Madden NFL 25 Week 13 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted December 3rd, 2013 at 11:45 am


Week 13 of the NFL season featured some huge performances from wide receivers Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery, and Eric Decker. In the case of Gordon and Jeffery it represented the second time this year they’ve put up eye-popping numbers.

Other players that can be expected to rise in the next Madden NFL 25 roster update are Russell Wilson, Reggie Bush, Justin Tucker, Barry Cofield, Trent Cole, K.J. Wright, and Byron Maxwell. Those to anticipate dropping include Geno Smith, Ray Rice, Trent Richardson, Pierre Garcon, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Bradley Sowell, Ike Taylor, Dee Milliner, Marcus Cooper, Duke Ihenacho, and Corey White.

As always leave any thoughts on players that should get boosted or take a hit with the next Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • Huejac2

    Bucs that need a boost:
    ROLB Lavonte David second consecutive game with INT
    Free Safety Keith Tandy second consecutive game with INT
    Center Jeremy Zuttah for his play last week
    Rookie Tight End Timothy Wright for his play last week
    Rookie DT Akeem Spence for his play last week

  • IceChief27

    The Chiefs played well enough to win that game against the Broncos. Alex Smith made a costly mistake on the first drive, they got conservative in the third quarter, Peyton Manning was Peyton Manning, and Andy Reid called some questionable plays in the redzone on the final drive. Junior Hemmingway and AJ Jenkins are deserving of a boost. Marcus Cooper was really not a fault on several of the big plays given up. They were the result great throws and poor Safety play by Kendrick Lewis. To put it in perspective. He is a rookie corner being asked to cover the likes of Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker with Peyton manning throwing darts. Thats just not real fair.

  • IceChief27

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    • They don’t go through until I approve them individually. Try to do that as often as I can.

  • Mason Drews

    One word….


    Keeping Dallas in contention with the worst defense in franchise history.

    • Pax

      As a Giant’s fan, it’s hard for me to say this, but Romo does deserve a boost. He has been playing lights out this year.

  • Buckeey Ru

    The Raiders’ wideout Andre Holmes has had strong weeks ever since he entered the starting line up. Currently he has (approximately) a 49 route running. He deserves increases in CTH, CIT and RTE.

  • Michael J Froseth

    What about Audie Cole for the Vikings? Dudes got 12+ tackles in each of the last 2 games filling in for Erin Henderson. They are now talking about moving Henderson back to Weak Side and starting Cole at the Mike. I’d say he is more than worthy of a Madden boost.

  • Billy mays here

    Bowman Willis ++
    Kap +
    Gore –
    Boldin and Davis ++

  • dushawn

    Man what about Olivier Vernon and grinds?

  • truetrue85

    It’s high time Julian Edelman gets some love. He was thrust into the roll of #1 this season with the loss of Welker, Lloyd, Hernandez, Gronkowski, Amendola, Woodhead and Vareen to free agency, injuries and killing a guy… and he has DELIVERED. Quite frankly I believe Amendola should go down a few notches and Edelman should be bumped to the high 80’s if not all the way to 90.

    • Skopin

      Edelman hasn’t been as consistent though, especially once the rest of the players became healthy again. He definitely deserves a boost, but I wouldn’t go overboard. He’s a poor man’s Wes Welker.

  • DemBirds

    They need to get Roddy white back up, he’s finally healthy and balled out against a great secondary


      YA we had lots of players hurt this year..and we still only got blown out in two games only the rest of our games been close just not finishing.. but iam really liking our
      ROOKIE CBs they been ballin

  • upset bengals fan

    never spoke on benjarvis green Ellis behalf before. I am now this dude needs his truck and strength restored. Yea take away a carry point I understand that but he was bulldozing chargers and eliminating clock in a way few teams can do anymore. (not to mention the bengals have no fullback)

    • Dagreat2nd

      They already took a carry point away a couple updates ago, check the roster #13 update details. I understand taking carry points for fumbling especially if it’s a ongoing problem, but they’re taking points in categories that’s not relevant to the player performance that week. B.J.G.E. haven’t been getting the carries he need to get going, but that doesn’t mean drop his carry rating like they did 2 weeks ago now he fumbled this week and they most likely will take another point in the carry department. If your on the Bengals roster the player will get decreased with the quickness but increased so slowly. Bengals overall rating 85 with a 8-4 record we won against Pittsburgh, Greenbay, NewEngland and Detroit. I understand Kansas City WAS undefeated but they played the weakest schedule because of their horrible season the year before. Now they’re 9-3 on a 3 game losing streak they giving up well over 30 points and 400 yards a game let’s see how quick they get brought down. Cincinnati overall rating went down twice and the first time was after we beat Detroit in Detroit and it was after our 3rd win in a row.

      • mspeytonmanning

        yeah not to mention green ellis had like what 10 career carries without a fumble? i think his first one came after switching teams

  • Paul Stanley

    I’ve haven’t seen a player like Ray Rice slide so bad in one season, I still think his early season hip injury hasn’t helped him. Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith have been playing well at CB over the last 4-5 games but haven’t seen much of an increase of that period.

  • Justin

    Justin Tuck; 4 sacks in a half, without Jason Pierre-Paul…

    • Pax

      Knowing Donny Moore he’s probably thinking, “4 sacks? hmm, too bad Tuck plays for the Giants.” and then he’s going to give Tuck a +1 AWR. lol


    GO FALCONS!!!! hey i know we suck this year but as long as the SAINTS loss i am good lol..
    pls boost

  • Trevor

    Detroits RE ansah

  • Latinferno

    Obvious choice is Eagles QB Nick Foles (7 tds in one game and 19 TD’s 0 Interceptions to start the year). Highest rated QB of ANY month ever in the NFL and on the verge of breaking another record this week (if he surpasses 20 tds without throwing a pick).

    Eagles DEFENSE is in need of a boost overall. For the 8th straight game, they kept their opponents to 21 points or less. The only team in the NFL to do so currently.

    Eagles Cedric Thornton leads all 3-4 DEs with a run stop on 13.7% of
    snaps. J.J. Watt (12.8%) 2nd & Sheldon Richardson (12.2%) 3rd. With 37 defensive stops against the run JJ Watt leads all 34 DEs. 2nd is
    Akiem Hicks (27) & 3rd Cedric Thornton & Sheldon Richardson. Thornton deserves Pro Bowl consideration.

    Eagles ILB Demeco Ryans ranks 2nd in the NFL (behind Navarro Bowman) in total tackles. And in comparison has 7 more pass deflections, 2 more interceptions and tied for sacks (3.0) with Bowman. Badly needed speed boost along with block shed, coverage ability/pursuit/play recognition.

    The improved play from S Nate Allen, DE Fletcher Cox, OLB Trent Cole, OLB Conner Barwin, and the surprise play of both DT Bennie Logan and DE Vinny Curry (2nd on the team in sacks). Have given the Eagles one of the most improved defenses in the NFL.

  • Dagreat2nd

    This is the exact stuff I’m talking about with these roster updates. Bengals punter Kevin Huber won AFC special teams player of the week with a 55.5 yard avg. 2 inside the 20 with a long of 75 on 4 punts but got decreased. Reggie Nelson separated 2 players from the ball one being a fumble by Gates and 6 tackles and got decreased. Jermaine Gresham didn’t have one catch but got a boost and if he got a boost. Rey Maualuga had one of his best games of the year 10 tackles and a sack but gets nothing matter of fact this is his best season at MLB but he started season at 80 rating but now a 75 they sure bring them Bengals down fast. The whole O-LINE paved the way to a 164 yard rushing game and gave up no sacks for the second straight game but the RT and RG got a point boost each and the RG is a backup but I see they didn’t notice that Whitworth our LT moved to LG because of a injury and pulled almost every play and was a bulldozer that lead to the big runs. Andy Dalton 60.9 pct. completion 190 yards 1 td 1 int he’s 9th in passing yards but got decreased to a 83 and Cincinnati won why was he even touch one way or another? This is too much the person that does these ratings I’m sorry but something has got to give your so far off it’s unbelievable.

    • Pax

      I feel you man. I feel like that’s how the so-called “Player Rating Czar” bases his player ratings; off of his own preconceived perceptions of these players. It is corrupt and faulty. But because of EA’s exclusive rights to make NFL games, we gotta live with it. It really sucks though.

  • tonyquintino

    Jacoby Jones speed should be at least 97 and acceleration should easily be 98 his catching should be in the 80s he don’t drop many passes

  • Maurice Howard

    @Donny_Moore who is in charge of @EAMaddenNFL programming injured reserve & contracts still broken in cfm.