Second Next-Gen NBA 2K14 Roster Update Out Now

Posted December 10th, 2013 at 12:30 pm


On the heels of the first roster update for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of NBA 2K14, which dealt with bringing the roster mostly up to date after going nearly two months without any alterations, another has released today that addresses the two biggest stories from Sunday.

Kobe Bryant has been activated following his highly anticipated return. Injured players are unable to be used in next-gen NBA 2K14 as rosters can’t be edited and saved to the hard drive. So ironically Kobe was available to play with up until 12/6 when he was deactivated in the first roster update, and then could not be used in the game for the handful of days surrounding his debut.

The other big change is the trade that took place between the Sacramento Kings and Toronto Raptors. Rudy Gay, Aaron Gray, and Quincy Acy move to the Kings in exchange for Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson, John Salmons and Chuck Hayes.

  • ben

    nice job on the shoes 2K smh. still wearing the red lol

  • rAgent23

    Anybody else experiencing the camera bug with 2k14 on the PS4, where on inbound situations the camera starts to pan in the opposite direction from you, you can’t see anything so you get a 5 second violation? The only remedy right now is to call a timeout when the camera starts to pan. Happens once every other game or so.

  • TC

    You still cant create a roster with the new roster update. It still has Kobe injured. So you have to use 2K roster in a quick game or play online

  • Goule

    This would be great if I didnt get booted every time i try to play MyGM or MyCareer.


    For those who are wondering, the Stephen Jackson-to-the-Clippers deal hasn’t been reflected yet.

    • lionel

      I don’t get it? the new update isn’t showing up or me on my ps4. its still the basic rosters. when I try to download them the official 2k roster, all that shows up is the previous update?

      • pastapadre

        They said they were doing another update overnight. I haven’t had a chance to check on it yet, but they may have screwed it up.

  • don woods

    Y cant I download the updated roster?……when I go to download the roster it still gives me the first updated roster not the second update rudy is still on the raptors and kobe is still hurt

  • don woods

    Y cant I download the second update roster when I go to update it …..its still giving me the 1st update Roster rudy still on raptors kobe still hurt

  • Qjbrown

    There is a way to edit the rosters. It’s very annoying and un-intuitive, but you go to nba today, press b, scroll across the menus to create roster, select official 2k roster at the top, and then you can edit from there. I discovered this because I have always edited the rosters to change the shooting tendencies to get the stats more realistic in association, or what is now MyGM.

    • t biz

      When I try to do that and save it won’t save. It will upload a roster that didn’t reflect any of the changes I made.

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