Madden NFL 25 Roster Update #16 Details

Posted December 13th, 2013 at 6:30 pm


The roster update following week 14 of the season for Madden NFL 25 is now available to download on the Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3. Check out the complete details of the latest update in spreadsheet form here.

Players receiving significant ratings bumps include Drew Brees (+1 to 98), Joe Thomas (+1 to 98), LeSean McCoy (+1 to 97), Darrelle Revis (+1 to 97), Vernon Davis (+1 to 96), Matt Forte (+2 to 95), Marshal Yanda (+2 to 95), Tamba Hali (+1 to 95), Larry Fitzgerald (+1 to 94), Matt Prater (+3 to 93), Ben Roethlisberger (+1 to 93), Robert Quinn (+1 to 93), Josh Gordon (+1 to 92), Lavonte David (+1 to 92), Kam Chancellor (+1 to 92), Antoine Bethea (+2 to 88), Alshon Jeffery (+1 to 88), Charles Clay (+3 to 84), Josh McCown (+3 to 81), Jason Campbell (+3 to 78), Luke Willson (+4 to 72), and Da’Rick Rogers (+5 to 70).

Among those taking a hit this week are Richard Sherman (-1 to 97), Robbie Gould (-2 to 94), Kyle Williams (-1 to 94), Charles Johnson (-1 to 94), Justin Smith (-1 to 93), Eli Manning (-1 to 85), Robert Griffin III (-3 to 84), and James Jones (-2 to 84).

  • kris

    wtf Ben increase but not tannehill? are you kidding me?

  • craig

    good players who dont light up the stat board in a given week are penalized a point. ive never gotten why that is.

    • Benjamin Ashton

      Because Donny Moore is a jackass

    • James

      I thought this was a lie so I followed muhammad wilkerson over the weeks when he was on fire no change and now he goes down to 94 hmmm so he has been having a bad year since he started at 96?

    • Chiryder

      because they played poorly.

  • Pacoheadley

    Yea yea I know he is only a punter, but how did Sam Martin get REDUCED after having a good punting day in blizzard like conditions, while he’s been one of the best punters this season?

    • Dagreat2nd

      Huber was decreased for the Bengals a couple updated ago and he won AFC special team player of the week. He had 4 punts 2 inside 20 avg. 55.5 yards a punt and a long of 75 yards.

  • mspeytonmanning

    revis goes up and down every week. why is shermn who is clearly the best corner dropped? our denver defense needs some drops tbh

    • james

      revis is in donnies” favorite team you know his has to be extra bias

      • bucyocouch

        James look closer at Revis’s stats…lol. biggest crock ever! He has the 4th or 5th best catches in the Bucs secondary??? He has 98 MCV, but he has no route running, no CIT, but has 70 BCV??? He has inflated numbers in irrelevant aspects for a corner. He gets burned often on Madden. If he is a Donny Moore favorite, I’d hate to see when he starts disliking him. is a good spot to check stats before whining.

    • Brock Landers

      Agreed. The ENTIRE Defense needs a few point drops. Really unfortunate that the Denver D will seemingly cost Papa a chance at a ring. They can’t win unless he throws up 30 points every week! Such a disappointment.

  • Livest

    Robbie Gould goes down ?

    • Chiryder

      I’m assuming that’s for the Minnesota game, two weeks ago. They didn’t touch him last week, when he should have went down for that missed game-winner. 2 points? I don’t know, that’s a bit steep.

      • Livest

        don’t know many kickers better than robbie

        • Chiryder

          Robbie Gould is currently 14th in the league in field goal percentage at 89%. There are a lot that are better. Currently 5th in the NFC and he’s third in the division (David Akers is last).

          • annon

            3 all-time? not much better

  • These Ratings Are Awful

    Ryan Tannehill is rated better than Andy Dalton WOW! Tannehill 20tds 14ints 3,315 pass yards 84 QBR. Dalton 25tds 16ints 3,419 pass yards 87.7 QBR. So why is Tannehill rated higher on Madden 25? Dalton has his team in position to win division and 3rd straight playoff berth Dalton is 9th in pass yards but is a 84 after this weeks roster update how fair is that. Pastapadre what’s going on with this ratings guy?

    • Trey Warner

      dalton has a running game

  • Dagreat2nd

    Yet again another terrible rating week G.Bernard have over 150 total yards but got nothing. Every game Burfict doesn’t get double digit tackles he gets decreased but doesn’t get a boost when he do gets double digits. How does league leaders get decreased? How is Dalton rated so low? He’s been in league 3 years and on the verge of 3rd straight playoff berth 1 division title in the very tough AFC North. Green Ellis had 93 yards and a td the week before last and 2 tds last week but gets decreased and what makes it so bad his carry was decreased again if though he fumbled this game, they decreased his carry a few weeks ago he didn’t fumble that game either. What about the whole O-LINE no sacks in about a month and well over 300 rush yards in the last 2 weeks. The O-LINE consist of 5 guys not just the 1 or 2 you give a slight boost to. Collins took on Mathis alone and blanked him and got +1 awr +1 pbk really. Blanking Mathis is as good as a 3td game for the skilled player.

  • Ricardo Cherestal

    we should create a petition n take it to donny mooore on twitter to let ea sports know, it be wiser to have 1 person assigned to each nfl division so every Sunday he’s only focus on those 4 teams off, def and sp team. Because clearly the integrity of the madden game n how it’s play has a huge impact depending on the ovr performance of each individual player week in n week out. Don’t you think so pastapadre ?

    • GMEN



        i third that

    • Chiryder

      so are you going to pay extra money for that, $70 game…DLC pack…etc? Because someone has to pay their salaries.

  • cass

    The one person that stood out the most on the giants was hakeem nicks, he had caught 5 passes for 135 yard, then almost had a touchdown on an hail mary pass smh how is he grading these player’s

  • Xtase

    Didn’t Sherman have 2 ints last week? how is he dropped?

  • AvidMaddenGamer

    Honestly these ratings are complete utter bull crap. it makes me question if this man is even watching the season how is jamal charales a 99 overall yet lesean mccoy has been leading the leauge in rushing and all purpose yardage for a while now and hes only an 97… nick foles 84… alfred morris 88 even though hes the reason they even have 3 wins… andy dalton should be higher the whole broncos d should be lower… sherman should be a 99 cause hes been nothing short of a complete shutdown corner this season. I can go on and on so much is wrong with these ratings i hope that the man whos in charge sees these comments all of us has made and pay closer attention to the season cause from what im seeing right now it almost looks as if hes not even paying attention to the games and taking into account who has been winning and whos doing good. Cause i know the reason i personally buy my copy of madden every year is to play with the teams of that season. and his ratings dont even remotly mach what some of these guys have been doing in real life.