Madden NFL 25 Week 11 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 19th, 2013 at 8:30 am


Now through 11 weeks of the NFL season and no team remains undefeated as the Broncos knocked off the Chiefs with a rematch coming in two weeks. Percy Harvin made his debut for the Seahawks and had an immediate impact.

Players expected to move upwards in this week’s Madden NFL 25 roster update include Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Bobby Rainey, Charles Clay, Kendall Wright, Micheal Floyd, Justin Houston, Red Bryant, and Joe Haden. Among those likely to slide are Colin Kaepernick, Geno Smith, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Eric Fisher, and Troy Polamalu.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on who should rise or fall in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • Justin Johnson

    YES! Cam made the Pats look like fools! Proud to be a Panther fan.

    • RPMadeira

      Proud of what ????
      Panthers never will gonna win a SB with Cam Newton….

      • Justin Johnson

        Proud that the Panthers are actually good this year? The past few years have been hard to watch so its refreshing. The way the Panthers are playing this year, I think they have a legitimate chance to go to the super bowl this year.

  • JojoWin

    McGloin Rules !!!!
    He should be at least 75 lol !

  • LSUtyger88

    Referees -15 ovr

  • jr

    Matt Ryan deserves to be in the 70’s

    • Wematanye

      87 at the least. 89.2 rating 287 yds/g 18 Tds 12 int. No Julio Jones, no Roddy White for 3 games + 2 or 3 other games he was injured, no run game, & a terrible o-line.

      • jr

        Was only joking around. I’m a Falcons fan so I know exactly what’s going on. Just wanted to pick at him a little bit

  • bubby

    everyone on the Saints D-line needs a boost,

  • Huejac2

    Bucs that need a boost:
    The entire offensive line. Third straight game with more than 140 yards rushing.
    Mason Foster MLB 2nd pick 6 this year could use a speed boost
    Delors Watson ROLB QB hit that caused INT & blocked punt could use some love
    Adrian Clayborn DE could use some love with ton of QB hits & tackles.
    Gerald McCoy DT had 3 sacks
    Deshon Goldson FS had pick & could use some love
    Vincent Jackson WR had 10 catches for 187 & 1 TD could a spactacular catch & rout running boost.
    Mike Glennon Rookie QB when 20 of 22 for 231 & 2 TD’s could use some love.
    Boby Rainey Rookie RB went 30 for 163 2 TD’s. One in the air & one the ground & could use a speed boost.

  • Sameold

    Niners no O
    Atlanta weak
    Houston weak
    Carolina very tough on D
    Dallas no D
    Redskins terrible
    Kapernick, RG3, and Romo r having horrible seasons…
    Just not reflected in Madden
    Once perceived great in Madden, always great in Madden

    • James

      98.3 QB rating for romo as for rg3 he is doing ok for what crappy team he has around him as for kapernick I agree he has 1 of if not the best online and good offensive weapons and still looks lost out there.

  • Bicent Ray

    Buffalo bills d played good week 11 and couple of people need a rating boost Kyle William kiko alonso jarius byrd arron William hit power

  • mcjedi

    Regardless of what Kub-Idiot (Kubiak) did last Sunday, Case should get at least a couple of points more this week

  • Huejac2

    Bucs that need a boost:
    The entire offensive line. Third straight game over 140 yards rushing.
    Mason Foster MLB 2nd pick six this season could use a speed boost.
    Gerald McCoy DT 3 sacks.
    Dashon Goldson FS a pick.
    Adrian Clayborn DE a ton of QB hits & tackles.
    Dakoda Watson ROLB QB hit that resulted in a pick & punt block.
    Vincent Jackson WR 10 catches 165 yards & a TD. V Jack could a spectacular catch & rout running boost.
    Mike Glennon Rookie QB 20 of 23 for 231 & 2 TD’s.
    Bobby Rainey Rookie RB 30 for 163 yards 2 TD’s, 1 by ground & 1 by air.
    Tight Ends Tom Crabtree & Timothy Wright could use a run block boost given the consecutive weeks with over 140 yards rushing.

  • jmazz

    Dolphins Daniel Thomas ++

  • The Truth

    Bills Report
    Easily the most complete gm by the Bills this year on O and D. Now that the Bills secondary has been healthy for a few weeks, they are showing their ability to allow the line to get coverage sacks.

    Two stars that should go up despite being elite are:

    Kyle Williams 2 sacks, a strip for a fumble, 4 tackles, 3 in the backfield. 4 qb knock downs

    Jairus Byrd 2 int and a sack. 3 in the last two games. Both of these players are back to probowl form.

    Marcell Dareus best DT in the league over the last 4 games. At DE he murdered Austin Howard, and the Steelers Tackle all day long. After the loss of his brother last year Mr. Big Stuff is back. I remember his rookie season when he would get man handled by Nick Mangold. lol. He and Kyle Williams beat the living day lights out of mangold yesterday.

    Kiko deserves to be in the 80’s now. The snuffed screen, off guard tackle and stop on 3rd and goal were unebelievable. Commentators couldn’t stop talking about him.

    Danorris Searcy – two int for td this year insticnts should go up, and his tackle too. He still gets beat in overage, but thats why he doesn’t start.

    Without Woods and Johnson in the lineup who would have thought Graham and Goodwin would kick the jets butts so bad.

    Graham speed should go up 1 and his catch too. But 77-80 is still the right range for him.

    Goodwin in his first start 6 catches 81 yards and a td. His speed really should be 100, but a 99 is fair in the gm. He torched Cromartie twice. Ej just missed him late in the gm. thrid long td. This guys hands are great. Knew this kid would be special. Goodwin should be ranked higher than Graham. I say leave graham at 77 and make goodwin a 78. His catch and route running should get huge boosts this week.

    Spiller should go down. Despite the Jets ridiculous front 7 he still needs to produce more than 1 yard a carry.

    Jackson had a bad game too but shouldnt go down.

    EJ Manuel proved why he is the best qb in this draft class so far. When he has time and isn’t hurt or rusty he completes over 70% of his passes. This was the EJ we saw in the games 1,2, and 4. His deep ball accuracy should go up. 3 passes over 30 yards and 2 over 40. But the best stat was his mid accuracy. that should get a boost.

    Chris Hogan = Mr.. 7-11. ALways open. A solid 3 or 4 receiver.

    Marcus Easely should go down. Let the Easely bandwagon disband. He’s been crappy for 4 years. Nice kid, but can’t produce other than kickoffs.

    Cordy Glenn has still only allowed 1 sack according to nfl and 1.5 according to pff. Glenn is still underrated.

    Woods, Urbik and Pears should have their pass block go up. Their run blocking wasn’t so hot though.

    • James

      Plus it helps they played the jets lol

  • The Truth Again

    Jairus Byrd’s stats for the season. In Only six games. Pay this man his money. Boost him up to 99!

    10 targets, three receptions, 18 yards, three interceptions and two pass deflections… passer rating of 0.0 allowed.

    • Pax

      Wow! Those are some amazing stats. He deserves a HUGE boost since he’s that well. That’s straight dominance. No playing better than that especially at the safety position.

  • Wematanye

    Donald Brown +2
    T.Richardson -1
    Fleener +1
    Gross +1
    Davis +1
    Lotulelei +1
    Ninkovich +1
    Thurmond +1
    Abraham +1
    McGloin +3
    Jennings +2
    Streater +1
    Rivera +1
    Wisniewski +1
    Pashos -1
    Brisiel -1
    G.Graham +1
    Burfict +2
    Rey +2
    McGahee -2
    Campbell -1
    Alonso +1
    Dareus +1
    Kyle Williams +1
    Goodwin +2
    Manuel +1
    Spiller -1
    Mangold -1
    RG3 -1
    Foles +1
    McCoy +1
    L.Johnson +1
    Vernon +1
    Fluker -1
    Liuget -1
    Mathews +1
    L.Green +1
    Warford +1
    Big Ben +1
    A.Brown +1
    Heyward +1
    Flacco -1
    Rice +1
    Yanda +1
    Pierce -1
    Jeffery +1
    Bass +2
    Cohen -1
    M.Cooper -1
    S.Phillips +1
    Trevathan +1

  • Madden hog

    Every one on Pittsburgh needs an increase

  • Eshawn Armstrong

    Update the entire Panthers defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DBA

    Anyone have a link to DL the latest roster updates for 360??

  • Pax

    Why the hell does Jon Beason keep on decreasing? He has exceptional for the NY Giants and has turned the defense around. Through five games, he already has 36 tackles and an interception. He has shown his ability to shed blocks and doesn’t miss tackles at all. He has shown great speed, and great coverage ability. New York is raving at how well he has played for the Giants yet he continues to decrease. 67 STR? 84 TAK? 87 ACC? 82 OVR? He should have 79 STR, 90-95 TAK and 90 ACC. He deserves to be at least 85 OVR, but I would argue him to have 87 OVR.

  • delante odom

    it amazes me how troy drops after a win. the guys that should go up never do and the ones that should drop don’t.

  • Chargers4441

    Demeco Ryans, 6 weeks late on showing the man some love.

  • Kandam808

    Hmm someone should really do a comparison on the Best Madden NFL defensive players compared to the real NFL defensive stats..They’re quite off