EA Responds to NBA Live 14 Feedback

Posted November 22nd, 2013 at 2:30 pm


In an unprecedented move the executive producer of NBA Live 14 has come out to publicly apologize for its deficiencies just days after release of the game. Sean O’Brien has posted a letter to consumers regarding response to the game’s launch and plans on improving it.

I’m not going to lie; it’s been a rough week. As you can imagine, this isn’t exactly the NBA LIVE comeback story we were hoping for this year. We hear loud and clear that some of you are disappointed in various aspects of NBA LIVE 14, and I’m sorry if the game doesn’t live up to your expectations. Looking at your feedback, we have laid out a plan to make NBA LIVE 14 a better game as quickly as we can.

The plan includes updates intended to make the game easier to understand and enhancements to graphics and animations. 

The NBA Live series continues to be a fascinating story. Unfortunately the openness about the game and dedication in responding to consumer concerns comes too late when EA Sports essentially hid it in the lead-up to release. Not having a tutorial and/or practice gym marks arguably the worst decision EA has made in handling the return of the franchise. There was no need for feedback to realize those were necessities.

Continued support will go a long way in reestablishing trust and showing a true commitment to the series which certainly stands on shaky ground for the future. While not going to garner additional sales or change the minds of those who have already turned away from it, providing extensive post-release support is very important as abandoning the game would send the message that the company has already given up.

  • Dre2778

    The series is dead and buried with no need to revive it. EA must know that anything done from here on out is pointless.

  • Khaleel Ward

    Yea for a game to be gone for so long they should of had a practice/tutorial system. The game is out now, they can say all they want but fans want to see results. I hope they get another chance. The game just isn’t fun.

  • Antwon Clemons

    They should just revamp it with a completely brand new team because, it like the same copy and paste arcady game every year. It looks, plays and feels the same.

  • jr

    Too late. Should have been showing actual footage before release. Should have been allowing non paid consumers to give feedback. Unless these graphics and animations fix gameplay they’re wasting their time. By time they patch it, it’ll be too late and no one is gonna buy it or want it back if they haven’t already smartly traded it in. They better have it within the next week if they wanna save themselves. Either way I think it’s too late for them to redeem that shitty game

  • Michael Curry

    This is an empty gesture. They knew they had a poor product, but hid it from customers in the hopes of duping them into an uninformed purchase. Any claim that they want to make it better now is hot air.

  • JS7

    NBA Dead 14.

  • Smartass Dad

    This isn’t “unprecedented”. Anyone remember Sierra Sports (nee Front Page Sports) Football Pro 99? The game got recalled after 2 weeks. Sierra apologized for the quality of the product, promised patches that included improved features, and let the gaming community provide input for the 2000 release?

    I think Sierra dropped their entire Sports division a month after that.


  • Iown You

    The question is: Where is Daley and the rest of the NBA Jive defenders with their horseshit now? LOL!

    • Daley7199 is bltzkrieg666

      Daley is using his outher handle which is bltzkrieg666 to post on these forums.. he cant hide from me….

      • Keith.

        Skopin’s another guy I haven’t seen around as much now that Live’s a critical and sales disaster. Maybe it’s been 1 Game Changer using different names all along.

        • Skopin

          I’m sorry, but I was still checking the server issues with 2k thread waiting for your input, especially since almost every mode requires a connection to the 2k server. Take Two stock prices are down, but I haven’t seen you trolling the boards to point it out.

          I’ve said what I wanted to say about Live. I’m not looking to change people’s minds, mostly because I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Most people made up their minds on the game before they played it, and I have no reason to try to make people see anything different.

          The videos have shown both good and bad things for both NBA games. From what I’ve heard, those who have taken a little time to learn the game have said Live is much better than most give it credit for.I’ve said all along that I will play the demos for any game and make my decision from there.

          • timschel

            Live is a mess. Period. There is little positive about the game other than it finally shipped. Trust me. They look at 2K and know their game isn’t even in the same league.

          • Scott H.

            I’m one of the people that has taken time to play Live and learn it, and as I said before, it’s not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. I’ve actually enjoyed it so far. Of course it’s not NBA 2K14, but it’s not a bad game at all.

      • sdot

        A WiSE MAN ONCE SAiD


    • Buddy Milkshake

      NBA Jive 14

  • Iown You

    Where is the apology from the Madden Team? M25 is a weak ass port!

  • Details

    While I can’t knock him for the apology, if almost comes off as scripted damage control smh. Ironically they could’ve avoided a lot of this heat if they would’ve been more forthcoming in the weeks leading up to release. Gamers & reviewers would’ve eased up a little had EA handled things better. Live was already an easy target to begin with & I’ve maintained all along that they were only hurting themselves with the way they chose to go about marketing this game. Don’t come out with a CGI trailer at E3 trying to pass it off as “actual gameplay footage” when you kniw damn well you’re setting yourself up for failure smh. Don’t schedule media events & cancel at the last second. Don’t try your best to avoid showing gameplay until the last possible second. I mean these were all red flags smh. So now that the game is getting exposed, you want to take this approach? A little too late for that. So we’re supposed to have faith that EA will quickly improve the game with post release support yet you basically had 3 years already & couldn’t? Sounds good but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Carter Donaldson

    It honestly upsets me that you used the greatest mascot in sports for an article posting about the worst game in sports video games!!!

  • Efrem Shakur

    (jojo voice) You take my hand, and you say you’ve changed

    But NBA LIVE you know you’re beggin’ don’t fool me
    Because to you it’s just a game
    (You know it’s just too little too late)

    So let me on down
    Cause time has made me strong
    I’m starting to move on
    I’m gonna say this now
    Your chance has come and gone
    And you know

    It’s just too little too late
    A little too wrong
    And I can’t wait
    NBA LIVE you know all the right things to say
    (You know it’s just too little too late)

    You say you dream of my face
    But you don’t like me
    You just like the chase
    To be real, it doesn’t matter anyway
    (You know it’s just too little too late)
    hahah lol

  • Skihawks

    I didn’t think it was as bad as the world made it out to be. The areas I found it needs work is the shooting animations and non-responsive controls. The graphics weren’t as bad as I thought after reading many posts. I also liked the stadium sounds, presentation and the sounds of the game (ball, net, etc).

    It’s not 2K, we know this, but if EA can build on the little things it can be solid.

  • Tazdevil20

    All this translates to is, “since there is a competing product in the NBA space that is FAR better than our game, we will work harder and harder to attempt to get the exclusive license to the NBA so we can release a half assed, piece of shit product and ruin NBA gaming forever just like we did to Football.”

  • Casor_Greener

    Here Daley, Daley, Daley… Here Daley, Daley….AJHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. suckers make a Square!!!!

  • Samutuck

    Sean O’ Brien does not not realize that this might do more harm then good. He basically admitted that this game was sub-par all along. People that bought the game are going to feel like lab rats that were tested on. How do they recover from this? Will they ever be able to gain trust?

    • Keith.

      He may realize it — if you notice, comments are not allowed on the page where his post appears. That’s for a reason — EA knows if they allowed comments, they would resemble the comments here.

      • hungryandrew

        Same with operation sports almost

  • bltzkrieg666

    You have to keep in mind Pasta that only a small segment of the gaming community even have their hands on a new console yet. Many people won’t have it until Christmas or thereafter. Don’t be so quick to write them off. If they make significant improvements to the game by, lets say January/February time frame, then they could easily rebound on this game.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      Gamechanger or fanboy? you tell us. EA deserves no more chances and have screwed the games out of a decent NFL game, NBA will never ever. I can’t believe the nerve of you people trying to sell us on a pile of sh*t game.

    • timschel

      You’re a moron. You keep speaking like you’re some authority on game development when it’s obvious you’re not. You cannot patch many of the problems he is promising. Can you fix 1 face? Lebron’s perhaps? Sure. Maybe. Can you fix a few a handful of animations? Yeah. But they’re going to be limited by the engine itself. There won’t be anything significant changes made through a patch – it’s too risky and it will eat into the development of ’15 (as if anyone is going to buy that after this latest blunder)

  • bltzkrieg666

    I guess we will see Kruk. Sean O’Brien put his and this team reputation on the line here. There is a lot more at stake here for these guys then the opinions of reviewers, trolls, and fans alike. If the team doesn’t deliver on Sean’s promise then they indeed signed their own death warrant that would extend far beyond just the making of a game. This is their livelihood and perhaps you should keep this in mind. Its not funny to them nor is it a game. These guys don’t have anything to do with marketing either. Another fact you should keep in mind. Kruk always has some shit to say about shit he doesn’t even play. Oh and by the way, who said that EA would stop making a golf game. They just didn’t renew Tigers over priced contract. Tiger isn’t shit anymore and he certainly doesn’t warrant what he was getting from EA for his license. Let me put it in terms you can understand Kruk. TW is like A-Rod. Overpriced, Old, Under productive. Smart move on EA’s part to cut ties. Many other notable golf stars that could easily be on the cover. I’d put Phil Mickelson on the cover in a heartbeat. Phil has never graced a video game and he is a fan favorite. You could even license the greats like an Arnie or a Jack and make them the Madden equivalent to golf.

    • Jesus

      lmao didn’t even read anything after “kruk” to insult Keith. Sorry Keith is right. Live sucks, and 2k and The Show are still the kings of video game sports. You’re wrong he’s right.

    • derrick ennis

      phil would cost them just as much as tiger if they wanted to license his name

      • Skopin

        But Phil is more of a fan favorite now. Tiger has had a ton of bad publicity and, until recently, his performance has been sub-par.

    • Keith.

      “Kruk always has some shit to say about shit he doesn’t even play.”

      I agree Live is shit. What I don’t get is why you are still playing/defending it.

      • Skopin

        EA could have released NBA 2k14 in a Live box and you would say it’s the worst thing ever created.

        Just the same, 2k could have released Live 14 and it would be the most amazing game in the world to you.

        • Keith.

          Nonsense. You never see me praising MLB2k, nor do you ever see me slamming FIFA (which may or may not be as good as PES — I wouldn’t know).

          But keep sticking up for Live, Skopin — Daley seems to have gone missing, so somebody’s got to do it I suppose.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      Well maybe EA needs to stop hyping sh*t products. This company has lived off fanboy and game changer hype. With out them… EA is toast.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      Pasta, do us all a favor and send these fanboys/gamechangers back to the other forums that defend EA and ban instantly.

  • God

    It’s kind of on you really if you bought live over 2k14.

  • YoYoMa

    If you’re an exec at 2k, how do you prevent injury from non-stop laughter for, oh, I’d say the next 48-72 hours.

  • Rob

    “we have laid out a plan to make NBA LIVE 14 a better game as quickly as we can.”

    Is that a typo? I think they mean NBA LIVE 15.

    • No…they’re going to be patching improvements in (and likely adding features along the way too).

      • Tazdevil20

        Isn’t competition great? You could replace “NBA Live” with “Madden” in all of these discussions had 2k been able to continue with their superior football title. This is what happens when you lack the vision and talent to compete against the big boys. You have two options – scrap it and start over, or buy out the competition after admitting your product sucks and can’t compete. Both of these scenarios have already occurred…

        • Keith.

          Exactly. If NBA2k didn’t exist, EA would be telling us that Live is the best that can be done with the technology — just like they’ve done with Madden the past 9 years.

          • SJ13_BILLS

            I was just going to say that Keith. I am appalled at how they are putting all of this post launch support into their garbage product yet leave MADDEN untouched.

          • hungryandrew


    • Oliver85

      Im having fun playing NBA LIVE 14 …Does it look pretty NO..Is It Hard to Play YES..Is The Gameplay Faulty N Bad ??? At Times YES Worth 60 Yes..Here my reason First off Im A Basketball Fanatic I play ball n is a TRUE BASKEBALL GUY
      The More Time I spend playing this game the better if feels BASKETBALL WISE ….if u play the sport n can actually Play (( No Diss to those that CAN’T LOL)) if u guy who live there hoop dreams through basketball video games then u can’t relate to this game …NBA 2k is ur game which by the way is a great game Kudos to those guys I like that game as well so I’m no fanboy just love the game of BASKETBALL even that game has Gamepay Issues that date back to NBA 2k11 CG …Back to my reasons why I like the directions the NBA LIVE 14 devs are heading Guards play Like guards Bigs play like Bigs u
      cant say that about the other game Dwight Howard Dribble the ball like Kyrie Irving n do
      moves like LeBron James Look At Floor Spacing, how pick n roll plays are run teams playing like
      they do in real life both defensively n offensively
      Things that never been implemented in Basketball games ever !! Knowing when to drive left or right based off how the defense is playing
      or which hand to use n taking proper angles….
      stuff like that it takes a lot time but once u get
      the controls down pack which I did u can see the potential this game have n just cause u don’t know how to play or having hard time getting the game to respond to how u want it to doesn’t mean its a bad game u just suck at it I lost almost everygame before I got the hang of the controls n honestly 2k looks Great by Far Best Game I have ever seen on console the game is easy play cause everyone on the court plays alike whether u have Chris Paul or Blake Griffin they move at the same speed no difference LIVE IS NoT BaD As U THINK IF U Understand The Game of Basketball

  • jsouva6

    If only EA Sports could make games now like they did in the MVP Baseball days…

  • HV

    This is somewhat similar to PES, this year they changed to a new engine and there were so many gameplay and online issues that fanboys were insulting the community manager daily. Last saturday, two whole months after the release, a patch has finally arrived, along with a 1.3 GB data pack that updates the rosters with late summer transfers (Bale was still at Tottenham and stuff like that) while adding 800 faces and more than one thousand new players. The game still has some issues and debatable artistic choices, but at least now is playable.

  • Tetsuo

    You know, while I bought 2K14 and have been an avid supporter of 2K’s franchise, I will say this: As far as I’m concerned, I trust EA over 2K right now. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for it, but EA at least is now openly addressing issues. When was the last time 2K really did that? Look what’s going on with this always online/VC bullcrap right now. 2K hasn’t said crap in regards to fans concerns/complaints. I want Live to succeed if only to humble 2K into actually serving their customers again.

    • dhall

      Are you stupid? The only reason EA is “openly addressing issues…” is because there is a another NBA game on the market that is FAR superior…Why don’t they do it for Madden or NCAA? Gee…Hmm…Let me think. WAKE THE FUCK UP, dude! And, why do you think 2K hasn’t addressed the problems with their sim? Because, they know there product is FAR surperior and aren’t worried about NBA Live because they know their customer base is already solid…The game sells itself. Duh.

      • Tetsuo

        Yeah, because not addressing issues since your product is the better one is a great strategy and one that shows respect for your customers. You got me.

        And as far as EA- I have every right to be able to say that I respect EA’s efforts over 2K’s. Yes they have to do it to catch up to 2K- but at least their post launch support is obvious. What’s 2K done? Nothing. Not even a PR release on how they plan to address the issues. Bravo 2K. Over a decade of supporting them and they’ve consistently gotten worse with their consumer support.

        • dhall

          Exactly, this is why I asked you if you were stupid. I’ve explained to you WHY they won’t fucking address anything earlier…And don’t rant on me about 2K’s business practices, I don’t give a shit nor do I run the fucking company. You really are a moron, aren’t you? So, let me ask you this genius…Where has EA been in their PR department for selling shit video game football to the masses? Where are their excuses for freezes, bugs, games not being finished? There aren’t any, you know why? BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE MAKES FUCKING FOOTBALL GAMES! Do you fucking get it now, dumbass?! Do you?

          • Tetsuo

            Yes. I am the one ranting. And using a advanced vocabulary like moron. You got me. You win. You always do.

            Oh and by the way, this entire conversation has been about their basketball game. I could care less about Madden.

            Either way, I’m done here. Arguing with a 12 year old isn’t high on my priority list. Peace.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      I stopped reading at “i trust EA”

  • smill37

    No, they did not have 3 years to make Live 14, they had less than 1, they worked on 2 games and started from scratch each time they canceled it, the people who say things like they don’t expect much because it took them 3 years to make Live 14 with this result need to learn more about how game development works.

    • hehmke

      they did have 3 years. stop making excuses for ea. its a truly awful attempt and people like you are the reason they release trash.

      • Skopin

        Really? So then dev consoles for the XBox One and PS4 came out in 2010? That’s awesome. And not only that, but NBA Live 13 was actually being developed on said consoles, since they were working on it for so long.

        Please stop with the same “they had 3-4 years!” argument. No, trying to build the game in one dev cycle does not excuse inadequacies, and they probably should have given it another year in development before releasing it. But for people to honestly believe that they have been working on one iteration of the game since Live 10 is asinine.

    • Darrell Kilpatrick

      They have been working on this since 2009 lmfao

  • j

    just give up….concentrate on madden and ufc

  • seattlesonicsofsacramento

    “While not going to garner additional sales or change the minds of those who have already turned away from it” <- Actually, pasta, this is exactly what this news is doing to me. Leading up to Live 14's release, I was planning on buying it, thanks to fond memories of Live in the mid-2000s and wanting to encourage healthy competition for basketball titles. I waited until the reviews came out and when I heard how lackluster the game was, especially how inexplicably opaque they made their learning curve, I was disappointed and decided not to waste my money. However, if they truly improve the accessibility as well as the animations, and hopefully provide more post-release support so that we're not just playing a major sports game with one year of development, then I'll strongly consider my original plan of buying it.

  • dhall

    The only gucking reason that they are smallowing their balls on this is because there is competition. Well, not even competition…It’s a slaughter. They can only get away with silence on NCAA and Madden without other products to compare it to. Fuck you, EA…No mercy.

    • SJ13_BILLS


  • SJ13_BILLS

    I’ll bet one of the 2 gamechangers/fanboys voted this down.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      And there’s #2 on cue!

  • hungryandrew

    Quick question? How do you patch in better graphics, and animations? Seems impossible to me

    • dhall

      Oh, that’s easy…It’s called NBA Live 15.

      • hungryandrew


  • hungryandrew

    This game will end up 19.99 after black Friday

  • Relly

    I think its time for a NEW devolper to create a basketball game, EA is DEAD they’ve been dead since live 07 (exception live 10). Live 07 was complete garbage, live 08 complete garbage, live 09 was ok, live 10 was a series savior. Now everything after that has been cancelled or complete garbage. Why do Live fans keep giving them chances?

  • hungryandrew

    Pasta seems excited playing this game for over 5 hours!!! His dog on the other hand is, still currently shell shocked.

  • hungryandrew

    Why are EA loyalists, and the general public are so surprised by this? There were no 5 on 5 gameplay videos shown until after the release of the game. Actually some game play were shown a few days before release via twitch. My point is, if all you see are trailers, 1 basketball player dribbling around by himself on a empty court, and pictures of nba in game courts, something is fishy.

  • eyeamsam206

    Easier to understand meaning dumbing down the game like Madden where it don’t take skill to play and even a 2nd grader with no basketball knowledge can pick it up and play? No thank you..

  • Rick

    Does anyone really know why Ea is in a dead tail spin? I mean madden next – gen IS better than current gen and Fifa is a hit , but both are nothing to scream about…

    I’m very curious to see why EA has had such a huge drop off with its sport titles… We all can assume everything but there must be a bottom line to all of this..

    I for one think that EA has their hands in way too many titles and now the foundation in which they were built is crumbling beneath them…

    • Keith.

      The short answer is EA spends most of their money on licenses, rather than talent.

  • MARZ76

    2k can take it all,but they need to get a nfl game out again. ea nba live is trash this should of been on the ps3 an 360 i think they ported it from the 360 to ps4 an xbone. you can not port games from the 360 anymore stop it an stop these horrible ports

  • Padrum

    Fuck You EA

  • hungryandrew

    NBA LIED 14

  • Aries Hughey

    This game sucks. Not for a noob for live 14 . Go wth 2k much easier to learn to play