Polls Show Wide Range of Opinions on Next-Gen Launch Sports Games

Posted December 12th, 2013 at 11:15 am


Now nearly a month into the new generation of consoles the sports games have proven to represent the best and worst of the Xbox One and PS4′s launches. FIFA 14 is the standout while NBA Live 14 failed to reach even the lowest of consumer standards. The polls posted last week to gauge satisfaction levels generated nearly 20K total votes. Continue on for how the results shook out and what it means to the games in question. 

Madden NFL 25
Meeting Expectations: 31%
Falling Short of Expectations: 28%
Have Not Played: 24%
Exceeding Expectations: 17%

Madden’s results demonstrate a steadiness to the product. Carrying over all the features while improving some areas in gameplay seems to have been recognized as worthwhile efforts. 28% feel it has come up short though and that has to be somewhat concerning for EA in trying to recover from years of inconsistent releases with the new opportunity to clear the slate somewhat on next-gen.

Have Not Played: 35%
Meeting Expectations: 32%
Exceeding Expectations: 27%
Falling Short of Expectations: 6%

FIFA 14 comes away with by far the strongest showing out of the four sports games. The 6% that have been disappointed by the product is significantly smaller than any of the others. The 59% ultimately feeling satisfied is the highest total.

NBA 2K14
Exceeding Expectations: 28%
Falling Short of Expectations: 27%
Meeting Expectations: 25%
Have Not Played: 20%

As has been discussed in recent days the reception to NBA 2K14 has been starkly split between those blown away by the graphics and gameplay and others frustrated by the VC implementation, crashes, outdated rosters, and server problems. That is demonstrated here with a nearly even split of those enthused by the product and those disappointed by it.

NBA Live 14
Have Not Played: 54%
Falling Short of Expectations: 43%
Meeting Expectations: 2%
Exceeding Expectations: 1%

Though some may have played the demo it’s unlikely a majority of the 45% of respondents have spent a significant amount of time with NBA Live 14. Still it goes to show the general perception towards the game which is very damaging to EA’s attempts at rebooting the series. It paints a grim picture of how consumers will approach any attempt made by the company at marketing an NBA Live 15 – with even more extreme skepticism than before.

  • jr

    How can one say live fell short of expectations when in reality no one knew what to expect

    • http://pastapadre.com/ pastapadre

      Fair way to look at it, but I think for most people who have played it they expected certain minimal goals to be met with the product that weren’t.

      • jr

        I had it before release and was completely disappointed. Only thing I really expected was decent gameplay I guess and of course that didn’t happen

        • Skopin

          I actually voted for meets expectations on Live 14. The game has improved a lot since the initial release, and actually plays decent. I wasn’t overexpecting, so I wasn’t really disappointed. It still has a long way to go but it’s not a bad start as it stands now.

    • Iown You

      There were a lot of pre-release hypemen all over the net. They’ve all disappeared post-release.

      Sad thing is, all of the sports games are effed up right now. The story of the year has to be how 2K screwed up with NBA 2K14 XB1/PS4. NOBODY saw that one coming.

      • jr

        It wasn’t expected because we were all mesmerized by how gorgeous the game looked. Most of us tried to discuss last gen issues but of course they were shot down by certain someones.

        As for live, it was certainly hyped but there was nothing actually shown that should have made someone have high expectations for the game. For the most part it was all talk. Screen shots here and there but no real game play. Screen shots arent enough to raise expectations.

        Personally I was hoping for a somewhat competitive game and was expecting decent gameplay due to them having nothing but free time to work on this for the last year or how ever long they actually worked on it.

        When I first popped it in and started playing it, I was like “woooooooowwwwww”. Tried my best to like it but it was just completely unplayable and absolutely NOTHING like what they showed. That first and only gameplay trailer that was released was the only thing we all should have expected. I wasn’t gonna touch it but I had a PS4 with no games and someone was selling it cheap, so I figured why not lol.

        I’m not experiencing the issues others are with 2k but then again, I have a job and a 3 year old so I don’t have as much free time as others

        • Iown You

          In general though, I don’t recall a time where 2K ever blew it this big. I don’t think graphics prevented us from seeing it, I think 2K never having dropped a megabomb like this before is what surprised everybody. We expected this from EA but not 2K.

          That said, I don’t think the NBA 2K series is in jeopardy long-term. NBA Live is unlikely to be coming back after dropping their own turd, and we know 2K will have this all under control for next season at the latest.

    • Casor_Greener

      Man what?!?!?! The hype made them expect something. Reasonable or Not, we don’t know but I know that game is pure trash and I haven’t even played it..

  • deepen915

    LIve: 54pct have not played.. LMFAO #FAIL

  • MoneyMayweather

    where’s NCAA march maddness and NCAA football 14, College hoops 2k14 When they are released you can wake me up and let me know next gen is here.

    • Chad Norys

      Guess we won’t be waking you up then.

  • Weekend Roady

    Just an uptick to some of the speed sliders in FIFA makes it an absolute blast to play on Legendary difficulty. It really is the game to get for the first run of next-gen offerings. NBA 2K14 is a total paradox right now. I’ve had a couple issues, but I don’t play much outside exhibitions so I don’t experience the same frustrations as others.

  • jokesonyouea

    i wont buy next gen until the next fifa and 2k 14 bring back association, and online multiplayer as in adding a guest for an online season

  • Scottyo614

    I played the FIFA demo and I always hated the camera on PS3 and 360. I love the ps4 14. I will buy that and madden day one for PS4… And yeah I know madden isn’t a huge upgrade but I need a next gen fb game sadly

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