Press Row Hangout: The Controversy Over VC in NBA 2K14

Posted December 13th, 2013 at 9:00 am


The latest Press Row Hangout focuses entirely on the Virtual Currency aspect of NBA 2K14 on the Xbox One and PS4. What it is and why it has prompted an outroar, how it adversely affects gamers and they way they’re forced to play a certain way or spend cash, and what to do in order to influence change for the future.

For those who prefer to listen to podcasts over the video hangouts, the show will be offered in audio form within the next day or two and a new posting will go up at that time. As always feel free to leave any thoughts on the subject or show feedback in the comments!

  • G4T

    Everyone really appreciates guys like you Pasta and Rich standing up for gamers on this and other issues.

    • Keith.

      I’d have appreciated it if they had spoken up about EA’s illegal monopoly of video game football, and the mediocre product pumped out each year. Instead, all these press row guys spent much of the last generation giving Tibuorn football sports game of the year awards, 80-90/A-B reviews, and cozying up to Tiburon at events, on twitter, and in their online leagues.

      If this hatchet-job on 2k14 is a sign of things to come the next time EA/Tiburon pulls some shit, then great. Otherwise, who cares. Buck up and play a few games of 2k14 and start enjoying the Best Sports Game of The Year (so far).

      • pastapadre

        There is no “illegal monopoly” and you know it.

        Many years reviewers did go too easy on Madden. I wasn’t one of them, and have no involvement with them.

        It’s important to shed a light on what 2K14 is doing so that change can be enacted. If sports gaming goes down this road the genre will not survive.

        • Keith.

          Sorry, Pasta. I stopped reading at “there is no illegal monopoly.” Just because EA was able to get away with it for $27 million doesn’t make it go away.

          • pastapadre

            Considering the legality of the exclusive license was never in question…

            The suit you’re referring to was about EA creating an environment where they had all the football licenses and whether that allowed them to “raise” prices.

      • Skopin

        Anyone who calls out 2k on their bullshit is automatically an EA sympathizer in your eyes. This had absolutely nothing to do with EA, and yet you somehow are still trying to make it about them. Just stop.

      • DetRichardMoore

        What? We care, we all obviously care because we’ve been having a huge fucking conversation that you’ve been trying to mentally block out for the last few posts.

        You didn’t buck up when anyone else mentioned that NCAA Football 14 was pretty good this year, nor did you back down when anyone mentioned that Madden 25 Next-Gen made some good strides, but when it comes to 2K14 you completely open up and take the raw-dog? I liked 2K13, I liked 2K12, but only the biggest of fanboys would defend a game because of their previous success. I’m not buying NBA 2K14 because NBA 2K13 was pretty good and didn’t have any really intrusive VC practices, I’ll be buying it based on its merits this year, which besides a few pretty graphics don’t seem to be that major.

        I think if anyone needs to know your opinion on this matter, we should refer back to your post on the Roster Discussions like a month ago:

        “Hey Pasta, enough with this roster nonsense — we all know that 2K will have ‘em updated soon.

        How about an article about MyCareer? I’ve been playing sports video games since the ’70s and am absolutely blown away by what 2K’s been able to get into MyCareer on the PS4. I’m only about 20 games in, but I’ve already seen a TON of things I’ve never seen in any sports game before.”

        10/10. Great Shill.

  • swimfunk

    great discussion, Can’t lie this is 1st time I’ve actually listened to a full episode. Lots of good stuff here. Really glad you guys brought up online lgs. Sometimes it seems we get pushed aside for the “my player” & offline franchise guys.

    Can’t wait to hear 2k’s response which most likely will be nothing,

    • pastapadre

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed!


    Dear Pasta,
    I know you have the ability to make things happen (For example: NBA Elite 11 cancellation after uploading Hard8times’ Andrew Bynum crucifixion video). You are the voice for the sports gaming community. People always claim that they will file a petition on some website but there are never enough votes because not enough people know about it or people don’t want to sign up on a random website. Is there any way you can have all your readers sign a petition on your website and have it forwarded to all major publications or something of that nature? This VC coin system on NBA 2K14 needs to go away. People are frustrated, and there is NOTHING we can do about it. But you have the platform to help all of us gamers out because you’re awesome. Maybe if something miraculous happens with this, we might have a chance for EA to no longer have the license to NFL License as well.

    Thanks Pasta!

  • Dre2778

    I don’t play online so I prefer myplayer, but wish the equipment wasn’t so d@mn expensive with the VC. Finger straps should be free or cost no more than 10 VC. I mean c’mon 2K you bleeding loyal fans dry with the VC bullsh*t

  • Keith.

    As another post-script from my comments the other day, after redeeming another 3,600 free VC from my picking daily winners and envelopes the last couple of days, I’ve now bumped up MyPlayer to an 85 overall. Not bad after just 3 weeks with the game. And I still haven’t spent a dime.

    Good to see 2k14 doing so well in the sales chart again this year. I saw where NPD reported 2k14 sold 45% more this year than last in November, and it moved up in the sales chart from #8 last Nov. to #6 this November.

    It’s also really cool to see them having great success with The Park, which is an awesome mode. I jumped into the Park at 7:30 a.m. EST here this morning and there were 57 people in there playing games or milling around. I love how when you’ve got next for a game you can stand there and watch up to 5 or 6 other gaming being played — just Awesome. I also love how after 15 or so games in The Park, I’ve yet to see anybody quit in a game. The games are relatively quick and even the customized taunts at the end of the game are cool. Great stuff.

    Finally, I haven’t seen anybody mention it here but I redeemed another couple of free locker codes this morning and they’re definitely worth picking up for a free pair of signature dunk packages (both use all caps):



    • VicTory

      Dude. Stop shilling for 2K. Its obvious they are either paying you or you have some reason that you care so much that isnt natural.

    • Skopin

      57 whole people out of the 220K people who bought the game? That’s awesome! That is the vast majority of those who bought the game! AND you got to watch them play? You’re so cool, Keith..

      • Keith.

        Not 57 total, douche bag — just 57 on those sets of parks. You ever seen that in any other sports game before? Oh yeah, almost forgot, you haven’t tried The Park, either.

        • Skopin

          Easy, killer. No need to get all up in arms because I don’t blindly follow the NBA 2k bandwagon.

    • swimfunk

      never seen someone so hyped to watch other people play a video game. We get it you love the game your over the top pushing 2k is annoying. If I wanted to watch other people play basketball I’d take my ass to a real park or NBATV etc. Do you get this excited watching WNBA?

  • Bowinkle82

    i hate the my player character customization. 2k has taken a step back from previous games with this terrible vc implentation

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