Madden NFL 25 Roster Update #15 Details

Posted December 6th, 2013 at 5:15 pm


The roster update following week 13 of the season for Madden NFL 25 is available now to download on the Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3. Check out complete details of the latest update in spreadsheet form here.

Notables on the rise include Rob Gronkowski (+1 to 99), Tom Brady (+1 to 97), Eric Weddle (+1 to 94), Russell Wilson (+1 to 93), Brian Orakpo (+1 to 93), Patrick Peterson (+1 to 93), Justin Tuck (+3 to 92), Trent Williams (+2 to 92), Josh Gordon (+3 to 91), Luke Kuechly (+1 to 92), Julius Peppers (+1 to 92), Cam Newton (+1 to 91), Eric Decker (+3 to 90), Alshon Jeffery (+3 to 87), Captain Munnerlyn (+3 to 86), Zach Ertz (+3 to 79), and Andre Holmes (+5 to 72).

Among those sliding are Drew Brees (-1 to 97), Evan Mathis (-1 to 97), Darrelle Revis (-1 to 96), Marshawn Lynch (-1 to 95), Joe Haden (-1 to 94), DeMarcus Ware (-1 to 94), Troy Polamalu (-2 to 91), Frank Gore (-1 to 92), Jason Witten (-1 to 92), Champ Bailey (-1 to 91), Brandon Flowers (-1 to 91), Wes Welker (-1 to 91), Lavonte David (-1 to 91), Ahmad Brooks (-1 to 90), Tony Gonzalez (-1 to 90), Cameron Jordan (-1 to 90), Pierre Garcon (-1 to 88), Marques Colston (-1 to 88), Ray Rice (-1 to 84), Fred Davis (-3 to 81), and Dee Milliner (-2 to 77).

  • Gommybear69

    I am the cutest gommybear alive 🙂

  • Gommybear69

    Welker needs a bigger drop he been a non-factor.

  • Dagreat2nd

    This is the exact stuff I’m talking about with these roster updates. Bengals punter Kevin Huber won AFC special teams player of the week with a 55.5 yard avg. 2 inside the 20 with a long of 75 on 4 punts but got decreased. Reggie Nelson separated 2 players from the ball one being a fumble by Gates and 6 tackles and got decreased. Jermaine Gresham didn’t have one catch but got a boost. Rey Maualuga had one of his best games of the year 10 tackles and a sack but gets nothing matter of fact this is his best season at MLB but he started season at 80 rating but now a 75 they sure bring them Bengals down fast. The whole O-LINE paved the way to a 164 yard rushing game and gave up no sacks for the second straight game but the RT and RG got a point boost each and the RG is a backup but I see they didn’t notice that Whitworth our LT moved to LG because of a injury and pulled almost every play and was a bulldozer that lead to the big runs. So how do Whitworth get decreased in pass blocking the O-Line haven’t gave up a sack in 2 games? Andy Dalton 60.9 pct. completion 190 yards 1 td 1 int he’s 9th in passing yards but got decreased to a 83 and Cincinnati won why was he even touch one way or another? How does Dalton get so many decreases in the accuracy dept. after a 60.9 pct. completion game? If anyone watched the Bengals at Chargers go check out the details for Nelson and especially Huber they was done wrong Huber got decreased in accuracy. How does the punter gets accuracy decrease unless he was shanking punts all game, but that wasn’t the case he had 4 punts 2 inside 20 55.5 average and a Bengals franchise long of 75. This is too much the person that does these ratings I’m sorry but something has got to give your so far off it’s unbelievable.
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  • matt

    So Jason Witten has his best game of the season snagging two tds and gets a drop? wtf are they drunk

    • Find the Door

      Gotta love it

    • Skopin

      He only had 4 receptions and less than 40 yards. That’s not that great.

    • CJ

      Seems like he played up to his rating.

      Why would they increase him if he is only playing at his current rating?

  • BallSoHardU

    Anyone notice that the Ravens had 6 guys get worse, only 3 improved, and they won the game?? Not to mention, the steelers improved overall as well? What the F***????

  • nor cal voodoo

    hey brian, whats the deal with the exclusive liscense with EA and the NFL? is it finally up and is there some one else or another studio gearing up to make a football game for 2014? i know its not on topic, but since madden 25 roster updates are a joke it got me thinking… thus the question?