Madden NFL 25 Roster Update #14 Details

Posted November 29th, 2013 at 5:30 pm


The roster update for Madden NFL 25 following week 11 of the season is now available for download on the Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3. Check out the complete details of the latest update in spreadsheet form here.

Notables moving up include Von Miller (+1 to 98), Patrick Willis (+1 to 98), Muhammad Wilkerson (+1 to 96), Tom Brady (+1 to 96), Logan Mankins (+2 to 95), DeMarcus Ware (+1 to 95), Justin Smith (+1 to 94), Troy Polamalu (+1 to 93), Robert Quinn (+3 to 92), Nick Fairley (+1 to 92), Patrick Peterson (+1 to 92), Lavonte David (+1 to 92), John Kuhn (+2 to 91), Luke Kuechly (+1 to 92), Antonio Brown (+1 to 91), Eric Berry (+1 to 91), Cameron Jordan (+1 to 91), Josh Gordon (+2 to 88), Knowshon Moreno (+2 to 87), Colin Kaepernick (+2 to 87), Manny Ramirez (+4 to 84), Eddie Lacy (+2 to 84), Jason Worilds (+2 to 79), and Tiquan Underwood (+4 to 73).

Among those headed down are Darrelle Revis (-1 to 97), Jordy Nelson (-1 to 93), Jason Pierre-Paul (-1 to 92), Wes Welker (-1 to 92), Champ Bailey (-1 to 92), Tony Gonzalez (-1 to 91), Andrew Luck (-2 to 89), Nate Solder (-2 to 88), Robert Griffin III (-2 to 87), Sean Smith (-1 to 86), Eli Manning (-1 to 85), Ray Rice (-1 to 85), Jermon Bushrod (-4 to 83), Danny Amendola (-2 to 83), Trent Richardson (-1 to 82), Josh Wilson (-2 to 79), and Geno Smith (-1 to 73).

  • Skopin

    Glad to see Josh Gordon getting some love. But how is Eli Manning still that high? He has performed incredibly poorly all year. There is no way he should be above an 80 at this point.

    • mcjedi

      Exactly, that’s why there are only 2 comments and 1 reply….Donny Moore is a joke! This game along with the whole EA sports division (except FIFA) is broken!

    • cassino ur wrong

      It not really on eli fault its several things the o-line the recivers not getting , not as much time in the poket not have that much of a run game but that have gotten better but for the reason being is because giants like to take big chunks of yardage dowm field we saw it the past years. But it all starts with the offensive line

  • CYS

    Wait…Patrick WIllis isn’t a 99? Is this a joke?

    • Mason Drews

      Patrick Willis is a great athlete no doubt, but he’s not a game changing player that a Sean Lee or JJ Watt is.

      • MasonDrewsIsATool

        Hahahaha, Patrick Willis >>>>>>>> Sean Lee

  • Paxkanax

    Why is Jon Beason continuously getting slammed? He is one of the strongest MLB’s in the league and yet his strength dropped to 67!! Are you kindding me? 82 TAK? 84 POW? He sould have at least 79 STR, 90 TAK, and 87 POW. He has been a lights out tackling machine for the Giants. What game footage does Donny Moore watch that makes hime feel Jon Beason deserves these decreases! The way he rates players are horrible!

    • cassino

      omg ur sooo freakin right I see him go down alot and then one in awhile he will go up 1 attribute smh

  • Edward VanMeter

    Still waiting for EA to give us Browns the Colts 2014 pick.

  • Bicent Ray

    The bills d-line 6 sacks the bills O-line no sacks over 200 plus rushing yards arron William hit power

  • Maurice Howard

    @EAMaddenNFL programming injured reserve & contracts still broken in cfm.

  • cassino ranking

    Hakeem nicks should get a boast I know it was on a crappie d# but all year has been a struggle for him just because of the lack of opportunities he have. But I hope he go foward and light up the seahawks d# #hakeem nicks fan