Xbox One vs PS4 Loading Time Comparison

Posted November 25th, 2013 at 12:30 pm


Despite all the improvements that have been welcomed in with the arrival of the new hardware one hope that hasn’t been realized is that of significantly reduced loading times.Β With that in mind I tested Madden NFL 25 and NBA 2K14 and how long the process took in booting up the games and getting in and out of the action.

Interestingly despite the increased power capabilities on the PlayStation 4 it is the Xbox One that is proving to have an edge in loading the games faster. Where the PS4 comes out on top is with the initial install. So while day one the PS4 will save the most time it is Xbox One that will prevail in doing so over the life of a game.

NBA 2K14
Install to Limited Play- Xbox One 5:25, PS4 2:01
Install Complete- Xbox One 42:22, PS4 36:18
Boot to Menu- Xbox One :33, PS4 :44
Load into Quick Game- Xbox One :44, PS4 :50
Load into Saved MyGM- Xbox One :24, PS4 :28
Load into Saved MyCareer- Xbox One :22, PS4 :29
Load into The Park- Xbox One :40, PS4 1:24

Madden NFL 25
Boot to Menu- Xbox One :54, PS4 1:07
Load into a Game- Xbox One :50, PS4 :51
Load out of Game- Xbox One :12, PS4 :10

  • Jmend25


    The great thing about the PS4 is that you can just replace the HD with a 1TB SSHD and the times you put up there would be incredibly faster. I love the performance on my PS4 with the SSHD compared to the default HDD’s that both xbox and PS4 come with…. and I guess the 1TB HD space is not so bad either! πŸ˜‰

    • Jon

      Didn’t know you could do that… How much was the HD and was it easy to install?

      • Austin Shea

        108$ for the 1tb SSHD made by Seagate

      • Jmend25

        You can find a 1TB SSHD for about $100! Pretty damn cheap and it took about 30 minutes to install. Same process as PS3 HD upgrade.

        • Skopin

          Those aren’t SSDs. They are hybrid drives. Not discounting the performance, but they aren’t SSDs.

          • Jmend25

            PS3 and Xbox don’t have the functionality at this moment to take advantage of SSDs, so having a SSHD is close to performance of SSDs. There’s already benchmarks done with the ps4 running on SSHD vs SSD vs HDD.

    • MoneyMayweather

      nice job voiding the warranty. Jmend

      • renaissance247

        Doesn’t void the warranty. The hard drive is meant to be replaceable on the PS4 and is almost just as easy to do as it was on the PS3. If you need to do something warranty related just pop the original one back in.

      • Charlie Charles

        You don’t void your warranty by changing your PS4 HDD. Where have you been?

      • Dan Vincent

        Doesn’t void the warranty! Sony even has a post on how to exchange it.

      • ssx95351

        The HD is meant to be replaced….will not void warranty that was the aame case for the PS3

      • Pacoheadley

        It doesn’t void the warrenty, Sony allows you to replace the HDD whenever you want.

      • Jmend25

        lol, UNLIKE M$ (XBOX), upgrading the HD on Sony PS3/PS4 does NOT void your warranty. You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

        • Skopin

          But also unlike the XBox, the PS4 does not support external HDDs. The XBO will support those.

          • Jmend25

            Other than Wii-u, no one supports installing and running games from external HDDs. But for normal external HDd usage, they certainly do.

    • renaissance247

      Those are $400+, no thank you. I’d rather deal with the loading times. An SSD didn’t do much of anything for PS3 games so aside from the initial install I don’t expect it to for PS4 either.

      • Anon

        Since all the games are essentially installed on the hard drive on the PS4, it does make a difference. Faster read and write times can trim quite a few seconds off for almost everything. You don’t even have to get a SSD for all that money, you can get a HDD with 7200RPM, more than the stock 5400RPM the PS4 comes with, for less than $100.

      • Austin Shea

        Actually the SSHD 1TB drive I put in my ps4 was only 108$ and it’s made a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Totally worth it

      • Jmend25

        NAH! Solid State Hybrid Drive is only $100. It’s part HDD and part SSD but performance is closer to SSD πŸ˜‰

      • warrior808

        Go with a hybrid drive instead. You can get a 1TB hd with 64MB flash for about $120.

    • Bowinkle82

      the ps4 should come ready with it. i shouldnt have to replace shyt

      • Jmend25

        lol, xbox is on the same boat, just with less flexibility since warranty voids if you try to do the same.

    • TJAce

      Did it make a difference in the flow of gmaeplay?

      • Jmend25

        It just makes the system as a whole run smoother, faster, no hiccups or lag. Definitely noticeable.

  • fantasyboi

    xbox has really always been faster, but I’ll take a longer wait time and a baseball game then a quick wait time and always waiting for a baseball game thatll never happen!

  • Dexter Rivens

    Replacing the PS4 HD defeats the point of spending less on a ps4 AND the X1 uses or will soon use external HD so the PS4 is in no way better or cheaper
    It’s also cheaper to download/install vs going to get discs. Get up to swap discs. Go back and trade discs for another game.

    Buy what you want to own and pass on the other crap games

    • Jmend25

      Problem is all games coming out now are 30-50GBs. The HDD that comes with PS4 and XB1 after their OS installs, only hold less than 400GB. That means you won’t be able to have more than 10 big budget games installed, and probably less if you have any other stuff on your box. If you don’t mind installing and uninstalling, I guess it’s not a big problem, but everything is heading towards being digital now. Also, XB1 has always had proprietary HDDs which they mark up. We will see what happens but typically MS wouldn’t like you to install games on just any external HDD, which the Wii-U actually lets you do. Just some info for you guys. Take it for whatever it’s worth.

      • Skopin

        I may be mistaken, but I think the XBO will allow you to install games to external HDDs, and they don’t have to be specially made for the XBO. Correct me if I’m wrong; I’m not sure.

        • Jmend25

          As far as I know, all they said is that they would have external HDD support. Never said install and play games from. PS4 let’s you plug in ext HDD to save data, etc, just like ps3 & 360.

  • jr

    No way would I change out the hard drive. I won’t be owning that many games every year anyway. Finally received my final 2 games in the mail. Wifey bought me Madden and I swear I can’t pass the ball to save my freaking life on the ps4. I get picked off almost every time. I like the challenge but damn lol. I can’t really notice a faster loading time, then again I’m doing other things while the game’s loading

    • Jmend25

      Every big release is now 30-50GB installs. If you had like 8-10 big release games, you would run out of space.

      • jr

        That’s the thing, I won’t have that many games at once. I have a job so I can’t play as many games as others

  • jr

    What happened, they finally updated the posting format.

    Well Nevermind. I see you still have to await moderation.

  • Austin Shea

    To blow these times out of the water you can order your 1 terabyte SSHD from seagate for 120$. Much improved performance on game installs and should guarantee you won’t run out of space in the future. PS4 only though since xbox does not allow upgrading the HD.

  • Coachsweat

    Not gonna matter much in the future with all of these cloud servers storing everything for us. Happy with my XBOX ONE. I’ll be more happy with my ps4 in march when The Show comes out

    • Jmend25

      Our bandwidth won’t be supporting that anytime soon for that to work unless everything is streamed, which would still be unreliable at this point IMO. People already complain about servers being down. Can’t even imagine the gussy fits that would be thrown.

    • Zach

      The Show is the best sports game currently in my opinion.

  • ron

    this isn’t the console, it’s 2k. PS4 has more bugs and glitches thus the longer load times, they probably spent less time with it.

  • deepen915

    ok first of all.. load out of game 12 secs on Xbox One? thanks to the multitasking, you can just hit the guide button and manually quit the app just like Windows 8.

  • Rick

    Do you guys know how to transfer information from the ps4 HDD to thenew one that i will be installing? This is the only reason why i don’t want to-do this.. I’m afraid i will lose all of my data…

  • Check

    BUT BUT…PS4 is UBER POWERFUL I thought!?

  • Jmend25

    For those interested, here are the benchmarks for PS4 running in SSHD vs SSD vs HDD.