More Concerns Over NBA 2K14 Surface As Game Has Started Crashing For Many

Posted November 24th, 2013 at 11:45 am


In the last few days there have been a large number of reports of NBA 2K14 on both Xbox One and PS4 crashing in the middle of playing games or while making progress in the various modes. No error message or anything of the sort is displayed when this happens. 2K14 just closes out back to the main menu or all the way to the dashboard and everything is lost.

This would appear most likely related to issues with the 2K servers, which have been troublesome from day one becoming one of the few black marks on what is otherwise a terrific product. At times the problems have even prevented consumers from accessing most of the modes contained within the game.

2K Sports has yet to comment on the issues or what they are doing to address them. There is a patch in the works but when it’ll be out and whether it has anything to do with the servers and connectivity troubles remains unclear.

  • ribbly

    say what you want about EA but 2K doesnt take care of customers either. 2K is worse since they just go quiet and ignore any problems their games have.

    • Ace McCloud®

      Haha least EA attempts to fix problems. 2K does one patch and then that’s it. That’s kind of why I so desperately wanted NBA Live ’14 to be a worthy game.

      • brendon

        It’s so true in every 2k they literally do 1 to 2 patches and despite there still being many bugs left they wait till the next game to address it. It’s BS

    • Taylor Stephens

      Completely agree.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      You do realize EA is only kissing ass because of competition? How much attention has that shit fest MADDEN gotten?

      • dhall

        You do realize that this was exactly what I said in another post, that you responded, “Well friggin’ said +1″…Way to take credit for your amazing epiphany. The only problem is that mine was better. Nothing like getting hit by a ton of bricks, you in this case, taking that brick and saying it was your own. Douchebag. How “well said” was that?

      • Skopin

        More than NBA 2k on PC, that’s for sure. I’m still waiting for my patch for 2k13. It’s sad when the community can do a better job fixing the game than the developers.

      • Nally

        the new engine runs very smoothly if i do say so myself on the next gen consoles. Huge difference between 360 and ONE gameplay.

    • Casor_Greener

      Anybody buying next gen out the gate should have expected this. Happens every time. Suckers make a square!!!

    • Efrem Shakur

      Right, is that why they work so hard to make the best authentic basketball game ever?

    • dhall

      You guys are fucking stupid. Why would 2K respond? Why? They’ve made a shit ton of money on this game. It’s over. They know Live ain’t shit, they got you by the balls. They know you will buy 2K Basketball. Period. Just like EA’s got you by the balls with football. Where in the fuck is EA when all of these questions arise on NCAA and Madden? Where in the fuck are they? DOn’t even dare give them a pass on this bullshit. EA is only sucking your dick right now, with there Live response, because there is another game on the market. Otherwise, they are counting millions with NCAA and Madden and don’t give a fuck what you sheep think about those games. You know why? Because it is the only choice you fuckers have, if you want to play football. With basketball, there are TWO. And, they only make one of them. Get it? Good. So, shut the fuck up and quit whining, “Wow, EA, man they stepped up to the plate on LIVE. Man, where’s 2K?” Shut the fuck up, you idiots…You guys are stupid, sorry.

      • CSaint

        I sense some serious hostility here.

      • whytemic

        wow what dumbass you know nothing about the customer market or even how much money it costs to make these games hires and fires are at high rate in the gaming industry so yea it make a little difficult on the customers but you my friend sound like a complete idiot who is the stupid one now

      • Commentator Prime

        I can tell your stepdad is a game developer.

    • GodzFavRican

      Yes i agrre 2k takes your money and that is it
      …. these mother fuckers are realesin messages selling shit but cant fix the game … I sware if i ever meet ROnnie 2k i am slapping him with my 2k disk

  • Furious Buddha

    The servers have been rocky since the PS3 launch. When I would play my 2K13 game on my 360, the game would crash and bug out. So far on the Xbox One it’s been great. However I wonder if we will see less of the servers (I fear the day the servers go down and I can’t play the SINGLE PLAYER parts of the game, if the reports are true) in 2K15. I hope everyone is gaming well.

  • steve

    2k has the worst servers I’ve seen since ever

    • MBird

      I think the best thing about 2K is that they obviously have a ton of faith in their servers, which is evident by how much next gen NBA2K14 relies on their servers to do nearly everything in the game. Great call 2K, great call.

  • jake

    Thanks for doing a story on this. I havent been able to finish a game since yesterday.

  • Khaleel Ward

    Damn I was thinking about picking this game up. I don’t know about it now

  • mbrink12

    Happens to me mainly in the Park

  • Nathan Shane Long

    NBA Live 14 don’t crash perfect servers

    • Iown You

      That may have a lot to do with there being so few users of NBA Live to actually tax the servers in the first place…

    • SJ13_BILLS

      Because nobody is playing…

    • Jacob

      Doesn’t* and the point is irrelevant, that NBA Live 14 is the shittiest thing i have ever seen. Looks about like NBA Live 03. And I’m not even biased. i was one of the people hoping Live would take over, as i am a HUGE Madden and EA fan. Unfortunately, that’s not even close to the case. Is there a way to continue playing the game (myGM) in an offline mode on xbox one?

  • Mark

    Typical 2K crap…

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I have had no issues. In fact the player highlights have returned for me so my game is improving actually.

    • Keith.

      No issues for me either, and I’ve been playing a TON of MyCareer this weekend.

    • smsixx

      I have had no issues as well…
      I have a feeling that people not powering down correctly is the ultimate cause of this (There is a youtube video on this as well pasta)…Sometimes if files are corrupted you will see issues like this happen (especially with the sizeable download the game has).
      If my game were crashing the first thing I would do is delete all files and reinstall…If it works then you know what the true culprit is.
      But for some reason rather then try and work through it like this…people get up in arms and shouting that the game is either broke, has a glitch, or needs a patch…Never fails.

      • Skopin

        So delete all saves and the game itself and redownload/install all 43GB? Good plan. Or they could just release a game that works, with stable servers, or at the very least, acknowledge the problem.

        • turkey86

          Wow, that went right over your head.

      • Jacob2815

        Do you really think that would work?

    • agent916

      I’ve not had a single issue playing the game since I got it. Had I not read any of the complaints online I would have thought it was a fantastic game, minus the features online that has been stripped. I also think it’s insane you cannot play a 2-player co-op season. That’s very frustrating. If someone comes over to play with you, you are limited to playing a quick game only. That’s lame.

  • jr

    Glad I don’t play online.

    • shimoda

      I would like to play offline too but in an ofline mode I can´t use my custon roster because we can save our roster in the hard drive… thats why 2k sucks

  • Relly

    My game crashes sometimes after a game on my career, so i sometimes quit and save progress cus thats ridiculous man. Also i wish they would patch the AIRBALL LAYUP GLITCH!! thats so stupid man i’ve sent them numerous videos on it still no change.

  • Rob

    This is why I’ve been saying for years that 2K and EA should join forces. 2K makes the games and EA provides the servers.

    • CSaint

      But then how would the fan boys know who to side with?

    • Jason Lewon

      i like that idea but EA’S servers can be just as shaky sometimes

  • Ronald 2K

    Sorry guys, not addressing crashing issues or a much needed roster update. But here’s some videos of me playing the game and a Momentous trailer!

    • SJ13_BILLS

      Hey guys look at my face scan, no YOU can’t have a face scan, but I can!

  • CSaint

    this has happened to me at least 6 times since release. ERROR 2K SERVERS SUCK. Game is fun as hell though !!

  • ChicagoBear

    Its about time these companies stopped their games being reliant on being connected to their servers. it causes more problems than is needed.

  • SJ13_BILLS

    Even in a crash state it still walks all over NBA LIVE.

  • Mark D

    I am a little torn here!

    Should I blame Sony?

    Should I blame 2K?

    The reason is that it seems as though other games are having the exact same problem. Just do a search for the “ce-34878-0″ error and see what I mean.

    In 2K14 it only happens to me in MyGM during the second season…when I try to start a home game. I can only sim to the next away game to play and still cant play a home game. I have tried everything!!!! I think others will catch on to this when they actually get to their second season (I sim’ed the first season).

  • dahc

    Never mind the server issues… Not one person is even looking at the shot Love is putting up. I get the ref, but not the fans.

  • Buddy Milkshake

    I have it on Xbox One and I can’t even play a game! It never goes past the loading screen for any mode!! Sometimes when I start the game the controller is completely unresponsive to click past the opening intro or even move around in the menus. WTF!!?? I can’t even play this game I spent $60 on!!

  • Dave Vachon

    The game has crashed on me once, during the loading screen. Other than that, I’ve played without any issues … other than trying to figure how the hell to set roster minutes and downloading current rosters. Marcin Gortat on the Phoenix Suns doesn’t work for me.

  • dhall

    Like I said last week…I’ll just sick back and play NBA2K14 on my trusty Xbox 360, with an extra $600 in my pocket, why you sheep deal with all of this bullshit that should’ve been known by consumers from the get go. Patience wins again…I love it. Never, ever, ever buy day one. NEVER. Oh, guess what…I still have my original XBOX 360, too. You know why? I waited a year to get one.

    • Jesus

      To be fair I waited a year to get, a 360 and 4 360s later (5 total) and I kinda regret not waiting for the slim version. I will say I am proud my original fat PlayStation 3 is ingood condition. but I waited two years for that.

    • CSaint

      It’s not like the system has completely failed bro. You get the error then you go on your way. The only problems with anything so far playing my PS4 between 3 games has been 2k14. I never had a problem with Knack or Killzone. So I don’t think it’s the console…

      • dhall

        No, I hear ya…It’s the “Next-Gen” platform…I mean, 2 million people bought boths consoles within two weeks, plus software. Did people actually think that there weren’t going to be issues? Why the bitching? Why the complaints? What do you expect? That’s what I’m talking about…

        • CSaint

          Now I understand. Completely agree, when you go into buying something new such as this their can definitely be some difficulties. That’s why I grabbed a 1 year warranty.

  • Jmoney

    My only problem is My GM sucks i miss the old season mode looks like im going back to nba 2k14 on 360

  • shimoda

    Everytime that I try to use my custon roster in a mode like MyGm or Season the game crashes ERROR CODE CE- 34878-0… We should be able to save our rosters in the hard drive as we do in the current gen… 2K oficial roster has a lot of missing players … They force people to play their game and not a game we should be able to edit because we are paying $60. Again… a lot of people wants:
    1. Ability to Create a player and use in any mode of the game.

    2. Ability to edit rosters and save them to the
    hardrive instead off uploading online and having to re download them for use.

    3. Option to use custom rosters in NBA Today
    games, this has been a option in NBA 2K11,2K12 2K13.

    4- Ability to
    create teams

    5- Ability to export teams

  • Antonio Davis

    I just lost 115,000 vc money ($30 bucks) when my MY PLAYER crashed on xbox one. Not to mention the vc eared and games played. I’m on the phone with 2k support right now.

  • Breezy215

    Is there any word on a new roster update for next gen?

  • Collin3100

    Hell I just they would get rid of this park bullshit and bring back crews, the servers are so bad you can’t even invite a friend to play on this game

  • Twan007

    Why is my 2k game keep installing on my ps4 when I already have done it. This is the third time I had to install this game since I had it. It works fine for a few days and then when I go back to play it it installs it again. Any help would be appreciated?

  • Jbendicott

    I was playing mycareer and spent 5 bucks to get some swag and I exited out to go edited my myplayer when I went back in to it it crashes every time at the loading screen… I guess this is what I get for giving 2k my money.

  • Denzo

    A) I’m old school so I really don’t care for custom shoes in a video game.
    B) gameplay and graphics is what makes the game.
    C) I do not have time to play seasons anymore – online and some fun single player – then again if I was 10 yo that might be different.
    D) I wish it was run and gun 2
    E) I have an Xbox one and got that “back to the menu screen” thing. Game also seems as if it is going to start – then it stays on a black screen for ages and just when you think it’s stuffed it starts up. Terrible.

    People might say “what do u expect for a launch game” but I don’t remember any halo games at launch having these issues. I don’t remember Mario world on Nintendo 64 being all buggy like these new “power consoles”.

    I’m old enough to know when I’m getting ripped a new one. I just paid $600aud plus game and it stops and restarts.

    Say what you want but that’s rubbish.

    Also the Xbox menu screen went really laggy, so I had to unplug it from power and start it up again.

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