NBA 2K11 Wins Best Sports Game of the Generation Tournament

Posted November 30th, 2013 at 1:30 pm


It entered the competition as the favorite and exited with the title. NBA 2K11 is the community’s Best Sports Game of the 360/PS3/Wii Generation.

Despite being the overall number one seed NBA 2K11 didn’t just cruise to easy victories along the way. Surprisingly some vulnerability was shown as there were other games involved in the tournament winning by comparable or greater margins over perceived tougher competition. However ultimately no game was able to topple 2K11 which won the title over MLB 13: The Show with 59% of the over 6K votes cast.

Review the full results of the tournament here. Look for expanded discussion on the complete process that went into shaping the competition along with reaction and analysis of the results of the entire tournament on the next Press Row Hangout!

  • Cory Sitar

    im good with that

  • Damario Robinson

    Tournament was legit…thanks Pasta

  • Taylor Stephens

    MLB the Show series is a proven winning product every year and sad it didn’t get the crown but lost to a good game. NBA 2k11 was a great game
    and the realism of the Jordan games were awesome. It went as if you were
    playing the actual reenactment of the real life games. I liked how in
    the Jordan Challenge games, your opponent’s players acted like their
    real life counterparts. Congrats NBA 2k11.

  • Iown You

    So what was the worst sports game? I know it begins with Madden, I’m just not sure which number.

    • smsixx

      Maybe this could be the next contest? 🙂
      Madden 06-Madden 13…That’s 8 games…Should take one week to finish.

  • Greg

    NBA 2K11 deserved to win, The way they captured Jordan’s likeness was uncanny, and keep in mind that they did MULTIPLE Jordans and aced them all, from the skinny, high flying rookie Jordan to the bulkier 1998 version that had less flight but played smarter and had a decent 3 point shot. 2K did a magnificent job recreating his biggest games. I love MLB The Show as well, but the right game won it.

  • D dawg

    Dumbest bracket ever not one UFC game in the tournament. Plus some of the games that shoulda matched up later in the tourney matched up way to soon. madden 10 was better then any football game this gen. UFC 2009 was better then any fighting sim this gen . Even UFC 3 was better then any fight night thq was tanking so game didn’t get any patches or real support after launch, game was very balanced and amazing on sim settings. I do agree with 2k11 getting number one. But my top five is- nba 2k11, UFC 09, madden 10, and 4 and 5 is just whatever your preference is I enjoyed some fifas a few nhls and the show if u into that. Fight nights have pretty graphics but the balance in the game and how glitchy it is u can’t put it in top 10 In my opinion

    • UFC 2009 and UFC Undisputed 3 were both in there. UFC 3 was the biggest surprise of the tourney getting upset in the first round.

  • DaStrongSKRAWN

    As it should. I swear I played over 2500 matches in 2K11 up to the beginning of the year. Every year after 2K11 was released, I made excuses to not buy its successors because it was still just too good. I still haven’t even finished an entire franchise season because of the freezing problem, stayed on MyPlayer mode and played Online.

  • BC

    2K11 is a worthy champion!

  • clubsteve

    congrats, 2k11…..well deserved. kudos to 2k for thinking outside the box and coming out with something totally different for a change, and not just a roster update. i wish more sports games would do this…..(madden, mlb: the show, etc.)

  • AmazinsCowboys

    2K11 was an awesome game. Absolutely deserved to win.

  • ConCity Soldier

    Bravo!! NBA 2K11 is a beast game & the best 7th gen sports game.

  • Todd Jones

    NBA 2K11 did some things extremely well, but it’s no FIFA 13.