Madden NFL 25 Week 10 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 12th, 2013 at 12:30 pm


Week ten of the NFL season brought about a few major injuries with Jake Locker, Charles Tillman, and Mike James headed to IR. Sean Lee will be out a few weeks, Seneca Wallace was knocked out for the year and replaced by Scott Tolzien, and Peyton Manning re-aggravated an ankle injury he’ll attempt to play through. The Texans today cut Ed Reed and the Packers signed Matt Flynn.

Players that will likely rise in the next Madden NFL 25 roster update include Andre Brown, Tavon Austin, Golden Tate, Rishard Matthews, Calais Campbell, Lavonte David, Walter Thurmond, and Lardarius Webb. Among those expected to slide are Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Terrelle Pryor, Trent Richardson, Mike Wallace, Eric Winston, Brandon Meriweather, and pretty much the entire Cowboys defense.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players should be raised or dropped in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • Pacoheadley

    According to PFF, Stephen Tulloch just had the best game by a MLB all season, and the 7th or 8th best by one since 2008. I think he should get a raise. LaArdian Waddle has played two incredible games in a row as well, he looks like an undrafted gem.

    • Dagreat2nd

      Did he suppose to have had the best game by a MLB this past week? The reason I question it, is because Vinny Rey of the Bengals had a 13 tackle game 3 sacks and a int.

  • Wematanye

    Vincent Rey +4
    Burfict +1
    Dunlap +1
    Nelson -1
    Yanda -2
    Rice -2
    Flacco -1
    Dumervil +1
    J.Smith +1
    Ponder +2
    Kevin Williams +2
    Carlson +2
    Morris +1
    Garcon +1
    Abraham +2
    Keenum +2
    Mathis +1
    Hilton +1
    Quinn +1
    T.Johnson +2
    K.Clemens +1
    Cunningham +2
    McCoy +1
    Foles +2
    Cooper +1
    Curry +1
    D.Thomas +1
    D.Ryan +1
    Steven Jackson -1
    Moore -1
    Konz -1
    Babineaux +1
    Worrilow +3
    Boykin +1
    Bostick +1
    Newhouse -1
    Eli -1
    Hughes +1
    Klein +2
    A.Brooks +1
    A.Bailey +2
    Rainey +2
    D.Gratz +2
    Verner +1
    Forte -1
    Levy +1
    Waddle +2
    Tulloch +1
    Kearse +1
    J.Carpenter -1

  • The Truth

    Dareus, Hughs, Byrd, and Kiko had good games. Only Bill deserving a bump this week is Jerry Hughes and his two sacks.+
    and Eric Wood + I have no idea why he was dropped. When healthy this guy is is possible pro bowl player. He makes all the right calls and is only limited by his size compared to other larger centers. Woods should easily be an 88

    Bills that did bad? Everyone else! but especially
    TJ Graham needs to be a true #2. He plays like a decoy. I think he has as many PI calls as catches this year
    Jim leonard – Whiffed a few times
    Gilmore had his worst day this year, but I think an 82 is still fair. He plays closer to a 90 when he’s on and he’s only been off in two games this year.

    Same for Manny Lawson. He struggled with an injury, but is underrated at 81. He usually is our coverage linebacker and has kept te and wr’s in check all year. I think he should stay at 81.
    I wish we could dock Nate Hackett 5 points. After putting up over 250 rushing on the chiefs, the bills abandoned the running game.
    Same goes for Pettine. He was more cautious against Ben and the bills payed for it.

    Some good stuff here for fun:

  • Dagreat2nd

    Bengals defense allowed only 189 total yards 5 sacks 2 ints and a fumble recovery. Vontaze Burfict 12 tackles needs his point that was taken last week back and he is still leading tackler in the NFL. A.J. Green 5 straight 100 yard games and leading receiver in the NFL. Defense is number 4 in the NFL. Andy Dalton sure didn’t have his best game but still moved up to 3rd in passing in the NFL and brought us back to tie game despite the horrible play calling. Giovani Bernard is so explosive and electrifying 3 tds in last 2 games and he’s doing it by running and receiving. Vincent Rey 3 sacks 1 int 15 tackles wow. The D-LINE got after Flacco all game and held Rice to 1.8 average per carry. Our O-LINE struggled I expect a decrease here or there, but don’t come with that bull decreasing a DEFENSIVE player and the DEFENSE had the game they had. You guys are well known and it’s documented in the details how one player on the D-LINE get a boost and ya’ll decrease someone else on the line as well as our LINEBACKERS or DB’s. Bengals DEFENSE held the Ravens to 189 total yards.

    • WhoDey

      Couldn’t agree more with all of that. As far as the real life Bengals…..Dalton’s picks seem to be just inaccurate passes or maybe miscommunication on some of them. Not bad decisions or not reading the defense correctly. Is that what your seeing as well. Also, the O-line has been shakey the past two weeks all of the sudden. The pocket gets compressed around Andy even when the “hurries” aren’t necessarily there, not sure if that’s the reason for Dalton’s inaccuracy. The thing I don’t understand is the play calling. In OT, 2nd and 10 we run it and gain 8. Then we call the exact same play out of the same formation, Jay Gruden doesn’t think the defense gets paid too or what? Then that 4th and 2 call, WTF. Why run a play where you only have one option? Why not let Andy go through his progressions and then have the opportunity to scramble for 2 yards. I like that play attempt maybe on a first down or something in the normal flow of the game, but not on 4th and 2 for all the marbles. I think the reason for our recent losses are a part of Gruden’s play calling, Andy’s accuracy, and the play of the O-line. We can’t beat the press man coverage right now. Whether it’s on blitz plays or just regular 2 man. I’d like to hear a fellow die hard Bengals fan’s thoughts.

      • Dagret2nd

        I agree wit you totally!

    • Dirk Stensrud

      it’s not very hard to shut ray rice down now-a-days. haha. but i agree with you. bengals D is legit

  • Broken Phins-Fan

    Everyone on the Dolphins should go down 50 points

  • chad phelps

    literally the entire panthers D needs a boost. and please give melvin white a boost from a 65. hes a starting corner and should be rated at least a little better. robert lester is underrated as well

  • Huejac2

    Bucs that need some love:
    Lavonte David LB could use speed & awareness boost.
    Gerald Mc Coy DT could awareness & block release boost.
    Dequan Bowwers DE had a great game & could use some love.
    The rest of the D line held Miami to less than 1 yard rushing & could use some love.
    Mark Barron SS could use awareness & man cover boost.
    Davin Joseph G could use a strength & run block boost.
    Donald Penn could & rest of offensive line run block boost.

  • Jarod

    Can we hurry up and make Foles the first 100OVR please?

  • Eshawn Armstrong

    show some love for the saints please.

  • chad phelps

    just boost everyone on Carolina’s D

  • disqus_JEbSo1pvHG

    PFF has Marcel Dareus as the best DT over the last 4 games. He had 1 strip sack, 4 hurries, and 4 tackles in the run game.
    Jerry Hughes had a good game as well with 2 sacks. Hughes is playing well this season.
    Alan Branch is one of the best rotational lineman in the league right now. It may be a pipe dream, but he should be in the 80’s. Anyone who watches the bills each week knows he’s the unsung hero of the defense while Kiko gets all the glory.

  • mcjedi

    Case Keenam should get an upgrade regardless of the Texans record, a plus 3 at least

    • Brad N.

      I have to agree with you completely.

  • upset bengals fan

    Dalton deserves throw power. If not the lower rg3 watch his hail Mary last year from same distance as Daltons. Like it or not Dalton can throw the ball further then him its on film. And oh yea Daltons throw was against a pretty stiff wind as well. Also like to mention Kevin zeitlers pancake on ngata one of the strongest players in madden

  • Kandam808

    With 70 tackles (leading broncos defense by 20!) and 3 interceptions (Tied with Chris Harris) Danny Trevathan should be at LEAST an 82!

  • Myles Burke-Swets

    Cam newton has a 85 speed rating, that is very inaccurate, he ran 70 yeards for a touchdown against the falcons, outrunning fs and ss, he deserves at least a 92 if not a 95, also he is very low in awareness, which is very inaccurate also, he deserves at least a 85, also Ted Ginn should be better overall, better catching and route running, I do not understand how a team that has made themselves known has an overall of 79 while the falcons at and giants (2 of the worst teams) have a better rating, the team overall deserves a better rating and higher ratings on many players

    • Pax

      I agree. I would give Cam Newton 90 SPD though, 92-95 might be a little too much. I don’t think Cam is as fast as RGIII and Michael Vick. I also agree with how underrated the Panthers are on Madden. In my opinion the guy who deserves the biggest boost is Star Lotulelei. He’s a complete Monster in the interior d-line. He is a clear candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year. I believe Star should be 87-89 OVR.
      P.S. I am a Giants fan lol

  • Pax

    Jon Beason deserves a boost. He has been playing lights out for the Giants and he has turned the entire defense around. 69 STR? You kidding me? He should have 75+ STR. I’ll personally give him 79 STR,90 TAK, and 93 PUR.

  • IdontGetIt

    It’s weird to me this year, that they seem to take longer and longer every week to release the list of roster changes. It exists. It is a google doc file. It takes 2 minutes to make it public. I just dont’ get it.