Madden NFL 25 Week 12 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 26th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


Now that all teams have completed their bye weeks five games remain in the final stretch of the season that looks to determine the sixth playoff spot for both conferences. Meanwhile the Chiefs may have to go up against the Broncos without Tamba Hali and Justin Houston in a game that will either keep them in the division and home field race or ensure they’ll be the five seed.

Players expected to go up following strong performances include Mike Glennon, Knowshon Moreno, Keenan Allen, Josh Gordon, Michael Floyd, Manny Ramirez, Robert Quinn, Calais Campbell, Gerald McCoy, and Von Miller. Among those likely to fall are Geno Smith, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, B.J. Raji, Manti Te’o, Jermon Bushrod, Antoine Bethea, Sean Smith, and Josh Wilson.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on who should rise or fall in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • Iown You

    The three Steelers on the sideline are completely indifferent as the Browns WR runs down the sideline.

    That’s Living Worlds in action!

    • Keith.


      I get a kick out of the camera man on the left wearing shorts — and the fans in the stands wearing t-shirts — to a snow game.

  • Dagreat2nd

    Screw these rosters and this game!

  • Dylan Jones

    I hope Robert Quinn keeps going up, he’s proved himself to be one of the best defensive ends in the league, and is a potential DPOY.

  • Huejac

    Bucs that need a boost:
    Rookie QB Mike Glennon could use a boost in play action, awareness, & accuracy.
    Receiver Tyquan Underwood could use some love
    The entire offensive line could use a pass block boost
    DT Gerald McCoy could use some love for his play last week
    DE Adrian Clayborn could some love for his play last week
    Rookie Akeem Spence could use some love for his play last week
    LOLB Lavonte David has got to get some for play last week
    Rookie Corner Johnathen Bank has to get some love for his play on Maga Tron
    Corner Lenard Johnson for his pick six and the of the secondary for five INT’s on Staford.
    Love what you guys do & GO BUCS!

  • jimmy_j

    orlando scandrick needs a serious boost. the only reason for his rating is his “perceived” position on the depth chart. . it is in no way based on his play this year. which has been exceptional

  • Nick

    Thomas Davis is definitely not an 82…should be much higher

    • Jack Casey

      I think he might have missed the most tackles in the NFL

  • DomoBang

    david amerson and deangelo hall need some love

  • Wematanye

    Nate Solder & Trent Williams – – –
    They looked more like Jonathan Martin than 90+ rated LTs.

  • bubby

    2.5 sacks better earn Cameron Jordan a noticeable boost.

  • SteelerJosh23

    – Cam Heyward needs to be an 85. Dude is beasting this year.
    – How Antonio Brown is ONLY still a 90 is beyond me. Leading the NFL in Receptions and 2nd in Receiving yards. Should be at the very least a 93-94.
    – Jason Worilds should be at least an 80 overall.

  • Madden Hog

    Secondary needs an increase and Willie gay is to slow he need more speed c’mon man

  • Connor Hargreaves

    Would SOMEONE tell the guy who does these to seriously look at buster Skrines film this year????

    This guy is a 77 overall still and tied three ways for first with Joe Haden and alterraun Verner for passes defended this year at 16.

    11th in the league amongst CB’s in tackles??

    Look at his metrics on

    He has been a stand out player this year after being one of the most penalized in the league last year. PLEASE someone get this man SOME love.

  • Madden Hog

    What is this stuff on NFL AM it seems like they trying to get a correct push on madden roster updates that’s good make EA do they job u pay $60.00 dollars 4 a game and can’t even get a correct madden roster update.