock, and Troy Polamalu.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on who should rise of fall in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • Michael Blackman

    Case should be high

  • Dagreat2nd

    Dalton had a excellent month it took you all forever to give him a boost. Now he had a 3 pick game 2 ball wasn’t as accurate as it could of been but the receivers got their hands on it and the defender took the ball. The other pick Sanu dropped that turned into a pick. Boy you guys work quick to make sure the Bengals get rating decreases. What about his 4th straight 300 yard games and the fact that he is 4th in passing and in that Dolphins lost he still completed 60 pct. Now Gio gets a boost what about how well he played in those weeks he got nothing he was making the same plays. Come on now something got to give with these ratings and how slow the Bengals go up and how fast they come down. 64.8 completion pct. 2,587 16td 10int Dalton numbers so far and his team is first in the AFC North overall on Madden 25 just got 86. Alex Smith 59.7 pct. 1,919 9td 4int rating 88. Luck 58.3 pct. 1,845 13td 3int rating 92. Griffin III 60.3 pct. 2,169 9td 9int rating 88. Ryan 67.8 pct. 2,442 15td 10int rating 92. Flacco 59.4 pct. 2,167 10td 9int rating 90. It’s either your a good player with potential or your not. I can only imagine what kind of boost Foles will get and then he struggles like he did last year and his ups and downs this year and then the points comes right off. Do anyone remember the Matt Flynn boost for one game? Dalton is a second round pick that no one thought would have his team in the position 2 straight playoff berths and on the verge of a 3rd and also AFC NORTH division winners. Kaepernick 57.1 pct. 1,584 9td 5int 89 rating. Anybody at quarterback with the 49ers is put in a position to win. He’s a product of a great defense.

  • Captain bvious

    The Seahawks D needs to come down about 15 points. And the Bucs offensive lined raised some.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Pasta, any ETA on the Madden 25 title update?

  • The Truth

    Bills loss to Chiefs
    Despite the loss the gm was dominated by the Bills. KC was held to no td’s and 3 fg’s on offense. If Tuel wasn’t starting there’s a good chance we win that game by more than a td.

    -Aaron Williams was everywhere making great hits all day. ++
    -Kyle Williams was his usual dominant self. I guess you can’t really bump him up, but he was outstanding. (Charles was held in check all day)
    -Jerry Hughes played great too. He should be at least an 82. He’s a starter on most teams.
    -Leodis had a td cancelled out by a penalty
    -Tuels deep ball should go up, but his middle accuracy should go down
    -Glenn has only allowed 1 sack and Pears 2 per PFF. This O line gets less credit than they deserve. 45% of their allowed sacks were allowed by Colin Brown and that other douche, both of which are no longer on the team. The Bills rolled up a ton of rushing yards that the chiefs had no answer for.

    -Spiller should be back up in the 90’s playing like that with a sprain
    -Before being hurt, Robert Woods had 4 catches for 50 yards in the first quarter. He’s the 2 or 3 best rookie wr out there. He just has bad qb’s ++
    -Goodwin another long bomb. His speed should be a 99. His catch and awareness shoud go up. His cit is severely underrated because of the draft reports on him, but he has great ball catching and control behind only woods and johnson.
    -Graham shouldn’t be a starting receiver. I would say to dock him, but he already sucks and I think his rating is fair.

    • Brian Krespan

      I completely agree with these additions!

  • Wematanye

    Jonathan Martin toughness – – –

    • Because the smart thing to do would be to confront the guy and risk being murdered? Ok then.

      • Wematanye

        How can a below average OT come back & be taking seriously after this? Incognito wouldnt have killed him, but now that his career is over he might.

        • And you probably would have said Aaron Hernandez wouldn’t kill anyone before we found out he did.

          I can’t speak to how he’ll be perceived in the locker room. But he’s not at fault here.


    add WR darius johnson to the falcons please

  • Dagreat2nd

    I would understand rating decreases for players that have multiple bad games to show some type of slump. Madden is just increasing and decreasing weekly. Why give boost for a player that won player of the month which shows consistent good play then decrease them for a mediocre game. Andy Dalton has won a couple AFC awards and nominated for others, But a 60.4% completion game 338 passing yards 3int game deserves a decrease? I understand 3 picks no one likes picks but the defense however he still was able to move the ball up and down the field. On the other hand Vontaze Burfict is a beast at linebacker he plays over 90% pct. of the defensive snaps. #55 NFL leader in tackles still been top 5 all year and was one of the league leaders in 14 games started last year he’s been very consistent but he just now reaches a 83 rating. I honestly believe if he wasn’t a Bengal he would be in the high 80′ low 90’s by now.

  • Bicent Ray

    The bills o line zero sacks and over 250 rushing

  • rasool

    St. Louis..change zac Stacy weight He’s not 214 any more he is 224 now. N his trucking n break tackle need go up atleast 3

  • jesse bennett

    Schwartz needs to lose the hat. How about a practice squad option in career?

  • Bill

    Donny Moore tweet that luck will absolutely get the clutch trait. About time…

  • Dicky

    So is M Cooper going to get some recognition?

  • Anthony Glover

    Case should get a nice bump. His Deep throw is 53? throw power 81? I can’t be the only one.

  • Chris Stresing

    It’s great that they are giving the deserved ratings bump to Aaron Dobson but what is really pissing me off about him is the fact he ran a 4.3 at the end of the combine process and for some reason Madden 25 has his speed and acceleration both at 87.. Complete horseshit.. He isn’t Mike Wallace fast, but he is certainly much faster than this game has him rated. He was known for crisp routes, great hands and speed coming out of college. I get why his route running, catching/catch in traffic were so low after he played poorly to start the year but his speed is not something that ever lacked, he just wasn’t catching on yet so I really cannot understand wtf EA is thinking here but its very frustrating as I like everyone else dropped 60 bucks on this game and am a Patriots fan. Really hard to play with the rookies when they don’t have accurate skill sets.. He isn’t 6’2 either.. He is 6’3.. All of this makes a difference and they seriously need to deal with it.

  • Chris Stresing

    Well apparently I can’t use “adult language” on here despite it being about football.. As I was saying Aaron Dobson’s speed ratings are ridiculous. I understand why he had lower wr skills in the start of things, he wasn’t playing very well but the bottom line is he ran a 4.3 at the end of the combine and his speed and acceleration ratings are both at 87.. He is not Mike Wallace fast but his speed should be more like 90 and his acceleration should be at least 92 if not 93.. On top of that he is listed at 6’2 in the game despite every single record of him showing he is 6’3.. Might be nitpicking but facts are facts and that does make a difference when you are going up against the bigger corners in the league.

  • DomoBang

    David Amerson,Deangelo Hall,Jordan Reed,Leonard Hankerson and Alfred Morris need and a boost

  • Corey

    Eddie Lacy not sure what he is rated but he deserves to be rated higher than Trent Richardson.

  • Jeremiah Douglas

    Another great game by d-hall. D-line deserves a decline after failing to get pressure on rivers. Secondary boost, front 7 decrease. Offense was just spectacular and garçon and Morris deserve 91 overalls. Ok game by RG but no TDs

  • rasool

    Once again the update was some trash…Zac Stacy bump up just 1 point after his monster game two TDs….really 1 point..Cortland had a pick n 9 tackles no points

  • Dagreat2nd

    How does a league leader gets a decrease I guess because Burfict had 5 tackles instead of his normal 10 or better he lose a point? Newman gets the one P.I. and lose a point, him and he defense only allowed 208 passing yards but he gets decreased? So since he gets decreased because of one play why Dunlap didn’t get a boost for running down Miller and forcing a fumble besides all the other plays he made?

  • pbenn2107

    You guys are dogging Alfred morris. He had 140 rushing yards and no rating increase????