Save Migration To Future Titles Being Introduced With MLB 14: The Show

Posted November 5th, 2013 at 3:30 pm


What has long been a fantasy feature for sports gamers – the ability to continue progress in modes from one year’s release to the next – will finally come to fruition beginning with MLB 14: The Show on the PS4. In progress Franchise, Road to the Show, and Seasons will all be able to roll over from year-to-year in the future. 

Besides the ability to migrate saves MLB 14 will also include a new “Quick Counts” way to play games which will speed them up, improvements to Road to the Show, and social sharing of footage which is built into the PS4.

♦We know how much time and effort our fans put into their Seasons, Franchises, and Road To The Show players. So beginning with MLB 14 The Show, you can now carry over your saves to future versions of MLB The Show. MLB 14 The Show lays the foundation for year-to-year saves, meaning you never have to worry about starting your Franchise or Road to the Show seasons over!

♦Thanks to the power of PS4, MLB 14 The Show is going to be the most beautiful baseball product we’ve ever created.

♦For some of you, full 9-inning baseball games may be too long for your liking, so we’ve created an all-new Quick Counts option, which utilizes generated pitch counts allowing gamers to play through full games faster than ever. Realistic statistics in this shortened gameplay experience have not been compromised. Users will now be able to play a full 9 inning game in less than 30 minutes, essentially cutting traditional game times in half.

♦We think Road To The Show is the deepest, most realistic single-player experience in sports video games, and we’re making it even better. A few of the new features include a new advancement system, new intuitive player creation process, and all new pre-draft prospect showcase.

♦And finally, what makes baseball great are those “big moments.” The power of PS4 will allow gamers to share those moments using the new “share feature” by capturing and publishing their most thrilling baseball moments, from hitting a game-winning grand slam, to picking off a runner at first for a crucial win in a World Series game.

This is a huge development considering the time invested in modes that have always necessitated starting from scratch with every new release. Those who are deep into Franchises will appreciate the ability to continue them with improvements of the new release while Road to the Show especially benefits as users will be able to continue their careers much further than they ever have before. Baseball is an especially time consuming game with lengthy seasons and many consumers ultimately don’t get much farther than a year or two into Franchises when not simming the majority of games and a handful into Road to the Show before moving on.

  • Jesus

    Wow. This game is going to be absolutely unreal.

    • Keith.

      It’s great that a lot more people are going to finally get a chance to play The Show, too — baseball fans making the move from 360 to PS4 really have no idea what they’ve been missing.

      • Jesus

        Damn right. I made a gigantic mistake not getting a PS3 until MLB 09 The Show.

      • TheWrightStuff5

        That’s me I can’t friggin’ wait for this!

  • Jason Lewon

    sounds col hope the beginner mode returns aswel

    • fantasyboi

      if uve played previously, u shouldnt need beginner mode

  • SmoothOperator

    As long as they bring the commentary back to RTTS, Im all in. I really missed that last season

  • David

    This has been the ONLY feature I’ve been clamoring for in ANY sports game since I played the same season of High Heat Baseball from 1999 through the 2003 version (on PC). They have always had this ability. I mean if they can save seasons from NCAA Football to Madden like they have for the past decade, this has certainly been attainable. This lone fact may have just swung my vote to a PS4 purchase. I haven’t owned a PS since the first one.

  • Brian

    So this is love?

  • CMPunked

    Can someone explain how save migration is going to work? For example say in MLB 14 I have Derek Jeter in my franchise, but he retires and isn’t included in MLB 15. How would his information and character model transfer over to a game that he’s not in? I love the idea, just confused by it.

    • Matty B

      It works out because the base file is from the game in which his license is covered by the MLBPA. Then once the roster imports to the new title, you’ll have a computerized picture of Derek Jeter like if you trade him in the present title. The create a player is so deep in the next gen it’ll easily be able to replicate the player in the new game.

    • Joey

      Yeah, they’ll have to explain it a bit more once the game comes closer to launch. This is a such a long-term goal that they can be vague now and more detailed later. There will be some limitations but they’re not ready to explain them yet.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    The Show really does sound like an amazing game and with an Xbox I’ve really been missing out. I’m kinda hesitant to go PS4 because I’ve been on 360 since 2007 but I think when I go next-gen I may have to go PS4. Even though it’s not an actual gameplay feature it’s still an awesome one.

  • Dre

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! now I need all the other sports games to get on board and I’d be one happy camper

  • Kajeet

    Now we need rosters to update without having to wait or restart season/franchise.

    • Dummy

      And how in the hell do you think that is going to work?

      • Kajeet

        I don’t fucking know, you tell me. Maybe it only works with current season in the game and in real life but stops after the trade deadline in the game. No need for you to come off as an ass.

  • fantasyboi

    I am really hoping they go with the XP route and drop the potential crap. That is really the only knock I have on The Show 13. If I have a player I really like but hes a C or D potential then theres no point to carry him….XP would change everything and be more performance based

  • budro99

    I would love to see Create-A-Stadium still. I think MVP had that but it would be amazing to customize your own Park.

    • fantasyboi

      idk bout having it just from the start but i’d love it if they had it in the franchise mode where u had to have the funds (like madden) to build or renovate….I’m hoping the situation in Oakland sparks sumthin like this

  • jwallace0317

    The generated pitch count thing is genius. Sounds like a really nice way to get a game done in a reasonable amount of time, without having to sim through entire at-bats or innings.

    • fantasyboi

      ya its really vague how its going to work tho, unless someone knows more about it?

  • Robert Norman

    Amazing. If only every sport had a game as good as The Show representing it…

  • Pacoheadley

    Will they finally actually add some statistics to the Franchise mode?

  • Dom

    I wonder if Quick Counts is only only PS4.

  • Tazdevil20

    Once again, we see what REAL developers are able to do and come up with. Hey, Tiburon guys, yeah you — You listening? This is what professional game development is like. Amateur hour is reserved for Orlando.

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