Next-Gen NBA 2K14 Rosters Now Outdated By Over a Month

Posted November 27th, 2013 at 7:00 pm


While there has been plenty of justified grousing over the lack of post-release support – both in quantity and quality – from 2K Sports in regards to the NBA 2K series in recent years one of the advertised features for NBA 2K14 was “Dynamic Living Rosters”. The hope was that would bring an end to inconsistent and inaccurate updates. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of NBA 2K14 has gotten a fair number of roster updates (though not fulfilling all promises) the Xbox One and PS4 have yet to receive even a single one.

The current roster available on next-gen is well over a month old. The trade completed on October 25 between the Suns and Wizards, swapping Marcin Gortat for Emeka Okafor, has still not been completed. Gortat did not appear in a single game this season for the Suns while Okafor has yet to debut due to injury. The last transaction reflected in the roster occurred in mid-October.

  • erich

    Really sad that Im not surprised by this at all.

    • Keith.

      Hey Pasta, enough with this roster nonsense — we all know that 2K will have ‘em updated soon.

      How about an article about MyCareer? I’ve been playing sports video games since the ’70s and am absolutely blown away by what 2K’s been able to get into MyCareer on the PS4. I’m only about 20 games in, but I’ve already seen a TON of things I’ve never seen in any sports game before.

      For example, today after one of my games I got sent to an intra-squad practice session, during which I tried driving to the hoop with my PG and bowled over one of the defenders, who got up ready to fight. This triggered a cut scene where a coach came out to talk to me, and then afterwards, mention of the fight showed up in my twitter feed and in the info screen. Then, when my next game started, the announcers even commented on me and my teammate getting into a fight at practice after the first basket I made — which pretty much blew my mind. What an amazing game.

      • pastapadre

        Yeah I love the mode. I’ll write more on it once I’m deeper into it. There are a few things I’d change but otherwise it’s pretty entertaining.

      • Skopin

        “Hey Pasta, please don’t call out the negatives from this game. Only focus on the positives. Only call out the negatives of games I don’t like.”


        • Keith.

          Lol. How’s NBA Live playing, Skopin? Surprised EA still has anybody left in the Live marketing department, given its dismal sales. Doubt we’ll see you around much next quarter, when our boy Andy has to report in to the shareholders. Not much fat left on that bone as it is.

          • Skopin

            Way to deflect. I didn’t mention NBA Live at all. I just find it funny that 2k can do no wrong in your eyes. As soon as someone calls them out, you jump in to defend. Sure, it’s in the works. How about the rosters for the 2 month old current gen version? Do they have all the players in yet? But hey, at least we have a nice scripted story for My Career, and the players emote on the court. Well, at least the players who are there.

          • Khadeem

            Stop man. 2k14 on next gen is borderline horrible for sim basketball fans.

      • CSaint

        I’m sorry but these roster articles are not nonsense. Don’t get upset because he points something out that is bad on 2ks part. Everyone knows that 2K is a good game, especially this year with MyCareer. People who are actual basketball fans wants realistic rosters, not some bull shit month old roster. The sad part about this; I guarantee 2K doesn’t even get the roster update correct.

      • Khadeem

        Keith stfu bro…im sorry…no one cares about your my career….ppl care that the rosters arent updated…when i play with the suns i dont want to play with base ratings and players that arent on the team…matter of fact i dont like playing with base ratings with any team…its horrible…why pay 60 dollars for a game that isnt going to deliver what they advertised…not only that…the whole online set up is horrible…online leagues are a joke….ranked matches arent what they used to be….they still havent brought back things like the hall of fame lobby…im really starting to think you work for 2k bro…ur horrible….everytime i read an article your bias is apparent in the comment section…stfu

        • kiss my ass

          You said it perfect bro,

      • Rodney Thomas

        Wow…. didn’t know it was THAT deep. I’m cancelling my GM mode and going into mycareer lol

  • Bowinkle82

    wow. smh. 2k needs to step their game up

  • Santoro

    I might be wrong but don’t the players have to play a game before they can be inserted in the game? Or is that just for rookies?

    • CSaint

      All they have to do is sign a contract I believe. For instance a rookie coming straight out of college has to sign a contract before being put in the game. Don’t fully take what I say as correct, this is just how believe it’s done.

      • pastapadre

        This is correct. Its MLB where a player has to appear in a game before they are in the player’s association and can be included in a video game.

        • Hello I’m DEV

          he’s right NBA and NFL are collectively bargined with their respective lic. so they get a kicker on they contracts and checks for any appearences in they sport commercials or videogames etc. mlb is not collectively bargined the same…they have to make an appearance in an actual game to be on official mlb merchandise like jerseys video games etc. 2k really didnt support the next gen game its a shame this game potentially was the best of all next gen releases if it werent for 2k getting in they own way with the server issues and lack of post purchase support i actually have a trouble ticket open with them #1434374 for the connection issues if anyone wants to call them and attach they name to the ticket it’d make this issue get resolved quicker

  • Mathew Muncy

    Ronnie posted on Twitter either today or yesterday that a roster update would be coming soon, but seriously how hard could it be to have one the night the game launched on the Next Gen consoles? Hell they don’t even have players on teams that signed before the current gen games launched like Donald Sloan on the Pacers who signed before Chris Copeland did.

  • Tetsuo

    Seriously, fan boy wars aside, and this coming from someone who’s been buying 2K since it had AI on the cover and debuted on Dreamcast, 2K has the most absolute shittiest customer service known to man.

    This entire game has been built around trying to make you buy VC. Only someone out of touch with reality would say otherwise. What was an amazing basketball sim has been turned into a micro-transaction complex. And on top of that, it’s essentially always online- which they said nothing about before hand. That was just the sleaziest move they could’ve made, all so that VC could be monitored.

    I mean, you can’t even earn points to train players dammit. The game itself may be fantastic, but the shell they’ve put around it in the form of MyGM and MyCareer is a joke thanks to the VC implementation. I should put serious hours into this game by now… Yet it’s a struggle to even touch it because I’m so turned off by what 2K’s become.

    • CSaint

      I think it’s a total sleezy move that they completely lied about how they were going to do the rosters. They completely and totally lied, their is no other way to look at it. On top of this specific game modes are broken, yesterday when I bought a +10 stamina for mycareer it took my VC and didn’t give me my +10, my friend said the same thing happened to him, so I’m not the only one. The only sports game I have bought is 2K14 (mostly cause I don’t like any other one at the moment) but I have other games, and 2k is the ONLY one I have any problems with. My friend who has bought Madden has said he hasn’t had any problems with any of his games except for 2k.

    • MBird

      I agree 100%. Did Association have some age to it? Yes, but that didn’t mean that every aspect of it had to be basically thrown away and a VC nightmare, yes nightmare, had to be put in its place. On top of it all, it seems that the old annoyances from Association mode made it into MyGM, beyond terrible trade logic, draft logic is still confusingly awful, and unrealistic free agent signings remain. At least in PS3/360 gen games, gamers were allowed to turn off in-season cpu trades so that it took the cpu longer to stack their teams with three top tier talents at one position for no reason other than to make two of the players morale plummet.

      Also, for all you that don’t like people bashing 2K because the gameplay looks great, gamers like myself get it, you like how the game looks and plays, but to some of us, we liked this series more because of the modes and the freedom that 2K seemingly granted us than how realistic the sweat looks on the players.

  • Wematanye

    False advertising again, remember the updated player models that was supposed to be in 2K12.

    • Khadeem

      Exactly. The only player i remember being updated was Kendrick Perkins in NBA 2k12. This game is horrible. They take out settings that matter to ppl who play this game. No in depth individual defensive settings, no crew mode, no hall of fame lobbies, they ruined online leagues, and they still havent made a legitimate association/franchise mode. The game is horrible.

  • mbrink12

    Your best bet right now is to download some rosters from Operation Sports or just edit them on your own until they fix the game with the patch.

  • Dave Vachon

    This drives me crazier than anything else. Heck, I have no clue how to adjust my Raptors’ rotation on the PS4. That said, you can download new rosters if the servers are working for quick games.

  • Jeff Fox

    I was in chat when the 2k hits were playing and asked why the rosters were so old and they banned me and kicked me out lol

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Still cutting corners, sadly enough.

  • see

    They probably need more VC. Live current tho

  • MoneyMayweather

    NBA live 14 has up to date rosters and stats. What more do you guys want?

    • jr

      Better gameplay is all I ask for

  • bltzkrieg666

    You know what game doesn’t have that problem? I don’t need to say it.

    • Jesus

      Yeah lets just ignore all the other problems….

  • Relly

    Server issues, My Career crashing after every other game, Airball layup glitch, no create a player mode, Accessories glitch STILL HAPPENS, 4 colors for accessories in store, etc……After all the glamour of the great graphics has passed us we still have a game that is in dire need of a patch.

  • Malcolm Edwards

    this happens every year

  • Skopin

    I actually saw a post on Facebook that said this is Live’s fault. Someone is blaming 2k’s outdated rosters on EA. How is that even possible?

    Either way, was anyone expecting anything different? Has NBA 2k ever had consistent post-release support?

    • MBird

      I guess you could consider it EA’s fault by putting out a game that in no way was going to challenge 2K. I think a lot of people had hoped that, with the return of competition in the NBA gaming market, what had become a problem with 2K, such as lazy overall roster updating and server issues would be more focused on and improved if EA had a horse in the race that could at least threaten to siphon some players to Live.

  • Juukbox

    Deja Vu anyone???

  • word_is_bond

    Live graphics are not up to par but the rosters and the servers are. The gameplay is getting there. I’m Live allday. 2k is pretty but lazy

    • Jesus

      Yeah even with 2ks struggles in certain areas, its kinda disrespectful and blasphemous to even compare 2k and live. One is considered a top 2 sports gaming titled, while the other is considered a punching bag and a joke. 2k has the graphics and gameplay. No offense but honestly 2k10 is probably still a better game then live 14. Kinda like how 2k5 is still better then Madden 25.

    • wEEman33

      Live’s servers are most definitely NOT up to par.

      The game lags so badly that half of them run in frame-by-frame slow motion.

      The other half have so much button delay, that timing jump shots is impossible.

  • Hello I’m DEV

    i have a trouble ticket #1434374 open with 2k sports to have this issue resolved asap if anyone wants to get attached to it …just call and let them know you cant connect and this is the ticket

  • Mr. Frizzle

    Next-Gen NBA 2K14 Rosters Now Outdated By Over a Month (OH NO!!…..Its not like they can fix it or anything??!?!)…………YET NBA Live 14 is being charged for 60 FUCKING BUCKS, “apologizes for “graphics and animations”, NOT GAMEPLAY because believe it or not and I quote ” We felt authentic gameplay, control and the connected experience would provide the best foundation for the future.” Where the FUCK is this authentic gameplay they speak of in NBA Live 14 OR control AND who gives a FUCK about “connected experience” when the GAME IS SHIT…….and Pasta says nothing about THAT bullshit. Come on, P ? The bullshit being that they’re charging FULL-GOT-DAMN-PRICE for a SELF-ADMITTED……HALF. ASS. FUCKING. GAME. Where is the report on that ?

    • pastapadre

      What am I supposed to say? We’ve all held NBA Live to the fire. I did before release and have continued to do so. Very few people bought the game.

      EA couldn’t even release Live at a lower price point if they wanted to. Its in the contract as a retail release to be $60.

      Now if you want to argue the game should be cancelled alright. But there are many, far worse, games that hit the market and consumers either ignore or get suckered into buying and immediately regret it.

      • MBird

        You obviously have to continue beating Live over the head with the problems many of us knew were going to be there when all the pre-release footage/info was nonexistent. This is what happens when you run into true fanboys of a particular genre, they get all excited and sometimes hostile when you talk about a certain games flaws, which in turn, makes them somehow not enjoy their game. 2K still needs a few more consecutive years to enter Madden territory in my opinion, but there is nothing wrong with calling out a fan favorite’s shortcomings when it is needed. If continually praising EA’s efforts got us in the mess that has been Madden for close to a decade, 2K can (hopefully) handle and needs criticism, because with a lack of actual competition in the market (does anyone think Live actually counts?), the only thing standing in 2K’s way of turning into EASports 2.0 is fans and critics pointing out their game’s flaws early and often and hoping that they take notice.

      • Mr. Frizzle

        Yeah, you have a point, but a little article wouldn’t hurt right ? At least an article to point out the pros and cons of NBA Live 14. All, I was trying to say is all.

  • Details

    I’ve been a diehard 2K fan since 2K7 but if they keep this crap up I’m gonna be done with them. This is beyond ridiculous smh. Their rosters have been shitty for years. It takes literally almost the entire season to get all the players added to the game, their ratings are totally off, players gear is never correct etc…On top of it they take forever to put out patches smh. The game looks & plays great but if they keep this act up that won’t be enough to keep customers happy. Say what you want about Madden but at least their servers, modes, & updates are consistent. Honestly Madden 25 has been getting the majority of my play time on my PS4 & I never thought I would be saying that. I’m not touching 2K14 again until they patch all of their issues & update the damn game.

  • swimfunk

    yea 43 GB for an offline mode in 2013, they completely ignored online lgs and online in general.

    2K is going backwards

    • Khadeem


  • jmiahdaking

    How about talking about the fact that myteam is broken…. domination mode does not work properly and no one has explained it accurately… no one seems to know exactly how they score your performance and I have asked ronnie2k but no response… mycareer has a horrible substitution glitch that will cost you games…. momentum is still over exaggerated people dive 5 feet attempting a steal animation… controls are unresponsive trying to get a player to jump for a rebound or block and you hit the button 2 or 3 times and he just stands there or just puts his hands up making no real attempt at the ball… court and ball awareness is still bad… cpu AI still seems capable of doing things your AI won’t even try forcing you to try and control all 5 guys at once…. rebounding is still off… basketball logic is still wrong players don’t fill lanes properly causing unrealistic turnovers.. shooting% are still super high… online difficulty is way too low allowing the 3 point cheese to be back in full effect… mirror defense is still painly obvious… the shot feedback system is completely useless and off… players will miss wide open A grade quality and excellent release shots but make Slightly Early C grade shots…. same with free throws…. I could continue but you get the point and I play this game every day on ps4 and hadit on ps3 and have been playing it for years so im not a hater I love this game but the above mentioned issues get very frustrating when playing cpu on high difficulties or 3 point cheesers online….

    • Cory

      100% agree

      • Dave-O

        100% true from my end as well. I love the game but I have 100% of the same complaints. Sometimes I see games that a person is not destined to win online, no matter how good they play.

  • The Great Leon

    It sucks they don’t let editing happen either. I tried to edit Kobe and Bogut contracts into the game. The Kobe contract is a game changer, because I have done a few mygms and he always goes back with $11mill contract. That allows LAL to sign a ton of talent, one time they got both Bron and Melo lol

  • brad

    im the best in 2k so it dont matter updated rosters or not

  • david

    for the roster update why is Solomon hill of the pacers is not on the 12 man roster but Rasual butler is he dont play at all, Hill play every game

  • ggarcia

    My roster updates only updates when I do a quick game but once I finish the quick game. It will go back to the launch date rosters. anybody else having this problem?

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