Demo for NBA Live 14 on PS4 Out Now; Live Streaming of the Game Today

Posted November 19th, 2013 at 11:00 am


The demo for NBA Live 14 is now available to download on the PlayStation 4. The first sim basketball title in four years from EA Sports is officially out in stores today – even though some retailers began selling copies late last week – but the demo provides an opportunity to try the game out before deciding whether it’s done enough to earn a purchase. It will also be out on the Xbox One for that console’s release on Friday.

The extensive demo includes the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Golden State Warriors. There are challenges in Ultimate Team with a roster stacked with young stars like Kyrie Irving, Ricky Rubio, Damian Lillard, and John Wall. Live Season is featured as well with five “BIG Moments” to try and replicate from early this season.

Look for live streams of the full game today through my Twitch account and a special Press Row Hangout late in the evening all about it!

[Update] The archived stream below ran for nearly six hours and included several online games, Rising Star mode, and Ultimate Team.

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  • jr

    I’ve had the game since Sunday. They have a very very long way to go before their able to say they are even trying to attempt to compete with 2k. If the game was more playable, it would make things a helluva lot better. The controls can be unresponsive at times. The whole dribble teq or whatever the hell it’s called is difficult to perform because of the slow response from the controls. Presentation is nice, you get the option to show a replay or not by pressing R3. I tried playing last night and it was more playable after the patch but the gameplay is just God awful. Glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

    The challenges are fun though. Some are pretty difficult.

  • Khaleel Ward

    I didn’t see it

  • Juukbox

    4.3 by IGN…

  • Details

    My download keeps stopping every few minutes saying “cannot download” or “data currupted” smh. I hope this is just due to the fact that millions of people are on PSN at once. I love the PS4 but so far I’m not impressed with PSN. I might have to get an Xbox One sooner than I was planning to if these issues continue. At least Xbox Live is reliable.

    • jr

      I made a post last week saying that the ps4 was receiving mixed reviews from buyers but i guess that means I was knocking the system. I haven’t had any issues with it yet, but then again I’m not looking for any issues either lol

  • TC

    People can fake all they want but this game is not next gen.. It is a rip off. There are no moral victories in video games. Just cuz it came out doesnt mean anything if the leader knows the follower cant keep up. This game showed 2k they are light years ahead.

    • turkey86

      To be fair they did say it’d be a 3 year project. I’m all for competition, so hopefully they’ll keep working at it.

      • B-Dog

        They already had 3 years since they hadn’t put out a B-ball game since NBA Live 10, and this is the best they could come up with? Give it up EA. For the love of God please give it up.

        • turkey86

          If they give up then you have a madden like situation that just promotes complacency. These games need some kind of competition, or we are the ones who suffer.

    • jr

      2k was light years ahead when they first stepped on the scene

  • Details

    Watching you Live stream right now Pasta lol.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I can safely say live is back. I don’t like what other people like I’m different and I like different things. I don’t need peoples sway for me to enjoy a game. It’s Sixth gen goodness in the 8th gen with updates graphics and controls THanks EA I’ve always wanted a spiritual version of NBA live 2002,2003,2004. We finally got it back My baby Live is back and I couldn’t be happier thanks once again EA on a job well done. oh yeah FUCK the haters.

    • BANE

      LOL. Good lord your tastes are awful, I mean hey. like what ya like, but that doesnt mean your tastes aren’t absolute s**t.

    • B-Dog

      If you like this piece of shit game them you must like a big bowl of dog shit with your breakfast also. Game is complete GARBAGE! My buddy rented it and we gave it a look just to see if people were wrong about it and give it a chance, and boy were they right! Now I honestly see why EA hid this game until the last minute. It’s obvious that the devs that created this hunk a shit have no passion for the game of Basketball. I’m so damn glad I didn’t waste 60 bones on this game! I feel sorry for the suckers that did!

      • jr

        This is what makes this a bad place to chat it up with other gamers. People aren’t allowed to have their own opinion about anything. If he thinks it’s back, then oh well. Normally people will disagree and then state their argument, but not here.

        • B-Dog

          He did have his opinion, and I just had my opinion about his opinion. I didn’t break any laws did I? Don’t get so bent out of shape homie. I can’t help it if the game sucks ass. A 4.3 from IGN? LMAO! Come on man!

  • Rob

    lol Even daley cant defend this one.

    • B-Dog

      Yeah, where is Daley? He’s been noticeably absent since Live 14 came out! LOL! He’ll come up with some BS though to defend this hunk a shit, believe me.

  • Samson

    Well, not hating, but this piece of shit is probably the worst game that’s ever gonna be released on ps4/xboxone. Without a doubt.

    Look at this nba live 04 mod and now compare. Not too much of a difference…

  • Details

    So after waiting 3 hours for the demo to download smh I finally gave Live a shot. I only got through one half & immediately deleted it lol. I just couldn’t do it lol. The game is just bad smh. I don’t even know where to begin. Slow stiff robotic movement, bad AI, limited options, no real signature animations, bad player models & graphics, etc…It’s definitely not Next Gen worthy. It almost looks like a PS2 game smh. As usual with EA you can tell they had good intentions & ideas for the game but the execution is horrible. I almost feel embarrassed for EA at this point. All this time & this is the best they could do? They really should’ve released Live 14 on current gen & tried to get sales that way. Current gen will still be the larger consumer base for a few more years. The decision to go Next Gen only could be the cause of their demise. So much for competition smh. Oh well…back to playing some real Next Gen games like 2K14, Battlefield, & Killzone!

  • Scott H.

    This game isn’t as nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. I got it this morning and spent some time playing it, and I’ve actually enjoyed it. I’ll admit it not nearly as good as NBA 2K14, but it’s not the horrible game that people are saying it is. It needs work, I’ll admit that, but it’s a solid foundation for EA to build on, and I really like the halftime presentation. I heard people say the commentary is awful but I disagree. It’s just simple commentary that sticks to the action in the game and not other subjects like 2K’s commentary does sometimes. I know I’m in the minority here, but I really have enjoyed this game so far. I’m not an EA or 2K fan, I’m a BASKETBALL fan and I’m just glad we finally have 2 games on the market to choose from. Competition in gaming is always good in the long run.

    • B-Dog

      It wouldn’t be bad if it was $19.99, but anyone that paid $60 for this game needs their heads examined. I used to like EA games, and played Live a lot throughout the years, but lets face it, they just don’t have it anymore. I mean, to put out a game this bad, hide it until the last possible minute, and then expects consumers to buy it really is an insult to sports gamers everywhere.

      As a serious sports gamer, I just don’t see how anyone can like this game, especially when NBA 2K14 is sitting on the shelf beside it for the same price.

  • jr

    It’s not as bad as people say but it’s also not that good. I’m as big a EA fan as the next person but I’m also honest. I see why they had the game for so long. If the controls were more responsive it would make the game a little better. Unless they can fix that via patch, this game is a failure

    • Details

      That’s refreshing to hear that from you lol. I can respect that. Me personally, I’m not a fan of any company. I just play the best games regardless of who makes them. I grew up on EA games going all the way back to Madden ’92 lol. I would love to see competition in all sports games but I’m also a realist. Live 14 would’ve been decent had this been the game they released right after
      Live 10. Problem is this is Next Gen we’re talkin about here. I wonder how the EA devs feel when they look at their game compard to 2K14? It’s gotta be discouraging for them. I know they’re sayin “we’re not ready to compete” “we’re building a foundation” etc…But when the quality of your game is so disparaging compared to the competition after a 4 year hiatus, it’s gotta be a little embarrassing. Like I said, the foundational intentions are there & I can see where they’re trying to take the game but the question is do they have the talent to execute? Better yet…will EA continue to put resources into it if the game doesn’t sell? They should’ve released this on current gen smh.

      • jr

        I agree that this would have been a perfect game for last Gen after live 10. When I saw the game on Craigslist Sunday going for less than retail, I said what tha hell, I’ll give it a shot. I got home and started playing it and I was like “man what tha hell did I just spend my money on” lol. I tried my best to like it just because. But I couldn’t pull myself to like it at all. The challenges are fun but even then the game is unplayable.

        I know I have knocked 2k’s player faces but live has the worst player faces ever lol. After playing live then going back and playing 2k13, 2k has them beat at every aspect. If only the game was actually playable, it would be worth defending. There is no justifying this game at all.

        It may seem as if I’m always trying to defend ea but that’s never been the case, I just give my honest opinion toward what I play. A lot of people just go by word of mouth and run with it.

  • Efrem Shakur

    damn people. we know competition is good. stop repeating that. You say it as if 2k had legal rights only to make an NBA game. the Only company you should bring up that word to is EA, The best years of 2k is when Live was deceased. Some people/companies are self motivators…

  • Weekend Roady

    EA has worked its way out of holes before with the NHL and FIFA series. NHL 2K and PES both reigned as superior experiences for a few years. The problem here is NBA Live is so far away from even thinking of competing. At their worst NHL and FIFA were never a complete mess and never that far away from competing. The fact that NBA Live is out there won’t necessarily push 2K to put out a better product every year, here’s hoping they just are inspired to do that anyway, since Live is so far out of their league right now.