Madden NFL 25 Week 14 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted December 10th, 2013 at 10:15 am


Week 14 of the NFL season will largely be remembered for the weather conditions and dramatic conclusions. It was a great Sunday of football that ended in disappointing fashion for Rob Gronkowski and Tyrann Mathieu who will be out for the remainder of this season and possibly well into the next.

Players that will likely rise include Andy Dalton, Josh McCown, Charles Clay, Bobby Rainey, Shane Vereen, Cordarrelle Patterson, Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Cameron, Calais Campbell, John Abraham, Gerald McCoy, and several Jaguars should get recognition. Among those expected to fall are Robert Griffin III (who may even be sat down for the rest of the season) along with many other Redskins, the Cowboys defense, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Alterraun Verner, Darius Butler, and Aqib Talib.

As always leave any thoughts in the comments on who deserves positive or negative recognition in the next Madden NFL 25 roster update!

  • raczilla

    About the only thing I can ask is they have mercy on my Skins.

  • Huejac2

    Bucs that need a boost:
    RB Boby Rainey could a speed boost after recording the longest run in Bucs history.
    ROLB Lavonte David could use boost after recording a sack & two INT’s.
    Rookie CB Johnthan Banks could use some love for getting another INT.
    MLB Mason Foster could use some love for getting another INT this week as well.
    DT Gerald McCoy for causing most if not all of the 4 INT’s.
    Rookie DT Akeem Spence is the starting nose yet the Bucs 3rd rated DT on Madden. That should never happen & give his proformance on Sunday he too is worthy of a boost.
    The entire offensive line given RB Boby Rainey’s proformance as well holding sack leading Bills to just one coverage sack.
    All Rookie Timothy Wright does is catch TD’s so he could use a lot of love.
    Not to mention Derrell Revis who was not targeted. The entire Bucs secondary could use some love for 4 pick game.

    • dave

      how bout the coach you wanna give him a boost for beating the bills too

  • Huejac2

    Ooh last but not least the Bucs recorded 6 sacks last week so the defensive line could some love including rookie DE William Goldston & DE Da Quan Bowers both of recorded sacks

    • dave

      bucs suck they got pounded by the panthers a week ago and beat a depleted bills team who suck on the road

    • Thomas O’Connell

      just because someone gets a sack or two doesn’t mean that they get a boost. If a guy is an 80 OVR, they might predict him to get 8 sacks a season. Just because he had two sacks in one game doesn’t mean that he is out performing his rating on madden.

  • Matt Miedus

    Padre, any details on the patch that was issued last night / this morning?

    • Have not received any info on it.

      • Matt Miedus

        Looks like Andrew Johnson from EA said it was related to the CFM injuries in case anyone wanted to know. Its really about time that they fixed that, did a full season and a half without injuries because they turned them off.

  • Tony was here

    Gerald McCoy + Rainey + Lavonte David ++++ no defensive player is putting up his type of numbers 100+ Tackles 5+ sacks 10+ Tfl and 5 ints (should be in conversation for Dpoy)

  • Big Ben

    I’d like to start a franchise with the Steelers, but their roster still is all out of wack. Pouncey, Foote, Stephens-Howling, D. Johnson among others are still active yet have been on IR since week freaking one. Its tough to start a dynasty when you have to cut several players who are currently on the active roster, because injured players haven’t been deactivated and still count towards the 53. Quit tuggin on your dongs and do your damn job EA!

  • Latinferno

    Eagles DEFENSE needs a boost. This is the 9th consecutive game where they have held their opponents to 21 or fewer points. The Lions #2 ranked offense scored 8 points (the other 12 points came off of special teams blunders) and Matthew Stafford had his worst quarterback rating to date. The front seven have been outstanding and continue to improve each week.

    The secondary has also taken nice strides during the NFL leading 5 game winning streak. Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson COMBINED for 8 total catches in two games. Nate Allen is by far the most imrpoved player in the secondary (yet somehow is going unnoticed?)

    Eagles rank #1 in rushing offense in the NFL. The offensive line needs run blocking boots across the board. Center Jason Kelce, RG Todd Herremans and LG Evan Mathis completely DOMINATED Lions DT’s Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairly to help McCoy break the Eagles single game rushing record (217 yards). The Eagles also rank #3 overall in team offense in the NFL. WR Cooper has been a major factor and should be in the mid 80’s already.

    Eagles 5 game winning streak is currently the longest winning streak in the NFL.

  • soulrak

    How awful is that picture of McNown? Way to go on the disproportional body parts. I can’t believe that in this day & age we can’t make a game that looks & feels realistic. Horrible. Not human whatsoever.

  • Jordan

    Andrew Luck threw over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns how is he expected to fall?

  • JaxJag

    Looking forward to the Jags finally getting the boost they should on Madden!

  • Disappointed

    After more then 10 roster upgrades Madden barley resembles he real product.
    Teams are screwed up beyond repair.
    And I can get a shutout with the worse D in the league, like Dallas would ever be properly represented —
    And don’t get me started on the Bengals-
    Bottom line, outside of the pretty picture, this thing hasn’t really grown in a decade—

  • cassino

    Just one player on the giants that should get boosted
    WR Hakeem Nicks his cath in trafic and cathing should be a positive with 5 cathes 135 yard no other reciever was better than nicks
    even though we lost he deserves to to go up.

    Also justin tuck beastin, and antrel with all those tackles

  • These Ratings Aren’t Right!

    Ryan Tannehill is rated better than Andy Dalton WOW! Tannehill 20tds 14ints 3,315 pass yards 84 QBR. Dalton 25tds 16ints 3,419 pass yards 87.7 QBR. So why is Tannehill rated higher on Madden 25? Dalton has his team in position to win division and 3rd straight playoff berth Dalton is 9th in pass yards but is a 84 after this weeks roster update how fair is that. Pastsapadre what’s going on with this ratings guy?

  • Demetrius Comeback Smith

    When is it coming out?

  • Demetrius Comeback Smith

    When is it coming out?

  • SteelerJosh23

    Cam Heyward is a downright beast for the Steelers this season. One of the few bright spots on the team. Should be at least an 88-90.

    Also, Antonio Brown SERIOUSLY needs more than a 1 point upgrade every 2-3 weeks. He should be at least a 94 right now. The guy is beasting during a season where everyone thought he would fail when Wallace left.

  • jm11

    why does dolphins rb daniel thomas still have 76 carry, he hasnt fumbled all year